Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Trade

Carol asks…

how does this trade sound ?
phx gets 2012 1st rd pick 2017 1st rd pick 2013 2nd rd mick and cash (3.00 m)
suns get expiring deals in butler and stevenson plus young players in beubois barea and brewer plus stock up on picks and cash for the future
mavs get back nash plus get hill one of his best friends but have to take on childresses terrible contract
chemistry is there for the mavs
nash+hill+marion+nowitzki+kidd good chemistry and a very deep team that can possibly repeat

John answers:

That would be a great trade

Charles asks…

Value Investing: Where and/or how can I find past earnings per share data for publicly traded securities?

I have recently began to embrace the idea of value investing after reading up on people like Warren Buffet and Phil Town. I have found it very difficult to find information I need to finish my calculations. Information like earnings per share data spanning up to 10 years prior to the present. Also is there anyone here familiar with Phil Town and his method for picking stocks. I find some of his instructions a bit confusing and would like a simple breakdown of it or any other successful methods for value investing. Thank you everyone for your help!

John answers:

You can get the past ten years of earnings data from Never heard of Phil Town. I’ve heard of Warren Buffet, Philip Fisher and Benjamin Graham.

Sharon asks…

I keep hearing that Jimmy Clausen is falling the draft, and there are a few that even have him out of first?

Two months ago he was considered to be the possible number one. He had good throwing sessions. Could this be Aaron Rogers the sequel. How can a QB lose stock not even playing a game. Did the Mcnabb trade kill his stock, is it his foot injury, attitude, history of recent ND QB’s, just bad timing. If he slips into the 20’s will a good team pick him up giving him a better chance at sucess?

John answers:

Even though he wouldn’t like it the best thing that could happen to him would be to slip to the Vikings get a year of teaching from Brett Favre and then take over the team. That would be the Ideal situation for any Rookie QB. Would lose out on money to start but would be a better player in the long run with a better team and sign a bigger second contract.

James asks…

New to trading need a good site to trade on?

I am 19 and trying to get into the trading world. I wont be investing huge amounts maybe $3000 max to start off with. I would really like to trade on a site that can offer some free trades each month or something like that.

I was looking into and they look pretty good

Anyone have any other good places for a first time trader to get strarted from?

I was also thinking about picking up Nintendo and BP as my first stocks? How does these sound?

Good point daffy man. The only problem is I am just starting out its obviously going to take time for me to really get the hang of finding new start ups that will really make it big.

John answers:

For the best trading advices visit

Sandy asks…

Would these 2 trades help or hurt my team?

Have to make a trade and i have the RB talent to work with.
My RB’s are Gore.Lynch,Turner,McFadden,and Chris Johnson.

My WR are Braylon,Fitzy,Bowe, and Hester (who will be dropped and i’ll get a free agent.)

First trade would be…

I get Roy Williams and his 3rd RD pick


I give McFadden and my 4th RD pick

Then the 2nd trade ..

I get Philip Rivers and HIs 3rd RD pick


I Give Dwayne Bowe and my 2nd RD pick

Note: I have Tavaris Jackson as my starter.I am looking at picking up J.T. O’Sullivan from SF to see if he’s going to shine in Mike Martz offense.With me picking up J.T. should i wait on this trade and see how he does or should i get Roy and Philip while their stocks are still low?

I would lose my 2nd and 4th rd picks but i would have my 1st rd and 3 3rd rd picks.
This is a keeper league so yes we trade draft picks.

John answers:

I would not trade for Roy Williams. Calvin Johnson is the #1 receiver in his team, and I have Williams for one of my FFL leagues, and he has not done anything yet this year. Since you have a glut of RBs, how about Turner and Gore for another good QB (Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner)? The Rivers for Bowe trade is a good one, take it. Get rid of Tavaris Jackson ASAP. The O’Sullivan pickup would be a good one. Good luck.

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