Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Trade

Mary asks…

Has anyone used

I just started to use So far I am making a killing on their stock picks. It has to be to good to be true. It can’t be this easy. I was just wondering if anyone else is using their stock picks and how many good trades have you got. I am 4 for 4 at this point with an average return of 12% per trade. Average trade was about a week.

Thx for any info.

John answers:

My norton anti virus doesn’t have any info on the website. It’s a big gray question mark but I suggest you scan your computer and see for any viruses. If somethings too hard to believe and it’s on an unknown website then it’s probably a scam.

George asks…

How can you assure you won’t get screwed when you set a limit price?

This is the situation I am worried about. Stock is trading at 10.15 and you want to sell it when the stock hits 10.00 but you only want to sell the stock if the price goes down to 10.00. What is to stop the market maker from sending the stock down to 10.00 to pick up your shares and then jacking the price back up to 10.15?

John answers:

The market (demand) decides the price, not some “big brother” entity that you seem to think is in control. I suggest that you do some research before dabbling in things you clearly do not understand

Betty asks…

How to invest money safely/ how to pick financial advisor?

I am the type of person who used to put my money into CDs. That was my only means of investing. but now the CD rates are horrible. So I am looking for other ways to invest. But I want to invest with very low risk. I am a low risk low gain type of investor.

But I have no idea where to go to invest my savings. I dont want to trade stocks on my own. So im not interested in a scott trade, etrade and places like that. I want someone to manage my investments that know what they are doing.

So what can I do? Can I just walk into a morgan stanley office or a fidelity office and ask to speak to anyone there? What are some things that they will ask me when i go there? What should i be looking for when i decide where to invest my money.

I am very new to all this and dont want to loose money. I just want to make a well informed decision.

John answers:


I was also searching for a good investment.
It isn’t as easy as it looks.
However I’m convinced I found a great one.
I was always interested in the world of forex, but was also aware of the high risks in this bussines.
So I started to search a good managed account.
And I can say I found one.

The results they have made can be seen here:

I can’t tell you every little detail here,but you can always send me an email ( at
Then I’ll give you the contactinformation of the trader who manages my account.

It’s another way of investing then you are used to, but information can never harm annyone 🙂

Thomas asks…

Can you help me pick out a new computer?

I used to know computers well, but when Intel switched to Dual Core, I had no idea how to compare processors and which one is faster, and what the actual Ghz or Mhz really meant. Like 2Ghz Core 2 Duo vs. 1Ghz Core Duo.

I primarily use my computer for simple functions. I surf the internet, use it to chat, trade stocks, listen/download music and videos. I also do some video (m4p) encoding sometimes.

What kind of Intel processor should I get? Can you help me understand the differences between all the different processors Intel is offering?

I think I understand RAM.
Davis, if you’re reading this, how does 2.6Ghz P4 compare with 2.6Ghz Duo Core?

My main thing I guess is I have lots of browser windows open. As I’m typing now, there is a split second lag between the time I hit the keys on my keyboard and when I see them appear on the screen. Very strange!

John answers:

Ok. Simple. GHz is the clock speed at which a CPU runs at. The higher the better. For your task, something around 2.6 GHz or better should be more than enough.

There are 3 types of CPU’s now. 1 core, duo core and quad core. If you do not know what a quad core is, you don’t need one. Definitely get a duo core.

Make sure you are getting a new processor. A processor that was designed 2 years ago is going to be slower than one designed this year, even if they have the same specs.

For what you are doing, get:
-Intel Core 2 duo
-2.4 GHz or better
-4 mb cache
-A newer model (If its Pentium or better its good)

P.S: A core is essentially another CPU inside the big one. A duo core essentially has 2 cpus in it, but a single core only has one. Duo core is faster because it can split the workload between 2 units.

Dont listen to NoSense.. (The answer below). You do not need to spend the extra money on a quad core processor if you dont need it. Most likely when applications can fully use it, you will end up needing to upgrade your RAM, hard drive, and GPU also, basically meaning you will need to buy a new computer. This will happen several years in the future, so no need to spend an extra $120+ right now.

Joseph asks…

Who thinks they have enough insight for a mock draft?

Interested to see how people think the draft will unfold after at the end of the month. I don’t buy into Kevin Durant’s stock falling, and now Boston may trade their number 5 pick. How do you guys see the lottery picks shaping up. And if you feel the need to go the distance in the first round, be my guest, I’m interested in what people have to say

John answers:

Durant will be picked 2nd no matter what happens.
By the way if you want to talk NBA draft here’s a link to a mock draft we’ve been doing on Answers. Link:–&paid=asked&msgr_status=

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