Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Trade

Mary asks…

Is this REALISTICALLY how the stock market works?

I’m looking to possibly invest in some stocks and want to make sure I have the basics to how the system works. Is the following correct?

Lets say I want to buy $2000 worth of shares from Company X which is listed at $2.00 a share.

So I go onto a trading website, submit the order and now own 1000 shares of Company X at $2.00 a share

A week later the stock is valued at $2.25 a share ( has increased +.25). So I have made a $250.00 profit? (1000 shares X .25).

So I now If i decide to sell I will have $2250?

Am i missing anything??

ps I know that high of a return is probably rare, i was just trying to pick numbers for easy math.

John answers:

You will have to pay a commission to buy and sell, as little as $7 or even a little cheaper. Your profits are also taxable unless its in a tax sheltered account such as an IRA. All assuming your trade goes through at $2.25. Stocks trade on a bid and ask price. The bid is what you buy it at and the ask is what you sell it at, which is usually lower than the bid. The broker/dealer makes a profit on the difference. The quoted price is the price of the last trade, which can be the bid or ask or somewhere in between.

Betty asks…

Maroney and James Jones for Chambers and welker?

With chambers being traded to the chargers, I feel like his stock will sky rocket and that he will be a great WR at san diego, so I want to pick him up before he blows up for a great year. Maroney has been having a bad year with injuries and I’m not sure how much more faith I have in this guy.

My roster is actually weak at RB (Westbrook, wynn are my others) but i have pretty decent WRs in Calvin Johnson, Colston, Branch. With the addition of chambers and welker, I would hape to trade two of these WRs for another RB later on.

But roster aside, does the trade sound like a good move?
Also, would it be better to go for welker or stallworth?

John answers:

Getting a better back “later on” is a risky proposition. I think Brees and Colston will get better, Johnson is servicable. I think it’s easier to pick up spot starters at WR than anywhere else.
Chambers has been a disappointment his whole career.
Sammy Morris is injured, so Maroney will have to play.
I say no deal.

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John asks…

Dwight Howard is coming to Chicago +BQ?

It would benefit Howard, Rose +Adidas organization if their main stocks are playing alongside each other in the third biggest market in the NBA.

The Bulls can give up Noah, Gibson, Korver, & Clippers’ 2012 first round pick for Dwight Howard.

Hopefully Dwight Howard is smart enough to come to our team instead of an aging Lakers or rebuilding Nets, when he can win now with the Bulls.

BQ: How would their team be if they traded for Dwight Howard and got Afflalo in Free Agency?’
BQ: Should the NBA give out contractions and just let the Top 10 biggest markets play?

John answers:


David asks…

Would Management Talent Have Been Helpful in Obama’s First Two Years?

What if Obamacare had been a 200 page bill, incredibly easy to read and understand, that set up poverty primary care centers in 2000 cities and towns in USA, with well-stocked pharmacies, at no charge to indigent verified citizens of USA. Non citizens are treated first and then deported immediately back to Mexico. If they show up again Mexico jails them.

These primary care centers would be for people below the 150% of Poverty line. They would be staffed by Uniformed Public Health Service Doctors and Red Cross Volunteer Nurses, physician’s assistants and orderlies who would get very generous college grants in exchange for their service. There would also be staff from Pinkerton’s, or Kroll’s, or Brinks to assure total security for the Always Open Primary Care Centers and Pharmacies. Violent felons would simply be shot if they attacked these facilities.

The money for this very simple bill would not come by raiding the Medicare Trust Fund and stealing $400 Billion out of it. It would have come from fines and disgorgements on Wall Street Bankers and Bankers. Each of the Big Banks who have done much wrong would pay part of their fine every year for 20 years. Each senior executive would get a claw back of their ill gotten gains in the form of a fine to be paid over 20 years. They could keep their jobs but they would not be allowed to go back to their hienous conduct. They would have to earn their living by providing real value, not swindles. Or they could seek jobs elsewhere.

See the Punish the Bankers Program and the Fund the Healthcare Program are connected.

So you don’t need to steal money from anybody to pay for healthcare for poor people.

You also don’t need to reform health insurance.

You don’t need to kill private practice by Doctors.

You don’t need to force people to buy things.

You don’t need to bully the states.

Instead you bring them solutions to problems.

Solutions that are paid for, and not by them. No unfunded mandates, free gifts instead, to lighten the load on their local taxpayers.

And you get to pick up and get rid of a lot of Illegal aliens, and repatriate them so they can be legal citizens (but not here, in their own country instead).

Cooperation of Mexico could be attained by restoring the Maquiladora plants along the Texas Mexico border and giving Mexico advantageous trade relations with USA while closing down some of the free access for the Chinese who are eating our lunch, after lending us the money to buy it, and then making it for us. Plants along the border can provide entrepreneurial opportunities for American citizens, and we should make sure that happens as part of the deal.

This also gets rid of the problem with Arizona. They could have the integrity of their own state. Somebody could just tell Janet Napolitano to go back to her office and shut up. Let Joe Arpaio do his job. And finish the danged fence.

Close down our relationship with Iraq. Just bring the troops out, even if Iraq never resolves its election or decides how to divvy up their oil money. Not our problem.

Suspend parts of the Posse Comitatus Act so that returning troops can be posted along the Texas Mexico border to secure it until a workable fence can be built.

Get most of the troops out of Afghanistan. Wage totally lethal war on Al Qaida and Taliban from predator strikes. Upgrade our targeting capacity with more and better satellites and more and better analysts, connected in real time to more and better triggermen at Central Command, or at Battle Mountain. Sneakers on the linoleum actually works better than boots on the ground. It’s more cost effective per terrorist killed. We need to focus on Yemen anyway, that’s where most of Al Qaida has gone.

Obama gets credit because he tried to do big things. He wants to be a Great President, like Ronald Reagan, not a midnight basketball baby steps President.

Obama needs to learn that he’s not a good manager, and that all his “yes” men are not good managers either. So the West Wing needs some good managers. Why not recruit some H. Ross Perot types from the business community? People who know how to get things done. It’s not enough to have big dreams, or big audacity, you also need to have big management talent. If Obama could realize that he needs such talent around him, he could do much better in the next two years.

Alternative history is only of interest to people who are interested in history, politics, policy, economics, or reason. Most folks just want the remote, the six pack, and the chips and dip. That’s cool.

Thinking will not hurt your brain, so please hink on these things, and let me know your non-scornful, and non-clowny best answers. Thank you so much.

The Little Servant of all Mankind,


John answers:

The campaign to get elected never ends cus you have to stay elected.

Ruth asks…

Am I clinically depressed?

I am recently going through a change in my life. I am in college for Civil Engineering with an internship leading to a full time position. My grades have spiraled down since I started my internship, mainly because I’ve lost interest in the field. I am at a semester where I need to bring my GPA back up or get kicked out of this school forever, but I can’t seem to care. In fact, I don’t care about anything. I used to race a stock car at a local track and had two bad (expensive) years. I completely gave up and have no interest to even work on the car anymore. I can’t seem to find any degree or trade that I would be satisfied with. I find jobs that are OK for now, if I could even get them with hardly any experience, but I am just not excited about it. Two days ago I broke up with my girlfired in a totaly cowardly way; I was helping a friend fix something on his farm and she was mad that I wasn’t at a family function. Instead of working through it I just yelled at her to pick a fight and broke up with her over the phone. Oh by the way, this was the day she burried her great-grandpa. Things havn’t been right with us for a while because she is frustrated that I am failing school and won’t even apply myself to try another job. The only thing that I can even think about being slightly happy doing right now is starting a dairy farm. Which is a totally ridiculous idea and would cause me to loose my girlfriend. She gave me an ultimateum last week to get the idea out of my head or she was leaving. She doesn’t want the lifestlye or the financial risk. I am so afraid of making the wrong decision about everything and don’t know where to go from here. I have to drop a class so I don’t fail but if I drop I will not be full time and will loose health insurance (which is my greatest fear). I’m so unhappy with my life I can’t even make the decision if I need professional help or if I just need to walk away from my unsatisfying relationship. How could I love soemone and have such a meaning full relationship for 2 years until the last 6 months which went downhill?

John answers:

We all go through sad times and depression stages, Currently I have been down lately no energy, felt sad all the time, overwhelmed, I couldn’t think straight ect. So I wrote down everything that I was feeling inside and brought that list to my doctor and he has given me an antidepressant to help me cope and I feel so much better 1 week into my treatment I am not clinically depressed (My doctor didn’t say so) and I found myself needing to talk to a counsellor so Monday (This week) I have went to do my intake for consoling.

You may want to talk to someone and speak to your doctor
75% of people and most of the famous people are on an antidepressant (There is nothing wrong with that).

Hope this helps you a bet 🙂
Get well and e-mail me if you want to talk

Take care and get well
– Chica!

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