Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Trade

Helen asks…

I need and advice with this girl I am seeing… not dating?

So I have known this girl for 5 years. I am 26 year old student and she’s 25 with masters degree. I know she likes me and I really like her but the problem is that when we hang out with other friends and go to the bars or nightclubs with our friends she acts like she doesn’t know me, but when were alone she acts totally different. I know she likes me because her brother is my best friend and I am really good friends with her older sister (my informant) amd she tells me that we should start dating. Four years ago I started dating this girl from school and the other girl started taxing me, calling me every 15 min and asked me stupid questions that really did not make sense at all. She didn’t act like that when i was single. I’m single right now and she texts and calls me on friendship basis but i kinda ignore her because I am preparing for my medical entrance exam even when I just can take over my dad’s business and be set for life. Last Saturday She called me and asked if i want to go to the nightclub with her so I told her I’ll pick her up at 7. When we were at the club I some of the girls started to talk with me and she got really pissed. Everytime we go out together I always have other girls trying to flirt with me and she always puts them down, she acts as we were in a relationship for really long time. We never had sex althought she wanted to have sex when she was drunk but I refused becasue it’s not the right for me. I am 26 and really want to move on to the next level with her but I don’t know how she’s gonna act when i tell her how I feel. The other thing is that almost all of the friends she hangs out with (friends that go to the club with us) do npt really like me. They are european and most of them are already merried and some of them already have kids. I know from my informant that they are really jelous because im 26 years old, have my own house and have 2 awsome cars. They just think I get all of this from my parents but they know I own stock trading business with my dad and we do a lot of trading with companies in Europe and overseas in the States. I really want to talk to her about this whole thing but do not know what to say. I made a lot of moves but she never made a move. I am just confused beacuse I know that when I find someone else shes gonna go crazy like she did before.
Sorry for any mistakes, English is my second language
THank You

John answers:

Why not just ask her out alone —- if she says yes go somewhere you wont meet any friends and if she says yes you know she is not interested in you romantically —- who cares what her friends think you are not dating them

Nancy asks…

How to start out in investing/trading?

I am a 20 year old college student and am wanting to start investing/trading. I am planning on saving up $2000 to start out and reinvesting everything I make and plus still save $100 a week. My question is, how to I start? Usually, I would like to learn as I go when learning something new, but when it comes to my own money, I would like to be careful. I have made an account on a investing site and understand the process of trading stocks. I just don’t know how I should go about picking them? I have read in books that I should research the company I want to invest in very good first, but how do I know which company I want to invest? Maybe I am making this harder than it has to be but I am just trying to have a solid understanding. Thanks!

John answers:

Check free sites like yahoo finance, google finance. I trade for my own act. My watchlist of good stocks at a good price is – bac, glw, rimm, hpq, qcomm, intc, nyx. Stocks NOT to buy- nyt, aapl (yes – appl at todays prices), airline stocks, newspaper stocks, lnkd, jva

Maria asks…

Why are there commercials in between yahoo news clips? Usually before a clip of more, ill say personable topic

For my example…. Just now i clicked to watch the featured video of Tim Mcgraw pulling an audience member up on stage and almost getting into a fight, via the yahoo front page. No advertisement. So i close that and click to see the video “More gun law challenges after high court ruling.” Before watching the video I am basically forced to sit through a commercial for some Stock trading business.

This isn’t the first time I have had an issue with this, and I’m just wondering how this is decided. Is it just random, or does someone pick and choose where to put the time-sinks?

John answers:

There are commercials because they generate revenue for Yahoo.

Thomas asks…

Universal Express changed it’s ticker symbol from USXP to USXPE. How would this change affect investors?

I have noticed looking at various online stock listings which both USXP and USXPE give entirely two separate price quotes. Furthermore USXP the original ticker symbol stopped trading on October 18th and USXPE picked up where it left off. Does this mean that previous share holders in USXP now hold stock that doesn’t have any value? OR did the monies move from one ticker symbol to the next?

John answers:

If you held USXP on or before October 18th, you’ll be holding USXPE now.

The online stock listings that have quotes for both don’t have a proper corporate actions feed which tells them to merge the data. Data is easy to provide. Good data is hard (I know – I’m a data vendor).

What the ‘E’ signifies is that the company is delinquent in its required filings with the SEC as determined by the NASD. This means that there’s some issue either with a previous filing, or they are late with a new one.

Delinquent filings are often a sign of a poorly managed company.


Robert asks…

My New Orleans Saints?

My Saints are once again the laughing stock of free agency with Asante Samuel, and Lance Briggs out there the 26 ranked defensive team once again went out and got a guy they dont even know can play not to mention resigned several horrible players. Peyton do me and other saints fans a favor trade that over priced talent reggie bush and charles grant to the dolphins draft chris long # 1 who will be ten times the DE that grant is take Kieth Rivers with the tenth pick in the draft and see if you can bargain trade for a top corner. Not to mention go beg Lance Briggs to come play for us considering he is the best defensive player in free agency. How hard is it.
It is so painfull we have the money and we dont need reggie and Grant well 62,000,000 and he cant find the qauterback and Reggie what he not as good as the rookie from illinois we got last year My god can you imagine Lance Briggs Kieth Rivers as part of our liebacking core not to mention Chris long on the DE spot and we could bargain trade for the Atlanta corner
Well we need to change our defensive scheme
Hell if it where not for Drew Brees we would have been 1-15 last year
If we get rid of Reggie who I think is horrible and Grant we will have enough money to sign the pope

John answers:

They never learn do they,

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