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Daniel asks…

What’s all this then?

So the other day a little rabbit came up to me and insulted my ugly face. I, having lived all this life with said ugly face, agreed quite happily with the creature. The rabbit, not expecting me to so readily accept his opinion, drew a candelabra from one of the pockets on his cargo pants and pointed it at me. He said, “if you do not take offense at my insult then you shall parish before my blade.” Trying to be a help to the poor confused thing, I pointed out that what he held was indeed not a blade but was in fact merely a device for holding candles in place. Without so much as a second thought, he took my advice for an insult and then thrust the candelabra at my ugly face. Having taken Judo classes some years ago, I was quite agile enough to dodge the incoming weapon. However, the aged tree that stood behind me was not nearly as fortunate.

The small blow from the enraged bunny was enough to shake a loose apple from the top of the tree. It fell with such speed that it made a dent in the ground when it struck the dirt. The rabbit and I turned and gazed at the apple in amazement, unsure at how it had gained so much speed in such short a distance. Feeling social that day, I felt the need to speak first about the apple but was cut short by a swelling noise that echoed throughout the air.

The rabbit and I took stock of our surroundings, curious as to where the sound was originating from. As I turned my head this way and that, I determined that the sound was being emitted by the apple a few steps from my feet. Slowly, I inched toward the apple, mouth agape. The rabbit, candelabra still in hand, huddled behind me as I bent to pick up the strange fruit. I turned the red enigma over and over in my hand, inspecting it with the scrutiny that one might expect to find a good judge using while overseeing a murder case. Through some miracle I managed to rip my eyes from the spectacle before me, and turned to the rabbit with wild curiosity painted on my face. With a breathless voice that seemed foreign to me, I asked my furry compatriot, “what’s all this then?”

John answers:


Charles asks…

Dealing with an unfair boss?

I’m only working one day a week at work and my boss won’t give me more days. Every time I talk to her about it she gives me dumb excuses why she can’t. Let me give you the rundown so you can know exactly what I’m talking about.
This all started 6 months ago. On 1-1-10 we had a… I don’t know what to call it so let me tell you what happened. It was the end of the night and I was the first person up front and i was waiting for everyone to come so we could leave. So I waiting til the last minute to clock out. (I wanted to get as much time as I could. So she saw me standing up there and asked me why I didn’t clock out yet. I said I was waiting for you. Then she said something and I got a little attitude. Then she said when you get finished, clock out. Then she called me a dumb ***. The next day when I came to work she told me I could go back home. That what she does when someone don’t do what they supposed to do. She gives them less days. Anyway, she kept on giving me one day a week for the next few weeks so I finally asked for her for another day and she said sure. I was all happy and everything but when I looked at the schedule it said the same thing. So the day after the next day I went up to my job to see what was going on. In a nutshell this is how the convo went.
Me: I thought you were going to give me more than one day.
Her: I was but the payroll was cut down. The store is slow and we’re not making enough money.
I asked her about the other coworker which was new at the time who was getting 3 or 4 days a week. She said she was training her to be an assistant manager and that she schedule the days based on the needs of the store. And since I’m just a stocking/cleanup person I get one day. She also said the store should pick up next month (February) So that was that, I had nothing else to say after that.
I noticed that two other people, who do the same thing I do, was getting 3 days but I was getting one. Anyway I talked to her about getting another day and she said she got me down for tomorrow. I asked her if it was temporary and she said no. And once again later that night i looked at the schedule and it said the same thing. I couldn’t talk to her about it then cuz she already had left. So when I came back to work I asked why I didn’t work when she said I would she gave irrelevant reasons and said I would get another day soon. To make a very long story short, its been two weeks since then and things are the same. One person got fired and she gave one of the workers who was getting 3 days one less day, but she still didn’t give me another day. I even gave her a suggestion and said how about giving someone one less day and giving it to me. She gave someone one less day and still didn’t give me another day. Why is she torturing me like this? I know u don’t have the answer to that but this is what I ask myself all the time. Does she not like me? She don’t act like it but… I don’t know. I just wanted to share my problem with others and maybe get some suggestions. I’ve tried to get another job but I went on some interviews and didnt get hired.
Jim you have no idea. I don’t think what happened between us 6 months ago is why she won’t give me more hours. It’s not my attitude. About a month ago, one of the co workers told the boss “Fuc* you” and she didn’t even fire her. Another co worker came up short on the register more than one time and didn’t show up for work and she didn’t even fire her. Wow, how is it they are doing all that and don’t get any punishment. Yeah, it’s not my attitude.

John answers:

You need to find another job. She wants you to quit and obviously you are not getting her message. Things are slow in retail now and lots of people are getting fewer hours, but yes she is being unfair because you caused her a few extra minutes that evening and she is getting even.

GO FIND ANOTHER JOB, but don’t expect that one to be fair or without other problems either.

David asks…

Help! Bar back tip(s) question – Restaurant knowledge from manager/bartender perspective?

Long story short, I’ve been working at a busy bar for two weeks now. When I was hired I was told I would be making 6 something an hour + tips. I made the ultimate mistake not asking HOW they come up with my tip.

Tonight I overheard one of the bartenders commenting that they only tip me 5% of credit card tips. I’m livid – this cant be right!? Should I approach my boss, and ask for more? This job is physically exhausting, and I don’t mind working hard for good money, but their money has a sense of humor. What say you?

Additional details:

For those of you that don’t know, a bar back is a bartender’s bitch. Not only do I have three managers/owners but I also am given orders by 6-8 bartenders at any given time. I work 10 hour shifts breaking my back, we are a HUGE busy bar, but because they are new, they have yet to install a walk in cooler. All beer must be iced, Ice must be drained and changed throughout the night. All beer, liquor, bar fruit, straws etc. to be kept stocked at all times. I collect, wash, stack, and stock ALL glassware. All trash must be taken out throughout the shift, Men’s restroom cleaned periodically, and finally pick up all huge rubber bar mats (15) at end of shift and wash outside with a hot soapy water, and returned before close.
Suspicion arose quickly on the busier nights when the bartenders were given their $150 and i would be given my $50

John answers:

I hate to tell you, but you are the bartender’s B****. I have worked as a bartender in a high volume bar and have also managed a bar. Bartenders make considerably more than bar backs because of their drink knowledge and speed of service as well as their ability to schmooze the clientele. The bar back is there to do exactly that…back the bartender…make sure they have the supplies they need, including clean glassware and taking out the trash. Believe me, you could be responsible for much worse including scrubbing toilets, which I have been responsible for as a waitress in the past, but it’s what you signed on for. The moment you sign your job application is the moment you are contracted to do the duties that the job requires. I’m sorry it seems like much worse than what you expected, but be happy you have a job as 9.7% of the American public are unemployed. Shut up and be happy you are employed…my husband has been laid off since April, I am a cancer patient who is uninsured and half a million dollars in debt in medical bills, and he is over-qualified to even wash dishes. Whine all you want…at least you have a freakin’ job!!!!! It is insulting to those of us who are struggling to keep a roof over our heads when we would do your job in a millisecond without complaint just to have an income.

Mandy asks…

89 Harley Sportster 883?

Ok, where to begin? So I’ve been into riding for the past 5 years or so and I absolutely love it. There’s nothing quite like running down a mountain at 70 mph, leaning around curves, and tearing up the straights. My first bike was an ’04 Kawasaki Ninja 650, and I quickly got over the crotch rocket phase and into cruisers. Right now, I’m on an ’03 Suzuki Intruder (Boulevard) 805 and I love it.

Anyway, today I picked up an ’89 Harley 883 for $1000 from the original owner. He wasn’t sure how many miles were on it, but he said it was VERY low. It’s been sitting in a shed out by his garage for 11 years. I figured I couldn’t go wrong for $1000 so in a few days I’m driving down to New Jersey to pick it up.

I have big plans for this bike, but not only is this my first Harley, this is my first build bike. I don’t know a whole awful lot about working on these bikes (but I’m very adept in car repair, so I figure it can’t be THAT much different right?) but the first thing I’m going to do is pull the engine and replace all the gaskets and the carb. I’m also planning on doing a port and polish while I have the engine torn down and I’d like to put a much bigger carb than stock on there. So my first question is, do they sell different sized carbs for bikes, like they do for cars? i.e. can I put a 4 barrel carb on my bike?

I’m also planning on (eventually) boring the bike out to a 1200, but I thought it might be easier just to buy a brand new 1200 crate engine and drop in there. Would I have room on the 883’s frame for that? And I assume I would have to fabricate some new motor mounts to be able to do this?

Another thing I’m really wanting to do is push the rake of the forks out just a little bit. I don’t like the real long rakes of the choppers, but the rake on this bike is entirely too short. Am I going to need new forks to do this? I don’t really know how to go about this part of the build lol.

And the last but not least, what are my options on changing the gauges on the bike? I hate the way the little single gauge looks, and want to do something with it. I like how on my intruder, it’s mounted on the gas tank. I’m not sold on that, but I would still like to know what my options are with changing the gauges on this one.

Like I said, this is my first project bike and I’m sure you’ll see many more questions from me on here, but I’m determined to do this myself, and I want to do it right. If anyone would want to get involved on this build with me, either by email or even if you lived close enough to come and help in the shop sometime shoot me an email at Thanks for reading this, I know it’s been kind of a pain >_>.

John answers:

Sounds like you got a good deal. Not much changed from the 1989 model all the way up to the 2003 version. The main changes where updates to the electrical system, different primary cover on the left side of the engine, a change from chain drive to belt, and somewhere along the line Harley switched to the user friendly Keihin CV carb. Needless to say a lot of parts from up to 2003 will fit your bike.

It’s getting late in my neck of the woods so I will touch real quickly on a couple items. If this question is still open in the morning I will add some more to it.

1.) 1200 conversion – it’s so easy it’s almsot funny. The quickest way to do it is remove cylinder heads, machine the 883 juggs to fit 1200 pistons (there is more then enough metal in the juggs to handle this), put 1200 pistons on along with the bored out cylinders, and replace heads. This can all be done with the engine in the frame too. No need to remove engine.

2.) If you really want power they sell a stroker kit that will bump a Sportster engine up to 88 cubic inches (1450 cc’s).

3.) If you want a little more kick out of the front forks they make aftermarket chopper frames that have the proper engine mounts to work with Sportster engines. The one I like the most is a Softail frame for use with the Sportster engine.

4.) As far as gauges go Harley used to sell a tach upgrade kit that used the stock speedo in a side by side setup that mounted above the handlebar clamps. Don’t know if they still sell it or not. There are also many aftermarket gauges made for bikes out there too.

5.) Check out as you will find all the info you ever dreamed of there.

John asks…

Poll.. Trivia… How much do you know about horses?

“Do you love horses? Well then this is the quiz for you, because it was created by another horse loving freak! Clues will be given as to the breed of horse. Pick the correct horse breed.”

1. What breed am I?

I am usually black
I have feathers
I’m not allowed to have a marking bigger than a five cent piece
A. Palomino B. Clydesdale C. Friesian D. Draught horse
2. I am used for showing
I have a dished face
My name includes part of a country’s name found in the Middle East
A. Appaloosa B. Arabian C. Akhal Teke D. Hungarian

3. What breed am I? I am usually between 15.2 hh and 17 hh
A lot of my breed are well known. I come in many colours, but am usually seen as a bay
A. Friesian B. Clydesdale C. Thoroughbred D. Saddlebred

4. What breed am I? I am stocky. I am short. I have a thick mane and tail.
A. Zhemaichu B. Shetland pony C. Ardennes D. Australian stock horse

5. What breed am I? I am VERY big. I am cold blooded. I am used for work.
A. Clydesdale B. Thoroughbred C. Shetland D. Arabian

6. What breed am I? I am sometimes dappled. I am sometimes covered with spots. I am a colour and a breed.
A. Palomino B. Standardbred C. Dappled Grey D. Appaloosa

7. What breed am I? I originate in England. I am always the same colour. I am usually between 16.0 and 16.2 hh.
A. Mule B. Lipizzan C. Cleveland Bay D. Welsh Cob

8. What breed am I? I am used for difficult maneuvers. The tallest I can get is 16 hh. I am born black or grey and usually turn ‘white’ by the time I am 5 or 6.
A. Przewalski B. Lipizzan C. Brumby D. Andalusian

9. What breed am I? I am often called the ‘only true wild horse’.
I was almost hunted to extinction. I am typically between 12 and 14 hh
A. Mustang B. Shetland Pony C. Brumby D. Przewalski

10. What breed am I? I have a book written about me.
My average height is 12 to 13 hh. I am found in any normal colour.
A. Camargue B. Shetland Pony C. Chincoteague Pony D. Welsh Cob

This is our day to “Resign as Adults” and play a kids! More trivia on other pages we posted today or at The Chiefs 360 Party Room at

Come out and play!!!!

John answers:

1. C – these horses are so pretty
2. B – these horses are gay, no offense.. But it too us 2 hours to load a 15 year old in a trailer.. Good grief.
3. C – i believe.. Could be B but who knows…
4. B? But i dont really know much about ponies.. So again who am i to know?
5. A!! Lol
6. D i dont think its a color though…
7. B – i think
8. D
9. D
10. That can be any pony.. Hmm ill go randomly with D

thanks for the entertainment 🙂

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