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Carol asks…

7-Eleven/Convenience Store Dream?

This was a fun dream that I felt warranted an interpretation:

So I walk into a convenience store – pretty big size, circular in structure. There was no name to the store. As a I walk in it was a pretty well stocked – though ordinary convenience store – stuff that you might find in a 7-Eleven.

In the middle of the store the counter was in the circular shape that encompassed the cashier machine as well as the heated goods (the hot dogs on the steamers, etc.) The hot dogs/heated goods were facing in the opposite direction of the front door.

As I was walking in I passed by a group of girls – high school age (under 18) by their physical stature as well as the way they were talking to each other. One of the girls – a cute (I’ll admit) Asian girl a little shorter than myself with long black hair gave me a glance and suddenly had ‘puppy eyes’. I realized that she had those “instant crushes” on me. Hearing her whisper to her friends “Oh my god, he’s sooooooo hot!” as I was walking by tipped me off.

But having the impression that she was under aged, I just calmly walked by. So I walk up to the middle, pass the counter and to the hot dogs where they were being heated. Then suddenly my Aikido Sensei (teacher) walks up to me and I suddenly realize that he’s the store manager! (and cashier).

He’s a 60 something yr old Japanese man. In this dream he was his more charming and talkative self – and still an Aikido teacher. So he comes on over and asks me how I was doing and such (the Asian girl has followed me and is now hiding behind some shelves listening in on the conversation).

Then he suddenly takes hold of the hot dog that I had picked up and said:

Him: “Hey, I’ll give this to you this and this (hands me a large rice krispy treat bar) for free!”
Me: “Oh, wow really?”
Him: “In exchange I have a job for you, if you’re available this afternoon that will be perfect.”

I had a sinking feeling about the job since I was originally planning to go to Aikido in an hour (at noon). But I figured that this WAS coming from my Aikido teacher himself I thought why not. He also never told what the “job” was – he was just smiling throughout the conversation.

A good sign I suppose. During those who exchange I could tell the girl who had the crush on me was hiding behind a shelf nearby – I could only assume that she heard every word of the conversation.

That’s the end.

John answers:

Okay let’s knock out the obvious ones first:
– Your Sensei = Person who you admire, trust, and look to for guidance.
– Offering you a job, not knowing what it is= you trust in your sensei enough to know that whatever he hands you in life you’ll be able to handle and your the reward for doing so will be good as well
– Free stuff= your reward

Now let’s get somethings that might have mixed feelings about:
– The Convenience Store
– The Cute Asian Chick (who is under age)

Are you looking for a job? Have you worked at a convenience store? Do you go into one often?

Now the girl is easy to figure out. You obviously have self control because even in dreams you have the know how to spot an under aged girl, know she likes you, and do nothing about it. She was in your dream as more of a distraction. For instance: Here’s your cup a tea, heads up here comes a football. You can either avoid the football or catch it.

However because you noticed this girl was cute and ignored her your conscious made the decision to keep on reminding you of her. The only question is: do you know this girl? Our minds often have the ability to make up faces of people we know or making news ones by combining features from those people. So if you were to picture her in your mind right now, who does she look like or remind you of?

I must say this was a nicely detailed dream.

Linda asks…

URGENT: Iguana Help!?

Hi, I don’t know how to get to ask this without sounding confusing, but I’ll be as descriptive as I can to get the best help. About 2 days ago, I noticed my iguana becoming really lethargic, not eating/drinking as much, not as active. (Allow me to note that during these symptoms, she wasn’t on her regular diet of veggies/fruits/romaine lettuce she is normally on. Instead, I was temporarily feeding her these emergency iguana pellets I bought at my local pet store, just in case she has no food. Also, she hasn’t had a proper UVB light fixture in little under a month. Some are very expensive, then the one I find for her thats suitable for her are out of stock) Today, I finally bought her some romaine lettuce and that iguana food that’s red and mushy, I gave it to her, but she wouldn’t eat it, nor would she drink the water I had for her. I figured, maybe she’s recognizing the scent of the food or something, so I gave her a few hours. She wasn’t left unattended, as I was right next to her. Few hours later, I checked up on her and pushed the food trays closer towards her. I tried gently rubbing the romaine on her mouth to maybe tempt her to chew at it, but no reaction. After a few minutes, I left to the bathroom and came back and sat down where I was before, I look at her and she is beginning to look as if she was going to vomit, her dewlap was rapidly going in and out. Then she starts curling her tail upwards and extending her dewlap and head in the air, she then turns into this strain and stiff state that had me scared out of my mind, her eyes were covered by her secondary eyelids (the gray ones) and she just looked so scary. I tried to keep my calm, but I just couldn’t. She was in that position for about 10 seconds and while she was coming out of it, it’s almost as if she had flatulence or something similar to that matter, like a burp, because air started coming out of what I think was her back end, but I didn’t see it coming out of anywhere else. After that, she turned really loose, wobbly and limp, I tried picking her up but she just felt so dead and baggy. Her eyes stayed gray though and eventually started closing. After a minute, I really believed she was dead. Surprisingly enough, a miracle happened before my eyes and she started slowly trying to hold herself up. I supported her for a little, while I was trying to look for help online. My parents weren’t home at the time so I couldn’t take her to the vet. I found a few suggestions online like put her in some warm water to bring some energy back into her. (Also, I now know she is very insufficient in some vitamins since she wasn’t on her diet/hasn’t had a proper UV light fixture for a few weeks. She’s also dehydrated, because of a tip I saw online where you gently pinch there skin, and if it snaps back to place, she’s fine, but if it takes a while to go back down, they’re dehydrated.) Now, a few hours ago when I had her back into her tank with a new UVB lamp fixture 2 feet away from her (Note: I put the light shining mainly towards one side of the tank where she was at, then the food and water on the other side to avoid it from rotting, and just in case she wanted to get away from the light) and plenty of food and water, she underwent another one of those attacks she has. Although this time, it was shorter and not as dramatic. It kills me seeing her through that. Ever since her first attack, she’s been sleeping. She wakes up and looks around, but just goes back to sleep. I know she’s asleep and not gone because I can see her breathing. Her breathing pattern also changes frequently, sometimes she takes large inhales/exhales, and occasionally, she takes small inhales/exhales. Now my question is, what is she going through, what are those attacks (that I believe are seizures/heart attacks) and can you please find me a cure for her? I hope you can get back to my question as soon as possible. Also, as a 13 year old iguana owner, I am very educated on iguanas so any response I’ll understand, but I’m completely stumped and helpless on this health issues she’s having. Immediate and descriptive help would be significantly deeply appreciated.

John answers:

I agree with the other posters; it sounds like MBD (metabolic bone disease.) UVB light is used in a reptile’s metabolism, especially in the absorption of calcium and proper food digestion. Calcium is a mineral that is required for bone maintenance and in nerve function. When a reptile has MBD, it’s body begins to “eat” its own bone in an attempt to get enough calcium to function properly. Hence, the seizures and/or tremors and the brittle/rubbery bones when their body doesn’t have calcium.

You said you have the UVB bulb 2 feet away from the iggy; unless you have a MVB (mercury vapor bulb; it emits heat at well as UVB) that is too faraway. Even the strongest UVB long tube bulbs, a 10.0 strength, can only penetrate 18 inches into the enclosure; the reptile has to be within that range to benefit from the UVB light. UVB bulbs should also be replaced according to the manufacturers recommendation (at least yearly), after that time the bulb will no longer produce UVB even if visible light still is.

You should also have a basking temp of 90 F situated to one side of the enclosure. Basking temp and UVB should be available for 10 – 12 hours a day. Having proper temps in the enclosure are also important to an iggy’s metabolism, like proper food digestion. Lack of UVB light and proper temps will cause lethargy and lack of appetite.

The bulk of the iggy’s diet should be dark leafy greens, like collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, mulberry leaves, grape leaves, endive, and escarole. “Lettuces” have very little nutritional value, and ice burg lettuce should never be offered. Other veggies should be varied often and be a secondary part of the diet. Here’s a good veggie list with nutritional info to help you make good veggie decisions:

Iggy’s should be bathed/soaked regularly to maintain good hydration and kidney function.

I also agree with the other posters in the regard that you should take the iggy to the vet for the MBD. But you should also correct your husbandry or the iggy won’t get better, or it will keep getting sick.

James asks…

why its not working for me?

i am in to the market now for 4years
i have entered march 2008
since then i am losing money. but i learned how to analyse charts
yes technical analysis.
i am tracking almost 70 companies with trend lines indicators etc etc all tech stuffs.
i pick few stocks for short term which can go up.
for example 5 stocks which shows it can b bought for short term
but which stock i buys it doesnt go up but the other 4 going what i thought.
this is happening for 1 past year i dont know why.
which ever stocks i pick that is also picked by the tv tech analyst also
What kind of things should i learn
thanks all

John answers:

The problem w/technical analysis is that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance (as you’re no doubt finding out).

The basic premise behind technical analysis is that the market is logical – stocks go up for a reason & go down for a reason. According to them, the reason’s not important as it’s factored into the chart. If you believe this, then by all means continue investing based on it. I don’t.

Susan asks…

How to buy and sell a pump and dump penny stocks?

So I subscribed to a penny stock newsletter a few months ago and have watched their picks. Each pick doubles or triples in the next couple days, than drops back after a few more days. I’ve heard the term “shorting stocks” before and not quite sure what it is.. But I don’t think normal brokers like etrade let you buy and sell that rapidly with penny stocks. Are there any brokers that do? Or can I look into getting a license to buy and sell myself, independently? I mainly want to buy them right away when they are very low, than in 2 days they shoot up 3x their price and sell them at that point.. But how?

John answers:

Do you know why their picks double / triple in the proceeding days ? ….its because they send out MULTIPLE thousands of these pump emails to people all over the world and then a LOT of the receivers buy into them which obviously shoots up the SP and then falls as they sell for a quick profit…

Donald asks…

May you check over my finance homework? I think they are all right, but Im unsure?

are any of these wrong?

1. You will buy a motorcycle four years from now and will be paying $10,000 for it. You deposit money into bank account earning 5% compounded annually. How much do you need to save each year (year end) to have $10,000 if your first deposit is made one year from now and your final deposit is made at time of purchase?

I got $2320 by solving for x in $10,000= x/(1.05^3) + ……….x

2. Which of the following is not part of the role of the finance manager?
a. deciding whether to issue bonds or stocks to raise capital
b. Deciding which projects to invest in
c. Deciding how much cash to return to investors
d. Deciding how much raw materials to purchse<———-I chose D

3. When deciding to choose a project to invest in, pick the one with the highest npv. True or False?
I chose true

4. you purchase a european call option contract on 100 shares with a strike price of 39.50 at a cost of $1 per share. at expiration the stock price is $42.50.

4a) what is the value of the contract at expiration?
I said $300 because 100 shares times $3(increase from strike price)

4b) What is the net gain?
I said $200 because it is value-cost (300-100)

5) what is the effective interest rate the company forgoes by paying on the due date(net terms) instead of taking the cash discount if the company is offered 2/15 net 45 payment terms (360 day in year and annual compounding)?
I answered 24.5%

6) a poison pill is a takeover defense where existing shareholders are issued rights to purchase additional True or False? I chose TRUE

7) what happens to the value of a call option when the volatility of the underlying stock increases( all other things equal)?
a) value of call option decreases
b) value of call option stays the same
c) value of call option increases
d) there is not enough info to determine <——I chose D

8) A US importer is due to take delivery of MeExican goods in six months. which transaction presented below could eliminate the importers exchange risk?
a)buy pesos forward 6 months <———I chose A
b)sell pesos forward 6 months
c)sell pesos at the spot exchange rate and deposit the proceeds in a US bank
d) none of the above

9) a firm wants to expand will either build a small or large plant. if they build small and demand is low, the NPV will be $300,000, if demand is high, npv will be 400,000. If they build large and demand is low, npv will be -$50,000, if demand is high, npv will be $600,000. Probability of low demand is 40% and for high, 60%. What size plant should they build and what is the expected npv?

I answered small plant with NPV $360,000

10) a fnancial lease should not be undertaken unless it provides more financing than an equivalent loan. True or false? (I have no clue on this one) After a little research I chose false, but Im unsure

11) It makes sense for firms that pay no taxes to lease from firms that do. True or false? I chose true

12) The purpose of the current ratio is to evaluate the firms ability to pay its bills in the short run. True or false? I chose true

13) A well diversified portfolio with a beta of 2 is twice as risky as the market portfolio. True or false? I chose true

14) if stocks were perfectly positively correlated then diversification would not reduce risk. True or false? I chose false

15) Common stock ($.5 par value) $50,000
Additional paid in capital 10,000
retained earning 40,000
common equity 100,000
Treasury stock (3000 shares) 6,000
Net common equity 94,000

15a) how many shares have been issued by company?
I answered 100,000

15b) how many shares are outstanding for the company?
I answered 97,000

16) a rights issue is most likely to be related to the further sale of an already publicly traded stock. True or false? I chose true

Please let me know if you can verify any of these right or wrong, even if you don’t know them all. I feel like it is mostly right, but im unsure.

John answers:

I think 100 days loan reviews is the the topic on which the person takes a loan with the saying that they will return it in 100 days but could not do it .

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