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Carol asks…

How much pride is too much?

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. My friend brought out a Arizona Iced Tea from his house when I picked him up. Drove to the gas station to grab a drink; my friend came with me and he brought his Arizona. After I paid for my drink and the lady at the register said my friend stole the Arizona he brought from home (yes, he shouldn’t have brought it inside). My friend said he brought it from home and that she could check the camera feed that’s watching the entrance. She refused to check the security video even with another employee that was watching the register (he didn’t know what was going on). The lady on the register said that she fully stocked the Arizona drinks in the morning and she said she remembers only selling three, she checked the back and said four are missing, therefore the fourth drink is in the friend’s hand. She said, ” I already checked the back and there are four missing, do you two take me for a retard?” She was very rude when she said this and said she will call the police unless we hand it over. Annoyed, I pretty much said go ahead and started to walk out. My friend didn’t want to make a big deal out of this and just gave her his own drink, which she snatched out of his hand. I got extremely annoyed and angry saying that this isn’t about the Arizona anymore, and that he shouldn’t have handed the drink over, but my friend said I have too much pride and I should just let it go. Am I too prideful? What would you have done?

John answers:


Maria asks…

Break up Aftermath (curious to hear how people think this will end)?

Ok well its been a little over 2 months now and the massive heartbreak feelings over for the most part but im curious i still think of her ALOT which is normal but i wonder if shell ever regret leaving me,

in short im 20 shes 18 we were together for almost four years, when we first met it was long distance for awhile but when i graduated i moved from a nice wealthy home near my friends and family to a tiny backwards town in oklahoma for her so she could be happy, and instead of joining the Army immediately, well i moved there had no family to rely on and lived in a tiny “sorta” abandoned camper trailer (ended up being flea infested to lol) for 2 weeks till i got a job and could afford my own apartment, well after that i was doing good had money started taking her out on dates bought her jewelry, all that stuff and never wanted anything in return didnt even have sex due to her religous belifes and i loved her enough to live with that also enought to protect her from a pissed of german shepard that charged her one afternoon walking her home and stood up to some guys that picked on her about some stuff , well her parents always hated me they were both high school drop out (not that theres anything wrong with that) but they also lived off welfare with no intentions to get a job and drank themself to sleep nightly, well needless to say i tried helping her get out of the house much as possible and they led to her sneaking out getting caught and her parents not letting us have any contact until i moved back to FL well as my luck would have it a snow storm hit and closed down buisness for good at the place i worked at and couldnt get another job so i moved back, started going to college to give us a better future and got another job so i could move back , well it turns out getting 3 grand working stock at kmart and doing college at the same time is takes awhile even longer if you suck at saving money so it took over a year and we started fighting alot and i started getting jealous over dumb things and ended up breaking up and getting back together constatnly but i was the one breaking up maybe was stress idk, well 2 months ago she breaks up after a major caused by ditching me at a webcam for three hours and returning no calls, well 4 days later she tells me shes hanging out with a “friend” who she also works with, more time goes by she says shes falling for him all that stuff and then a lil over a month there together, well heres the thing hes 18 still watches kid cartoons like that pokemon stuff and is going to go to college to become a professional skateboard desinger and thinks hes goin to be a pro skater to , now i dont want to sound shallow but im 6,1 and workout 5 times a week hes 5,7 and has a steady diet of crispy creme donuts going for him and sorta looks like he has down syndrome (no disrespect inteded to all thoose who know someone with down syndrome) anyways i just wana here from people what they think of this i know its dumb but it kind of killed my pride lately, i want to belive she’ll regret it someday and come back but i just dont know, hopeing once i get out of the basic training she’ll want me back, anyone got any advice or comments?

John answers:

I think that everything happens for a reason.
You love this girl, you have a history with her, i understand, that will make it more painful.
But i say if she has walked out of your life it is for a reason.
You will find someone who will make you happy, and you will make her happy, please dont worry about that kind of thing. Just try to get yourself through school and do the best you can do (:

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Steven asks…

I was told about a week ago that my dog had a Parasite called The culprit- Demodex Demodicosis!?

I need someone that knows about dog diseases to give me advice. When I woke up in the morning, I went to take my dog out, as any other usually day, to potty. Okay, well I noticed two small lesions on my dog, one on the left chick, and the other is above it. one of them had blood on it.

Yes, so I worried, I am very dramatic when it comes to my dog, I took it to the vet immediately. I was asked about five questions like how, when, and where. I honestly don’t know how she got it, because she eats plants, she destroys anything she finds. She eats her own feces. I do get at her. She stops, but I can only do so much. She chases flies as well, I don’t know if she has eaten any! LOL I know it is crazy. I thought it was a bite, because her and the other dog play a lot.

Well she took the dog to the back, and well I heard rumors from previous people, that you should never let your dog go to the back room alone, without your supervision. Bad things happen. Well I let her go, because I trust the doctor. I known her for eleven months. Well to make the story short, she came back and told me she took a culture where her lesion was, and she said she has a parasite called Demodectic Mage, it is also called The Culprit- Demodex Canis. This is a microscopic mite, and usually they get it from their mothers. It is hereditary. She never showed any signs before. She doesn’t look bad.

But yet when she told me to go into the room so I can take a look at the parasite myself. It was not moving, I asked her don’t parasites usually move? She responded to me that it died. So basically the parasite was dead. I know that any leaving thing that is away from the skin dies being exposed on air. So does this mean she could have picked it up somewhere? or it is Hereditary. It just does not make sense. I am very concerned because she was an expensive dog and was purchased for stock, as a forever pet, and show reasons. Regardless of the situation I will keep her. If she has this, she will have to get spayed. I paid for the breeding rights. I am going to have to talk to the owner, and advise her to not breed her dogs. Maybe I am jumping into conclusions who knows. Someone please give me advise. 🙂

John answers:

Chill out!

Demodex is common and does not “catch” to any other dog. It may (may) have a heredity component — but it also can be due to not feeding the dog properly (this doesn’t mean the most expensive food either), a dip in the dogs immunity levels (caused by stress, lack of maturity (young dog), or half a dozen other things) or trauma to that particular spot on the dog. For example, I had a dog get bitten by mosquitoes near the eyes. She got demodex around her eyes for a month or so.

No big deal, it resolved its self.

Some vets go WAY overboard with a case of simple demodex. And simple is what you have. They want dips, baths, etc. Not necessary. A light case like you describe will resolve its self.

A major case — what I call a “skin dog” because they are all skin, no fur, or huge patches of fur off, well these can require more heavy duty treatment, but in all honesty, good food and good treatment go a long way on helping “skin dogs” become normal.

By the way — you are WAY jumping to conclusions. Tell a breeder not to breed dogs because one dog has a spot of demodex that can as easily be enviromental?? Shees, chill out! This is NOT NOT NOT a big deal!

Joseph asks…

The Detroit Lions offense next year could be explosive?

Safely assuming Matthew Stafford gets drafted to the Lions, just think about it. Stafford has Calvin Johnson, one of the best WRs right now in the NFL. Imagine how many time these two can hook up! The passing game can be really good, but the O-Line needs to get better immediately.

Also, the Lions have Kevin Smith. I think he’s particularly intriguing to me. With the right coaching, he can be an above average back who can lead the team with a good running game. And if I’m ight, don’t the Lions still have Rudi Johnson? If so, he can be great on 3rd and short or goaline situations.

Detroit’s offense should be good next year. Defensively though, heh…expect more atrocity. This is, I would’ve said that originally, but picking up a OLB like Julian Peterson gives the defense a great pass rusher. And with the additions of a few corners, this defense can improve.

The Detriot Lions won’t be the laughing stock of the NFL next year. Expect them to win AT LEAST 5 games.
The Lion’s O-Line is noexistent, I’m well aware of that. But drafting a tackle in the 2nd round can fix that problem.

John answers:

They have good people at all of the skilled positions, they have for a few years.
Maybe they should try to get an offensive line or some studs on defense to better the team??? I dont know maybe?
They just need some more pieces of the puzzle to be successful, but i agree there is a chance

Sandra asks…

Mommies who pump–I need your help!?

I haven’t had power at home since Sunday (Hurricane Ike caused a wind storm). My meager stock of frozen breast milk had to be thawed out and used. I couldn’t pump at home (no power) and only at work. When I had power, I had been pumping about 8-10oz. every day at work and pumping more at night to make the 12-16 oz. my 7 week old is eating while I’m at work. I was using a Medela DoublEase pump that isn’t that great on suction. It would take me a long time to get that much. This week, I am only getting 5-7 oz. at work and none at home because of no power. Yesterday, I switched pumps. A friend let me borrow a Medela InStyle Advanced (I have all my own tubing). It has a battery pack attachment so I could pump at home. I only got 10 oz. yesterday with the new pump (including pumping at home). It is more powerful, so I thought I would get more milk. But I am getting the same amount of milk, just in a shorter time period. Could it be that the pump is too strong and I’m not used to it?

Some factors that add to this: I haven’t been eating well (not enough and fast food basically) because I can’t cook or store food and I am stressed out because I have no power and we don’t know when it will be back on! Plus, my fiance has to have another surgery and I am super stressed about that and money! So this doesn’t help my milk supply either.

Bottom line, everything is used up except for what I pumped today and that is only 8 oz.!!! Yesterday and the day before, she ate 16 oz. while I was gone!

So now what? I guess I have to give her formula? I have no other choice, really. I have a few cans of powder that I got for free as samples, so I can use that. I really don’t want to though. But oh well, she’s got to eat.
Should I mix it with the milk I have?

How can I get my supply back on track? How can I more easily trigger let-down (I feel like I have more, I just can’t get to it. Even when I nurse her and pump with the other, I hardly get anything. I have tried looking at pictures, smelling her clothes, hearing her on the phone, nothing.).
I am picking up some fengereek tonight.

I am really upset about this. Can anyone answer any of my questions or give me some advice? I don’t know when my power will be back on and I am going a little crazy from that anyway. Please help in any way you can!
I’m at work right now using the internet in case anyone is wondering. I have to leave in 30 minutes so I anxiously await any advice. If not, I will get it tomorrow I guess! Thanks!!!
You gals are great! I am eating some oatmeal right now! (I had a packet in my drawer at work)
I drink a lot of water, but I have been forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins because of all the power outage mess has messed up my routine! I leave at 8pm and the vitamin store closes at 9, so I am getting some fengureek tonight.
I WILL get her back on exclusive breastmilk.
Oh, and I do nurse her when I am at home. She only gets a bottle of expressed milk when I am at work

John answers:

I’m sorry to hear about your power outage and your fiance having surgery. Just try to relax. I pump at work and I use the battery pack. It takes less time because it’s a lot stronger. I thought it was just me but since you feel that way too, it must be treu. It used to take me 30 minutes to pump now it only taking 15 minutes. I love it. Are you sure you have a low supply? 8 oz sounds normal to me. I had a supply issue but it was kinda strange. Only my right breast was drying up. Well not strange at since I don’t nurse my baby on that breast. We’ve worked on latching on the right one since. To answer your question. Fenugreek does work. I was on it for a couple weeks and it gave me an extra 3-4 oz per session. I ran out and I figure I didn’t need it anymore and lost the extra 3-4 oz. I take about 3 pills 3 times a day. It’s fairly inexpensive and has no side effects. I don’t even smell like maple syrup and if I did I could care less. The extra milk is worth it. You can also try eating oatmeal. I eat oatmeal every morning. A big bowl!! I’m not sure if the oatmeal helps but hey it’s suppose to lower cholesterol so it serves a purpose either way. I also asked my DR to prescribe Reglan. It makes me very tired so I stopped it for a day and I noticed a huge difference, not trying that again. A dfor the let down. I usually take a deep breath in and blow it out slowly while I pump and try to relax, clear my mind and not concentrate too much on it. It really helps. Usually after I take a deep breath in I will feel my milk let down. I hope this helps. These are just things I’ve tried! Good luck!!!!!

Also try to stay off caffeine I read it slows the “let down”

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