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Susan asks…

Has anyone else noticed that there is less clothing in children’s sections these days?

Now before you all get confused, when I say ‘less clothing in children’s sections’ I don’t mean less in stock. I mean, in some places I’ve been walking around and when I walk past the kid’s section, there are tiny tube tops, extremely short mini skirts, and other things that really amazed me. The thing is – parents actually buy it! I’m not trying to sound weird, but who would want their kids looking like little tramps at age 4?! It’s bad enough the media portrays bad images for kids, but now there’s clothes on the rack for them to pick up. If they wear some of these skimpy things when they’re little, how are they ever going to respect themselves when they’re older?

P.S: I’m not trying to sound like an overly protective mother or something, I’m only 14.

10 points for the best answer! 🙂

John answers:

I totally get you,
They have padded bras for like 3 year olds at Big W.
Society is treating girls/women more and more like trash, and girls are getting skankier earlier. What’s happening to the world?!

Betty asks…

New England Arms single shot 20 gauge youth?

I am about to run up to walmart and buy one in about a hour if I can get a few answers answered. They have a really good deal on the New England arms single shot shotguns ($100) and I want to go pick one up tonight. But I have 2 questions.

1. Its the youth model, I know this is a shorter barrel but what about the stock?? How much smaller is it than the full size??

2. And looking at the gun it doesnt have threads for a choke tube? So how well will this gun shoot then?? Is it choked inside the barrel?? If so what kind of choke? Will it be good to 50 yards?? I am new to shotguns, but not guns. Just worried about the choke since I wont be able to tighten the group.

John answers:

The regular model has a 14-1/4″ length of pull stock, the youth model has 12-1/2″. So the stock is 1-3/4″ shorter.
Yes, the barrel itself is choked. It is a modified choke on the 20 gauge. With a shotshell it should have a decent pattern out to 35-40 yards. With a rifled slug (not sabot) it should be good to 50-60 yards.

James asks…

Winter themed what would you name them!?

*Please don’t delete, I really am interested in hearing what you would name these people!

1. Your first child is a little boy. Throughout his childhood, he has always been the shortest one in class and has always been good at making things with his hands. and had the knack of fixing his younger siblings toys. Here he is at 5 years old:… His first name is whatever you want and his middle name must start with E, What do you name your little elf?

2. You become pregnant again, and deliver on Christmas Day. You are welcomed with a set of identical twin girls. They are the most angelic well behaved children you have ever seen. The odd thing about them though is that they were practically born knowing how to sing every Christmas song there is. Here they are at 5 years old:… Their names are whatever you feel like, What do you name your Christmas angels?

3. Next you are blessed with a little boy. Ever since he was a baby, he loved snow. When there was snow he wouldn’t come inside. By the time he is 10 he is a professional at every sport involving snow. Here he is at 5 years old:… His name is whatever you like, What do you name your snow prodigy?

4. Your fifth child is a baby girl. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and slightly larger feet than normal. She looks just like Karen on Frosty The Snowman so you decide to give her a name that starts with Ka. Here she is at 5 years old:… Her middle name is whatever you want, What do you name your little character?

5. You try for one more child and get quadruplets, 2 boys and 2 girls. There was a snowstorm the day they were born, so you want the initials of their first names to spell S-N-O-W, so one for each, but you can pick which baby gets which letter, and their middle names must somehow, anyway be related to either Winter or Christmas! Here they are as babies:… What do you name your four bundles of joy?

Okay, enough kids for you! Now whoever follows all the rules and has the best names as a set of siblings in my opinion gets best answer. Best of luck and have fun:)

John answers:

1) “Tiny” Timothy Elijah <~~(The Lord is my God)
2) Holly Bella and Gracie Noelle
3) Jackson Foster (Jack Frost)
4) Kaitlinn Mary
5) Seth Storm
*) Noah Christian
*) Olivia Ivy
*) Willow Winter

Ruth asks…

What do you make of this? Do you think he knows I like him?

Trying to make it short, but this we’ve had a lot of encounters…

* There’s this guy at work who I think is really attractive
* I’m over-all a shy person but tend to get even more shy around him
* We work at a grocery store, I’m a sacker and he’s a stock boy/cashier. We’re both young adults, but he’s 1-2 years older than me
* You know how when you like someone you always want to look at them? Well I’ll glance at him from time to time and he’s caught me a few times and other I’ve seen him looking at me
* I’ve blushed around him a couple of times, I don’t know if he’s noticed or not
* He’s a very nice guy
* I’ve had a few conversations with him, one being something other than work, which went pretty well.

ABOUT THREE WEEKS AGO: I had to go replace some broken eggs and coincidentally, he was stocking more eggs at that time. I walked up to him and said “Hey” and he’s like “Hey, how‘s it going?” and I didn’t really respond but then I said “Uhm.. I need some eggs” and the eggs I needed were under some that he was about to stock so he’s like “You needs these?” and I was like “yeah” and reached out to get them and then he reached out and picked the other eggs up for me so I could get the ones I needed. So I grabbed them and said “thanks” and went back up front.

ABOUT A WEEK AGO: We had a conversation about a concert(Brandon Flowers) I had gone to the night before and how he thought the guy’s solo album(Flamingo) was better than The Killers’ most recent album(Day & Age) and then went on to say he thought The Killers’ first album(Hot Fuss) was one of the best albums ever made. And as he was leaving work he walked past me and said “See you later” and I said “bye”

DAY AFTER THAT: Not too eventful, but as I was leaving work I walked past him and said “later” and he said “see ya”

LAST NIGHT: I was sacking for him and as he was putting a wine bottle in a wine sleeve, he tore the sleeve. I kinda smiled/laughed and he looked at me and smiled and as he was putting the wine in the sack with the rest of the groceries he said “How‘s it going?” but I didn’t get a chance to respond because he had to scan the rest of the stuff for the customer.

John answers:

I think he probs thinks you want to get to know him but guys can take awhile to get the message that you like them as stereotypical as that may sound it is the truth my advice is keep talking to him see where it heads =)he sound really nice hope it all goes well

Joseph asks…

My uncle cut off all of my hair as a punishment, what can I do?

I live with my uncle because my dad cleared off just after he found out my mum as pregnant and then my mum died three years ago. Just after her death I kind of went off the rails for a while, but after a year of drinking and getting crappy grades I started to pull myself back together and get back on track. That was until a couple of days ago when their was a party.

I went to the party and for the first time in over a year got drunk, but I was still in control. I got home ten minutes past my curfew. My uncle hit me and then I went to my room and slept it off. I woke up the next morning really late and had missed half of the school day. My uncle had left a note saying we will talk later. As I had missed most of my lessons I took the rest of the day off.

When my uncle got home he sat me down and told me that I had been very inappropriate and that I would be getting punished. I thought by this he meant grounding me or restricting my curfew. He let me go to bed after this because by the time we had finished talking it was half eleven at night and I had a big exam the today.

I got to school did the exam and then after school came home like normal. My uncle was home which was strange because he usually works until about seven and then goes out and gets home at about tennish. My uncle called me into the lounge and told me that he had thought up a suitable punishment. He told me to get in the car. I did as I was told and sat down as he drove.

He pulled up outside of the barbers and then told me that this would be my punishment to get my hair cut in a barbers, from the way he said it it sounded like he meant the embarrassment of a hair cut at a barbers, I just thought “how bad can it be”.

We walked in and my uncle said that he had made an appointment in his surname, the dude told him to take a seat and then my uncle corrected him and said that it was for me. The barber said that he didn’t have much experience with girls hair and my uncle just said that he didn’t need much experience for this.

I sat in the chair and got caped up. Then my uncle said something quietly to the barber and I didn’t hear it. The barber came up behind me and tied my hair (which was healthy and waist length at this point) into a loose ponytail. He picked up some scissors and cut it off, tossed it to the floor and started laughing whilst I cried. I assumed that was my punishment to have a short hair cut that was uneven and the humiliation of having it cut in a really rundown barbers.

The barber then started cutting it even shorter into two inch tufts on my head. I just prayed that this would be it and I could use some money of mates to fix it. Before I really knew what was happening the barber had picked up some clippers with no guard and he pushed it through what remained of my hair. Within half an hour I had no hair left.

Please help me I don’t know what to do. I can’t go to school like this. I understand that I shouldn’t have gotten drunk or broken my curfew but right now I am so angry. I’m going to be the laughing stock of school and I haven’t stopped crying since I got home at 6pm. Please help me.

John answers:

First you go to child services and yell for help…
I think your best option is to wear a wig for now…
When your hair is a couple inches long I’m **pretty sure** that you can get a weave… I don’t know much about them, and I think usually black woman get them but I don’t see why you couldn’t.
Look into that.
I’m sorry about your hair, I know how hard it is for me to lose an inch or two.. Must be terrible 🙁

Edit: Just a thought.. I don’t think hair extensions will work until your hair is longer

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