Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Short

Sharon asks…

How do I beat the S&P 500?

I have a challenge for my Finance class in which I can wager any portion of my grade on up to 25 stocks of my choosing. It starts on Nov 1 and the goal is to beat the S&P500 by Dec 1. I would have a billion dollars to evenly distribute evenly between my stocks and I have the choice of shorting whichever ones too at 0.5%. So far, I like Lifetime Fitness and Domino’s Pizza. Any tips for what else to pick?

John answers:

I’m really glad that we have teachers out there handing out grades based on how well fantasy portfolios do instead of how much you have learned in the class. I’ll bet this is a fine educational experience for everyone.

The fun part is that when you get to college your professors will have expected you to learn something. Or maybe only barely because there is so much stupid crap like this going on.

Paul asks…

My fathers response to my new years ever dress…What can I do to change his mind?

It’s a beautiful little black dress. And it’s not that short and I’m going to wear black stocking with it.

My dad got home from work and I stepped out in my new dress. I was so happy about it cause it’s a really cute dress. I told him that this was my new years eve dress. His response: “Oh hell no. Do you think I will let my 17 year old baby girl wear THAT to a party. Girl you must be losing it. You start dressing yourself as a lady or I swear to God we will be converting to islam. Are you trying to kill me or something?”.

He has always been like this when it comes to boys and dresses. One time I had a boy pick me up for prom. He tried to be cool and “fist bump” my dad. My dad then took out his baseball bat and said: “Boy, how would you like to fist bump my bat with your head?”.

He is a wee bit crazy. How do I convince him to let me wear that dress?

John answers:

This all sounds so dramatic that I had an anxiety attack just reading it.

Just wear the dress anyway. Or dress more appropriately and make your dad happy. Whatever, it doesn’t bother me.

Jenny asks…

Height issues. And social issues. And other stupid teenage issues….. from a sad excuse of a teen ^-^?

Ok. Im 13 and female (nearly 14 but w/e – Year 9). I do well in school and I don’t do drugs, drink or sex. And I am like SUPPPEEEEEEER tall! I’m Scottish-English and I’m 164cm tall. To me that is ridiculously tall for someone my age anyways. I’m not asking to shrink. I’m asking simply how to stop/weaken growth spurts. My height also affects my social life aswell (only a small tiny issue. Rest is due to parents) I was at an under 18s night at a club and I was wearing heels adding an extra 5cm to my height. Now most guys there were shorter than me. When I mean short I mean as in their average height and even if I wasnt wearing heels they would be taller. So no one would ever come up to me no boys or girls because they were all together. I mean seriously! I was stood there ALONE while all 12 of my friends (all girls – that happen to be shorter than me) were with their boyfriends or boys soon to be boyfriends. And its just embarrassing. -.- So just 1 way to weaken growth. Even if its 1mm. It would make a difference. Social issues again with the small height issue stated above but also the fact how in primary school I was a loner and seen as a freak for having blonde curls (spaghetti head giant as they called me) and I was just a loner from year 2 – 6. After my mum moved out of my home town to a town where I only know cousins and aunts and uncles. Who I never see and they go to the local school. My mum just decided to send me to the middle of town from the outskirts to go to a good school. Yes, it’s good. 5th from the top of the league, but it’s ridiculously far away. There are 7 schools inbetween home and there! 1 of which is the local and 7th from the top – I mean SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!!?!!?!?! Now people from my new “hometown” call me the freak that doesnt belong (social life NOW ruined – dont get me wrong I have friends in school) because I know no one, don’t go anywhere because I know no one. And I dont go to their school. Only kid (and my sisters but they went to primary school and college here so they know people) that doesnt go to their bloody school. So they just simply pick me because Im kind of in a vulnerable position. You may say join a club and so on and so forth. But we suffer money problems. And nothing sounds free. All has some kind of money strings attached. So that’s the basics. Well you may say go out with your school friends but they live FAAAAR AWAY. As in school close. My school is an all girls with no brother school or any sibling school for that matter. Except one in Tanzania but I aint explaining THAT. Since I never knew people from primary that means I never got the chance to meet guys. And my friends knew theirs since pri school. Now, I aint going back to the idiots at primary school – HELL NO! So a little advice for that. Another factor that is causing ALOT OF STUPIDITY is that I have literally NO COMMON SENSE, I feel as though Im here on this Earth to be Gods/Sciences laughing stock, and it isnt nice. So a little help to gain common sense and a personality that is less weird. Your personality is SOO important in an all girls school because of the bitchiness and as soon as you show 1 little sign of a bad weirdness then you can find the next term a LIVING HELL – Lesson learned in Year 7 – not explaining so dont ask. So I suppose I need help on surviving an all girls school. Another one is my appearances, I am a natural blonde. But with DAAAARK roots. And frizzy hair with quite a wide face with small features and naturally a tall kinda on the wide-ish side frame (pear shaped – my guess) but Im kinda thin for my family so that’s good. So a little help on my appearance – I wear a little bit of makeup I kinda prefer to look pale because it makes my face less wide and eyes bigger rather than tanned which I never go anyway! Only red and flaky so there. And Im NOT wearing fake tan. Ahahahaa. HELL NO. Sorry for being fussy and asking alot of advice but its useful. Also, Im up and moving on a weekday (school) from 5am-5pm. And weekdays I sleep from 12am to 12/1pm. I sleep alot. I function with either LOOAAAAAAAAAADS of sleep or little sleep. Also I get alot of h/w to keep my schools so called ”standards” up. So help on this pleaaaaaaase ? MUCHLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John answers:

It doesn’t matter what oter people think. It’s just their opinion of you. Also the growth spurt thing… It’s normal. Sooner or later your friends will catch up. If I were you I’d take advantage of being taller by playing girls basketball or track or cross country, you could make new friends there.

Lisa asks…

VOTE (ANT vs. HNIC) who won?

My diss to HNIC

first battle me and HNIC history in the makin/
but I guarantee victory with a win im takin/
thought you can beat me dog ya mistaken/
leave you shaken with ya body achin/
im a “prodigy” you think you a problem well I solve em/
you lame, please erase ya yahoo name and stop throwin dirt on “prodigy’s” album /
Im “infamous” you better run “shook one” before I start causin “havoc”/
Cuz ANT so charismatic Mr. Fantastic makes the crowd enthusiastic/
while makin ya life tagic its dramatic shoot you wit da automatic is my next tactic/
your thinking again but to late 2 turn back oh well/
beatin me is like pressin the button to the 13th floor in a hotel (there is no 13th floor in any hotels)/ get @ me

HNIC diss to me

My record clean, no blemishes dispellin teams, i rip spleens
and slit schemes, intrasquad battlin an (A)rgumentive (N)aive (T)een/
Yo sweet dreams connect to horrors,c*ck back pourin bullets; unlike most of ya rhymes this aint a threat,
Acceptin this battle u already regret, prolly read my first bar and broke a sweat/
You fret, cuz u kno ur near the bed of the dead, u should also know by now i aint like u; i dont delete threads I DELETE heads
deplete legs, u ‘didnt surrenda’ now i gotta expose ya ‘hidden agenda’ like dirty feds/
Your worries spread, u 16; go pick an adult to accompany ya in this battle, but dont be choosy
U gotta be atleast 17 to see me; like im a RATED R MOVIE/
I bare arms to execute omens, b*tchlike u bare arms in scary moments,
and everytime u battle me u come up short; like Gary Coleman/
My thoughts roam far leavin ya mind scarred,
Ant riddle me this; how i beat u last time wit half the bars?/
This act at large, on wax explodin, flow eat Rhode Islands, zeroes pilin,
I read ur verse and smiled, saw the W comin cuz i own keystylin/
You stay wilin and floppin, vs. me there aint no stoppin, users on my hitlist droppin,
My style u mockin, hop off, then pray Santa drop some skills in ya christmas stocking

yours was way longer lol

John answers:

Thats gotta be the best battle Ive seen on this site…mad props to both you guys on the real…

“Im “infamous” you better run “shook one” before I start causin “havoc”/
Cuz ANT so charismatic Mr. Fantastic makes the crowd enthusiastic/”

That was a ridiculous line.

“My record clean, no blemishes dispellin teams, i rip spleens
and slit schemes, intrasquad battlin an (A)rgumentive (N)aive (T)een/”

That one was vicious.

However, I gotta go with Ant. Those references just blew me away. Good job

John asks…

(re-post, no answers): Can anyone help me make sense of this really confusing and scary situation?

Warning: this will be a little on the long side. So, if you don’t want to read it, I understand if you want to skip this. Thanks!

I work with this guy (I’m a female). I like him, but there are many obstacles to being with him: 1) His age- he is 18, I’m 28; 2) We work together; 3) I am in a relationship (unhappy in it and, yes, I know I should leave). I have thrown these obstacles in his face, yet that doesn’t seem to deter him in the least. My last resort was to simply avoid him outright by any means possible, though I’ve stopped short of calling in sick on the days our schedules overlap. I know that would be a huge mistake job wise and I would lose the money I need. He has always sought me out and come after me. And I have tried ignoring and avoiding him three times.

Last Friday night, I was sitting outside having a smoke (yes, I know that is a habit I should kick as well) on break. He came along and rather enthusiastically sat down opposite of me on the picnic table. He took the cigarette out of my hand and smoked it, gave it back to me. He then showed me his own pack. Why would he take my smoke from me, if he had his own?

On Sunday, he was working in the department next to mine (he usually is a cashier, or sometimes he stocks products). When I went out for my break, he caught my attention (if I am near him, he ALWAYS has to get my attention- why?) and showed me a cucumber (obvious phallic object). On my second break, I was out in my car, smoking (I know, bad me) and a car pulls up next to me. It was his. He noticed the handcuffs and dog collar hanging in my rearview mirror. He said those things were “f*ing awesome!” I jokingly told him that I would show him how to use them for $20. He said he was broke. And then things went all awkwardly silent and he just stood there fidgeting with his car keys. Later on that night, when I was already punched out for the night and doing some shopping, he came and asked me if I could help him with something. He wanted me to help him wrap fruit on a heat wrap machine without getting burned. So I showed him. He did one and burnt himself. He asked me to kiss it. So, I kissed my index finger tip and put it on his “burn area” on his hand.

Monday, my girlfriend and I were in the store picking up some supplies for a party I was having that night because my bf was out of town. She chose to go through his line (she knows I like him- and she also works with me). When it came my turn to be checked out, this guy’s eyes were litterally swimming all over my body. He playfully took away the item I was purchasing- a particualr energy drink we both like and asked me for one. My friend piped up and told him that if he wanted one, he should come along tonight. He then said he had a paper to write (he’s in college). I was so embarrassed and speachless at her actions, I left my change in his hands and walked away. I didn’t go back for it, deciding to cut my loses.

So, my questions are that I would like for you all to answer:
1) Why does this guy I like (though the mature and rational side of me says stay away) keep coming after me, even though he knows the obstacles as they are, and he knows I have tried avoiding him. (And people are starting to ask me what is going on between this guy and myself based on our interactions).
2) Did I do something really retarded on Monday when I left the money at his register? How would a guy take that?
3) Did I screw up anything that may be between us, despite having him come this far throgh many obstacles?
4) How do I stop running from this guy, when everything seems so inevitable?

Thank you for bearing with me on this. This is a situation I have never been in before: liking two guys at once. For a woman whom very little phases, I’m completely knocked off center by everything that goes on with this guy, and scared, but not in a bad way. And, yes, I know I shouldn’t be smoking or still with the guy I am with, a 28 year old woman and a 18 year old guy is gross (not my opinion) and dating a co-worker is not a very good idea, there I got those out of the way for you guys!

When I was helping him off the clock, he was concerned I would get in trouble for working off the clock. I told him “if they want to whip me for it, fine”. To which, he replied, “we can work that in somewhere”. I took it to imply that he wants to have sex with me.

John answers:

Stop beating aroundd the bush. If you are unhappy in your relationship, try a new one. This guy seems like he really likes you. You like him , he obviously likes you, you should try is out. It cant hurt any. Just do it. Stop thinking just do it.

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