Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Short

Thomas asks…

Hip hop dancing for a nerd?

I would LOVE to learn how to dance hip-hop for fun….but there are a few problems: 1) I am a huge dork; 2) I am not the most coordinated or flexible person; 3) I’m overweight; 4) I’m really shy (but I will dance at clubs…in the DARK, lol); 5) I’m kinda old (I’m 25..don’t know if a lot of these classes are for teenagers). I’m worried I would stick out like a sore thumb and would be the laughing stock of the class for those reasons. But I would really like to get over my shyness and at least try to dance hip-hop and take a class….I just don’t know if it would be stupid of me to try a class given all of my short-comings? Should I just accept that I’ll probably look stupid and find something else to do instead that I’m more likely to not look dumb at? I’ve mentioned my desire to take a hip-hop class to some friends, and they all thought I was INSANE for it (they seem to think those classes are only for “ghetto” people…I’m this nerdy white girl from the suburbs). I used to play a variety of instruments and had very good rhythm and musical talent, so it’s not like I can’t pick up on a beat or anything, but I don’t necessarily know if that would transfer over to dancing. What should I do?

John answers:

Hey dancing isn’t about what kind of person you are. You can be anybody and still dance. I’m 16 and the size of a 11 year old and i’m not flexible. Yet i do what i enjoy doing which is dancing. I’ve never taken dance classes before because dancing to me is about style and what fits you. I don’t care if others laugh at me or say that i can’t dance, when the music is on, i’m moving! Either breakdancing or popping. My advice: keep on doing what you love doing.

James asks…

What does mold damage look like on a saddle?

i’ll refrain from typing out my saddle story again, but in short this lady had this saddle, then she sold her horse. i was using the saddle thinking i would buy it, then she took it when she sold the horse. then i went to my trainer’s to babysit, and she gave me the saddle to use until the lady named a price. well now the lady wants to take the saddle to the tack shop to see how much it’s worth. i’m still using it until she comes to pick it up. well i was cleaning it today, and it’s the first time i’ve taken a really, really close look at it in good light (the lighting in the barn is horrible). i noticed a few areas with spots in this shape they weren’t that color, but they were in that shape. they’re lighter than the color of the saddle. my first thought was mold damage, but i’ve never actually seen mold damage on a saddle in real life. i couldn’t even find a picture. what does mold damage do to a saddle? will it continue to deteriorate the saddle, or is it just unsightly? how much does it damage the appraisal of the saddle? and most importantly, does this even sound like mold damage? what does it look like?

Ehawlz, you’re always so smart LOL. i was specifically searching “mold on saddles”. it’s…darker…i don’t know saddle color! lol. it was sort of…wrinkly, in areas, so maybe it is just water damage?
oh and yes, i can get a picture and post it. i’ll probably get a picture and post a new question tomorrow if i don’t get a definite answer tonight.
it isn’t normal wear, it’s on the flap but it’s outside of normal wear you would see on a used saddle. they’re outside of where a leg should sit, and they’re little spots in a cluster. it’s a white-ish fade, it doesn’t have the normal color you see on a worn saddle.

John answers:

What color is the saddle? It could be spots where some water has gotten though the sealant of the saddle if the spots are lighter… Is it possible for you to get a picture later? If you can, natural light is the best way to go.

I did a quick search, looking for any pictures of mold on leather, that looks like you described, but all I could really find is items that have serious water damage, that lead to mold…so nothing that would have formed spots of mold in just a damp, dark enviorment.

William asks…

Is anyone familiar with the stock website

I liked this site because it gives signals on when to buy a stock for short, medium or long term investments, however, I’m not sure how reliable the signals or indicators really are.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has experience with this site and picks stocks based on their indications or signals.

Otherwise, are there any other good websites that are similar to this one that you would recommend I use to help choose stocks??

Thanks in advance.

John answers:

This site is not bad as a screener…but I would not depend on it for final yea/nay…still learn some skills to be able to perform Due Dilligence on their picks.

Daniel asks…

Which of my friends would you most like to date (just pick one if you hate them all :P)?

SPENCER GRAY: He’s got light skin with hazel eyes and curly, light brown hair. He’s kind of on the short side (5’9″). He’s a spoiled, only-child rich kid and lives in a big mansion with his parents and servants. He likes to joke around and hang out with his friends, most of whom are NOT wealthy. Spencer is a student at Wagner College. He has a double major that consists of business administration and economics so he can carry on the family business. His parents have high standards for him, and want him to be perfect. Spencer hates his parents, but he continues to live at home because he’s “got it made” and doesn’t really know how to do anything for himself (like laundry, bed-making, cooking, drive, etc.) He’s very loyal to his friends and willing to blow any amount of money on whatever they want.

DAVID LANDRY: He has tannish skin with greenish – blue eyes and brown hair. He has a solid, muscular build and is tall (6’2″). He is a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He majors in criminal justice and minors in psychology. David also has a part-time job working in stock and pick-up at a store in the mall. He can be cocky at times because he’s overly proud of finally having a “beach body”. He worked his a*s off during the first two years of high school to lose weight and turn the fat into muscle, and ever since his junior year of high school he’s been friendly, outgoing, and popular. David is very loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect the ones he loves. He has a promising future as a correctional officer (prison guard).

JAY LAWRENCE: He has tannish skin with very dark eyes and dark brown eyes. He’s four years older than Spencer and David. He has a job in the sanitation department as a garbage man. He has a model-like build and is slightly on the tall side (6’0″). He has his own house. Jay’s very smart and is a great debater. He has a calm, calculating attitude and rarely gets angry. He says he’s a sociopath, but he plays “normal” very convincingly. Jay isn’t afraid of anything, and if he experiences emotions at all, they’re very shallow. He grew up with a dead mother and an abusive father. He was homeless between the ages of 16-20 but has been stable ever since. He was brought into the police station on a murder charge but was let go, though he admitted to us that he was actually guilty. He wants his friends to be happy since he never got the chance to, and he doesn’t want them thinking what murder is cool because he doesn’t want them screwing their lives up by being like him. Jay will take the blame for anyone he “cares” about (which ATM is only me, Spencer, and David). He has a CDL license. Jay is your perfect “bad-boy”.

So, which of my friends would you most like to date? Just pick one if you hate them all (lol).

John answers:

David Landry. He seems sweet and hottt

Charles asks…

How to start investing as a teenager?

I am 14 years old and I want to start investing into something. My parents said just pick what you want and they’d go along with it. I don’t know where to start. There are stocks, bonds, CDs, etc. Can you recommend anything? I only have about $250 and it should be short term, say under 3 or 4 years. So, considering my situation, what fund will be best suited for me?

Thanks in advance.

John answers:

As above you need more learning before committing money.

Go to library (free)
Read all of the finance magazines they have (free)
Select your favorite (free)
Go to circulation desk and get the last year of your favorite magazine (free)
Read all of those (free)
Go to Yahoo finance and set up a portfolio with $100k (free)
Select several stock for several different reasons following the advice in your now favorite magazine (free)
Write down why you selected each stock or ETF (such as low P/E, high growth, sector in favor) (free)
After one year, determine which of your strategies has worked best (free)
Make a new selection based on your work and at this point consider committing money (not free)

Most of the above is learning. Most of the above is free. Most of the above take effort. Before committing money to anything you need to learn about it.

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