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William asks…

What Donald Tsang should do to respond the public anger of 30,000 protesters in January 1, 2010?

I try to make it short to express myself more clearly about how and why Hong Kong sucked under the good for nothing, a fascist, a catholic freak, a liar, a callous man has no compassion to the aged and the kids and the poor. Why Hong Kong becomes so messy under Donald Tsang Yam-kuen’s regime? You should read the first.
It is estimated there were between 20,000 to 30,000 protesters gathered in the Central of Hong Kong protesting about Donald Tsang is misrepresenting the Hong Kong public at large.
1) The kids were expressing Tsang’s unconcerned to the poor families in which 400,000 children are living under the poverty line. They don’t have a full meals every day. Many of them are needed to pick up the scraped newspapers and cartons to support their parents and frequently needed to compete or confront with another group of the aged poor. This reflects the Hong Kong social stigma of Hong Kong boasting the income per capita (estimated average of the overall HK employed) of is exceeded HK $ 43,000 per month. If so, how come so many visible poor in Hong Kong? They throw eggs into the mouth of the self made Donald Tsang, s ugly head in the public. Donald Tsang is public accused incumbent chief executive, many are cursed him to drop dead on a daily basis.
2) The main reason for this organized gathering protest is aimed for the universal suffrage for every legislator seat in the Lecgo, including the politicians in every constituency and the suffrage for the chief executive.
3) Many protestors are sought for the immediate release of Liu Xiacbo in front of the Central government liaison office of Hong Kong.
4) A small group of Tsoi Yuen Tsuen Village is opposing the government aided project of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail. This will destroy their home-stead in the village for decades.
5) Many are protesting those so called functional legislators which are elected by the small circle voting process or simply appointed by the powerful and empowered political body. They can’t recover the loss of the many investors who brought the Lehman Brothers mini bonds which is lost billions. However, Donald Tsang’s relative got the first crack of full compensation from the banks almost one year ago. Is this another kind of conflict interest?
Mant younger groups are demanding for better education, better health services, cheaper housing prices, more low rent public housings for the low income groups.
I can foresee Hong Kong will have the never ending problem of discontent of the majority citizens. Regarless of their social status in the low, middle, or even upper ranks, they all will ask for more. Hong Kong peoples are named as typical greedy, selfish, and fear of losing or reducing the individual assets or possessions.
Hong Kong government have do the followings to strip away the public angers every day.
a) Cut the overall overpaid civil servants salaries ranging from 2% to 60%, depending on how much each individual is overpaid by comparing with the international pay rate standards.The liberal pension funds for the retired civil servants in 2008 is estimated ranging from HK $10,000 to $ 85,000 per month, or 66% of those retiree base salary of the last month service. What a good deal.
b) Establish the universal pension fund of at least HK $ 3,000 per month to replace the present mean fruit fund of HK $ 1,000 per month. Then all those retired ordinary citizens can afford to live in this listed as the number 5 of the most expensive cities to live in this world.
c) The financial think tank must put effort to burst the bubbles in the stock market and real estate. They all should learn it from the best China premier, Zhu Rongli. THis will make HOng Kong becomes a cheaper city to live.;_ylt=A0oGk7yr8T5LJ64AwStXNyoA?p=Zhu+Rongji&fr2=sb-top&sao=1
d) Donald Tsang should play his leading role to axe his own too much overpaid salary from the current HK $ 410,000 per month to at least HK $ 210,000 ( which is probably still higher tha Barack Obama.
The public anger is basically don’t have the foods on the tables. Wage disparities between the workers between the public and private sectors. The are usually compared with 120% to 600% higher for the public sectors (in cluding the public funded organizations hired professionals in financial, education, health and public works to the private sector employees doing the exact identical works.
I can’t stand the messy of the Hong Kong system. Usually, I don’t bitch about the present electorial system. However, Donald Tsang can’t even do above-described the baic needs of the Hong Kong peoples of a, b, c, and d. I would rather to see suffrage in Hong Kong in 2012 then many can vote him out of his office. We can try a better chief executive in the near future to be elected by the true democracy. I am aged 86. I told my nephew and niece to march on the front line in the protest. They did stay in the middle lanes al
They stayed in the middles all the way. Donald Tsang Yum-kuen is being described as a lame duck chief executive and a stupid lamedbrain political leader by a few freelance writers and journalists in Hong Kong that leads a bunch of money graspers of top officials responsible for every ministry. They all with unacceptable report cards rated by the public at large. They all should be sacked and to be replaced by new officials paying 50% to 40% of their current overpaid salaries are ranging from 500% to 600% of officials in most developed countries all over this world. Are they dare compare with the US and UK officials? They certainly not!

John answers:

This is rather lengthly.

Mary asks…

Can anyone help me make sense of this really confusing and scary situation? A lot of help is appreciated!?

Warning: this will be a little on the long side. So, if you don’t want to read it, I understand if you want to skip this. Thanks!

I work with this guy (I’m a female). I like him, but there are many obstacles to being with him: 1) His age- he is 18, I’m 28; 2) We work together; 3) I am in a relationship (unhappy in it and, yes, I know I should leave). I have thrown these obstacles in his face, yet that doesn’t seem to deter him in the least. My last resort was to simply avoid him outright by any means possible, though I’ve stopped short of calling in sick on the days our schedules overlap. I know that would be a huge mistake job wise and I would lose the money I need. He has always sought me out and come after me.

Last Friday night, I was sitting outside having a smoke (yes, I know that is a habit I should kick as well) on break. He came along and rather enthusiastically sat down opposite of me on the picnic table. He took the cigarette out of my hand and smoked it, gave it back to me. He then showed me his own pack. Why would he take my smoke from me, if he had his own?

On Sunday, he was working in the department next to mine (he usually is a cashier, or sometimes he stocks products). When I went out for my break, he caught my attention (if I am near him, he ALWAYS has to get my attention- why?) and showed me a cucumber. On my second break, I was out in my car, smoking (I know, bad me) and a car pulls up next to me. It was his. He noticed the handcuffs and dog collar hanging in my rearview mirror. He said those things were “f*ing awesome!” I jokingly told him that I would show him how to use them for $20. He said he was broke. And then things went all awkwardly silent and he just stood there fidgeting with his car keys. Later on that night, when I was already punched out for the night and doing some shopping, he came and asked me if I could help him with something. He wanted me to help him wrap fruit on a heat wrap machine without getting burned. So I showed him. He did one and burnt himself. He asked me to kiss it. So, I kissed my index finger tip and put it on his “burn area” on his hand.

Monday, my girlfriend and I were in the store picking up some supplies for a party I was having that night because my bf was out of town. She chose to go through his line (she knows I like him- and she also works with me). When it came my turn to be checked out, this guy’s eyes were litterally swimming all over my body. He playfully took away the item I was purchasing- a particualr energy drink we both like and asked me for one. My friend piped up and told him that if he wanted one, he should come along tonight. He then said he had a paper to write (he’s in college). I was so embarrassed and speachless at her actions, I left my change in his hands and walked away. I didn’t go back for it, deciding to cut my loses.

So, my questions are:
1) Why does this guy I like (though the mature and rational side of me says stay away) keep coming after me, even though he knows the obstacles as they are, and he knows I have tried avoiding him.
2) Did I do something really retarded on Monday when I left the money at his register? How would a guy take that?
3) Did I screw up anything that may be between us, despite having him come this far throgh many obstacles?

Thank you for bearing with me on this. This is a situation I have never been in before: liking two guys at once. For a woman whom very little phases, I’m completely knocked off center by everything that goes on with this guy, and scared, but not in a bad way. And, yes, I know I shouldn’t be smoking or still with the guy I am with, a 28 year old woman and a 18 year old guy is gross (not my opinion) and dating a co-worker is not a very good idea, there I got those out of the way for you guys!


John answers:

Those things are only obstacles if you let them be. So what if he’s 18 and you’re 28 or if you work together (assuming there is not a policy)? YOU are making them into big deals when they are not. Obviously you should dump your boyfriend since you don’t like him, so that’s not really an issue either. In short, YOU are creating this situation. It could be totally simple: you ask him out, he says yes, and you live happily ever after (or until you break up, whatever happens). But you’re making it into this big, convoluted mess when it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thomas asks…

tied 6-6..we need more votes (Ant vs. HNIC)?


first battle me and HNIC history in the makin/
but I guarantee victory with a win im takin/
thought you can beat me dog ya mistaken/
leave you shaken with ya body achin/
im a “prodigy” you think you a problem well I solve em/
you lame, please erase ya yahoo name and stop throwin dirt on “prodigy’s” album /
Im “infamous” you better run “shook one” before I start causin “havoc”/
Cuz ANT so charismatic Mr. Fantastic makes the crowd enthusiastic/
while makin ya life tagic its dramatic shoot you wit da automatic is my next tactic/
your thinking again but to late 2 turn back oh well/
beatin me is like pressin the button to the 13th floor in a hotel (there is no 13th floor in any hotels)/ get @ me


My record clean, no blemishes dispellin teams, i rip spleens
and slit schemes, intrasquad battlin an (A)rgumentive (N)aive (T)een/
Yo sweet dreams connect to horrors,c*ck back pourin bullets; unlike most of ya rhymes this aint a threat,
Acceptin this battle u already regret, prolly read my first bar and broke a sweat/
You fret, cuz u kno ur near the bed of the dead, u should also know by now i aint like u; i dont delete threads I DELETE heads
deplete legs, u ‘didnt surrenda’ now i gotta expose ya ‘hidden agenda’ like dirty feds/
Your worries spread, u 16; go pick an adult to accompany ya in this battle, but dont be choosy
U gotta be atleast 17 to see me; like im a RATED R MOVIE/
I bare arms to execute omens, b*tchlike u bare arms in scary moments,
and everytime u battle me u come up short; like Gary Coleman/
My thoughts roam far leavin ya mind scarred,
Ant riddle me this; how i beat u last time wit half the bars?/
This act at large, on wax explodin, flow eat Rhode Islands, zeroes pilin,
I read ur verse and smiled, saw the W comin cuz i own keystylin/
You stay wilin and floppin, vs. me there aint no stoppin, users on my hitlist droppin,
My style u mockin, hop off, then pray Santa drop some skills in ya christmas stocking
this is an open crew votes battle….vote fair
please state who you are voting for in your response
well Aim theres a 8 bar limit to these battles…i used the maximum of 8 bars, he chose not to…there’s nothin i can do about that
my battle w/ qwerty that i won by greater amount of votes is debatable…..i think i lost that battle i did wit yay area when we went like 4 or 5 rounds…as far as official battles im not sure that i’ve lost any

John answers:

Ok, voting STOPS…i hate you all lol

Lisa asks…

9 Fay’s Talk Show starring Fay Koprah c/c?

A small group sits at the back table of Yidiot’s Coffee House and Bait Shop. No one would guess they weren’t just ordinary customers having an espresso and friendly conversation. At the next table Ronnie and HP had dumped out the container and were counting maggots. The last two times they’d gotten them from Yid, they’d been short-changed by several maggots. It would not happen again, and they were spreading the word… Yidiot was another that had to be watched…
In the kitchen Yid was arguing with Chef Carrol, trying to force him to re-use the old coffee grounds. “They won’t know the difference!” he yelled, “And I’m in business to make a profit!” The chef held his grounds…er, ground.
Baby Blues Rocks shifted her skirt and straightened the seam in her stocking – and act not unnoticed by the town reprobate and horny dude, Angus, who was gluing a tiny mirror to the toe of his shoe. (A trick he learned in grade school.) He smiled to himself thinking, “Finally, women are wearing skirts again!”
MtheoryRules was alone at another table, yet again completing the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle in record time. The door opened and Shultzie, in full uniform as usual, goosestepped up to the bar, his saxophone inadvertently banging into Dondi’s head. “Hey!” Dondi yelled, rubbing the newest saxophone-caused bump on the back of his head. Shultzie appologized profusely, as was his habit, took a seat and ordered a hyssop tea. Dondi thought to himself, “I don’t know if I trust Shultzie anymore; maybe it’s his peculiar accent.” Debra was next to enter. She grinned, tipped her hat and hollared, “Yahoo! How‘s about a Mountain Dew for this here cowgirl?” Yidiot, hearing Debra, grabbed a can out of the cooler; he wanted to wait on her, say something clever so she might see him as more than a fr… His thought was interrupted by gas. Debra, unknowingly, had dodged a bullet.
Back at Harpok Yaf Studios the writers were arguing over who would be the one to pick up lunch, who would be the one to tell Fay they’d seen Studman kissing Hiram and who would be the one to come up with a reasonably good idea for the show. They were blocked. If only some of the potato salad had been saved… If only.
Stay tuned. I’ll return after this lengthy commercial or sooner if I get some idea what’s going to happen…today.
Fay – (she’s still giddy from Studman’s kiss – there was something about it that left her weak-kneed and hor..never mind, it’s a family show) We have a special treat today! We are having a BLUES theme! (french horn music from back stage) Our guests today will be Baby Blues Guy, Bluebell Got Spanked and Baby Blues Rocks! (a familiar giggle is heard from the audience; it is a giggle that sends chills throught mo…)
We interrupt this program for a special message from the President (cough) of MSNBC…cough…about the Swine Flu)
(the program returns with Fay mid-sentence)
Fay – …nd she didn’t mind you putting it there?
Baby Blues Guy – Not after she saw all the attention she got. People would drive by her house, beep their horns, call her at all hours day and night…
Fay – Baby Blues Rocks, you weren’t at all shy of the attention it got you?
BBR _ Well, Fay, I really didn’t want my poem published on the society page, but BBGuy insisted – and it turned out he was wiser than I thought. Heh heh.
Fay – Bluebell, it’s your turn at the plate, Dear. What would you like to say, Sweetie?
Bluebell – Uh, that guy playing the horn, Fay?
Fay – That’s our darling Shultzie, Bluebell!
Bluebell – Whatevah; the *&%$$## stole all the Twinkies outta the Green Room then hit some guy in the back of the head with his saxophone!
(from back stage) IT’S A FRENCH HORN!
Back at Yidiot’s Coffee House & Bait Shop, the group at the back table had finished their plans. The blonde checked her watch and said, “We’d better hurry; the show is ending about now – and Sandy is waiting for us.” The man at a nearby table, the one reading a newspaper, waited until they left and then retrieved a small microphone from the centerpiece of the newly vacated table. “This is why I get paid the big bucks,” Sparky smiled to himself.

John answers:

ROFLMAO! Skirts again!. Hahaha. And Yahoo Mountain Dew! Priceless.

James asks…

how to increase horse power?

i have a 305 1988 iroc-z origanal owner and i have rebuilt it with my son besides putting in a new distributor 8.0 wires new spark plugs and new injectors refurbished maf sensor emc sensor and variouse other sensors that is all we have done he has ben driveing it sence june. the check engen light comes on almost every time i crank it i think its a short in the computer system it also has 150,000 origanl miles on it. now that i have given you some back ground info on the car i was wondering what you recomend the best way to increase horse power is. i dont want just a lil like 15 to 20 hp im looking more along the lines of long term goal reaching 250hp above what it came with stock which i think was 195 its an automatic. ive read all about cams nos turbos superchargers, i just didnt know if you could give me a complete list from most expinsive to least expinse on what i can do right now im saveing for dual exaust and headers. so that should pick up some hp not sure how much though!

John answers:

Ummm, not to be facetious, but you’re looking at a new, purpose built engine …and if my math is correct ….250HP above 195HP is in the 450 HP neighborhood. That ain’t gonna happen with a 305 no matter what amount of laughing gas (NOS) you pump into the little beastie …unless you just wanna see the thing grenade itself. And serious HP costs some serious money.

You need to lay hands on the biggest motor you can stuff into that Z …I’m thinkin’ 455. Check the GM crate motors and see what you can get. In the end, this is probably the cheapest route to go.

Now a more realistic goal might be to try and get that “lil” 15 or 20 HP and you could probably make that happen with the 305 ….but 400+HP? …not gonna happen.

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