Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Joseph asks…

If I were to consider buying some stocks what is the best investment?

Hi, I know next to nothing about investing and/or stocks. I am considering the option of buying some but not too much (basically so I can have something down the road to fall back on in case I ever need it or to pass along to my children one day) and is the best thing to do just pick a company like for ex: Pepsi and say okay I wanna buy a hundred dollars worth of the company? I don’t know where I should go or how to get started but does anyone know how to help me? What would someone else pick for the best choice to invest in?
Thank you.

John answers:

Good for you! Investing is a great way to help build financial security. Working for your money is so much harder than having your money work for you! 🙂 If you want to get the results you’re hoping for, your best bet is to do your homework. Thankfully there are lots of great financial help sites online to help. I included the first few that came to mind in the cite source (including one that specifically addresses your first stock purchase from MSN), but feel free to just search online (but be careful about your sources). Or there are some great and understandable books, (probably at your local library) about beginning investing. I know some people who swear by Investment for Dummies, and the Wall Street Journal puts out a nice little book that has readable summaries of lots of general financial terms. Check these out, get a better idea of what you’re doing, and make an informed decision. You’ll thank yourself for it later.
I’d love to just tell you the answer,but the best course of action for you depends on your situation. Two very important questions to consider: how much money you plan to invest and how comfortable you are with risk (i.e can you afford to lose it?).
Personally, my best current choice is a focus on CDs (Certificate of Deposit) because I have very low funds and I can’t afford to lose them so I’m willing to take lower returns for the security and ease.
Best of luck!

Mary asks…

how to learn the stock market?

i am new at trying to learn how to sucessfully make money buy stocks and selling, picking the right companies so forth,, anyone know of a good website to get started and learn about stocks, and which stocks are best and safe?

John answers:

Read lots, find a couple of good blogs and watch and learn.

John asks…

How to find other investors stock holdings?

It is possible to find the stock holdings of investors like Warren Buffet, but is it possible to find any listings of the stock holdings of common investors? Rather than picking stocks to invest in, it seems a good idea to simply pick good investors and invest in the stocks that they do. Alternatively, is there a listing of all stock transactions (buys/sells) which take place every day, including the buyer and the seller?

John answers:

Okay, so you see a guy with a Mercedes and a yacht and you hang around his garbage can and hope he doesn’t have a good shredder ?
Instead go to topten traders .com and see what about 3300 investors have in their portfolios…see what the top 10% have every month !
…and you won’t be getting strange looks from the neighbors.

David asks…

Best buy in-store pick up question?

I’m getting a Go pro camera and I’m getting it online cause they are having the labor day sale and I won’t be in Portland before the sale ends so I’m having them do an in store pick up and I’m wondering if they have the camera in stock will just take one off the shelf and put it in back or if I have to wait for them to send me the email telling me it’s ready to be picked up?

One more thing, how long does it normally take for them to ship on in??

Thanks! 10PNTS to best answer!

John answers:

If its in stock, they pull one off the shelf and put in on a shelf by Customer Service. It depends on how busy they are, maybe an hour or 2. I think you can check your store’s availability online, too.

Carol asks…

How do I train myself to sell when I’m ahead?

I enjoy buying stocks & forex and usually pick winners. But I find it hard to bring myself to sell when I’m ahead and usually end up in the red instead. These days markets just swing for no reason so there’s no real fundamentals. Any advice on how I can bring myself to sell more readily and when?

John answers:

Always establish your sell points before you buy, both on the upside and downside.

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