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Ruth asks…

where can i buy cheap good quality clip in hair extensons in kent?

im looking for clip in hair extensions that arent expensive but are good quality and are 100% human hair. i have a very unusual colour hair so i need a salon/company that stock a diverse range of colours. i can travel slightly but south east kent is my boundry. onoline sites would be helpful too. thanks.

John answers:

You should try going to sally beauty supply, they have alot of cheaper human hair clip in extensions, and they should be able to help you pick the right color. Also buy two packs of them so it doesnt look thin.

Mark asks…

Is going into the stock market and the gold and silver a good idea?

Hey, I’m 19 and always interesting in stock market and gold and silver. I have a job and I am saving money the best way I can to prepare my future. I want to get into it but I don’t know where to start and don’t know what to do. If any any body can tell me would be great, also, if any body know there is any books at there to read about this stuff. I would be happy to know it. Thanks in advance.

John answers:

Awesome question! Due to the powers of compound interest, saving and investing when you’re 19 is a very great idea. Moreover, the fact that your eye is on gold and silver is even more impressive. Gold and silver are great hedges against inflation and bad economic times. The supply of physical gold and silver bullion is so limited that many think it’s going to appreciate strongly in years/decades to come as global demand really picks up. I personally agree with the other answers that you cannot take too much time preparing yourself! Visit The Motley Fool for information on stocks and investing. Visit Gold Why for information on gold and silver. Take your time. When you’re ready to buy, I would recommend Scottrade as a great brokerage for stocks. You can also “buy gold and silver” through your Scottrade account if you choose to invest in the GLD and SLV exchange traded funds. Keep in mind that GLD and SLV are “unallocated” gold and silver funds – you don’t own the actual physical bullion. For that reason, I prefer going after physical gold and silver bullion, especially fractional gold bullion coins such as the 1/10 ounce gold American Eagle. A great place to buy gold coins is Blanchard and Company. Once you own your physical gold bullion, make sure to store it in a very safe and secure place (such as your safe deposit box).

Betty asks…

where can i buy a clutch cover gasket for a 1988 honda cr125 online?

does anybody know any uk sites that stock this. i have tried ebay and many mx sites.

John answers:

Why not save yourself the hassle & just seal it with one of the many proprietary brands of “instant gasket”? Lets face it were not talking about a high value or high performance machine here are we?

Get some Blue Hylomar (you can probably pick a tube up in Halfords for a few quid) job done. It will do the job as well as anything else & cost a fraction of the price of the proper gasket.


Carol asks…

Can I have a friend buy ammo locally from another state and ship it to me in NJ?

Since we can’t find any ammo online anymore, nor in any local stores, can I have a buddy pick it up in his state where their shelves are stocked? Would like to buy bulk .22 and 9mm. Assuming they would UPS it and pay proper Hazmat Fee, is this legal for NJ?? Thanks.

John answers:

There’s plenty of ammo on line. Just a 2 week delay at some sites.

And no, UPS won’t take the shipment.

Lizzie asks…

How do you pick a computer processor?

Is the number of GHz the most important factor when picking a processor? With Intel’s core 2 duo, dual core, quad core, i3, i5, and i7 chips, I’m a little confused. What is this L2 and L3 cache info that seems to be given in processor specifications, is it important?

John answers:

How fast a cpu is important to know but it does not tell you the whole story. You must consider whether you want an older generation cpu with a 3.0 GHZ rating or a current generation cpu that is only 2.6 GHZ. Usually getting newer technology reaps more benefits than getting an older cpu that runs faster.

*For purposes of this discussion I am discounting overclocking. Because some people who have overclocked their cpus are able to attain performance similar or better than cpus one or two generations newer. I have an E5200 with very small cache. But since I can overclock it to 4.0 GHZ (actually more) it is as fast or faster than cpus rated at stock speeds of 4.0GHZ because I am overclocking my system bus and memory which gives good performance gains. Hence, the small cache does not hinder my computer’s performance.*

L2 and L3 chance is important but for your purposes it is better to focus on other specifications. Do you want the latest and most expensive CPU or something really cheap that is a few generations old. Or do you want something that is still cutting edge but is not as fast as the best out there?

Dual Core (has two cpu cores) is the oldest, slowest and cheapest
Core 2 Duo – better than Dual Core
Quad Core or Core 2 Quad (has 4 cpu cores) is the same as a Core 2 Duo, but has 4 cpu cores instead of 2
Core i3 – is suppose to replace the Core 2 line when Core 2 stops production *entry-level*
Core i5 – a cpu for the mid range market *mainstream*
Core i7 – latest, fastest and most expensive *high end*

After you have decided which processor model you want then you can compare the GHZ and L2 and L3 numbers for the processor model you have chosen. But when I look to buy a cpu I don’t pay that much attention to L2 and L3. Yes the larger they are the better, but for most people we are better off not overanalyzing the size of the L2 and L3 cache. Just so you know that larger is better, but you usually have to pay more for larger cache size and most people have found that it doesn’t make that much of a difference in everyday use. Granted there are some exceptions, but overall having the largest cache size out there is not necessary.

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