Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Lisa asks…

Where do cattlemen buy the horses to work with cattle in their ranches?

Where do cattlemen buy the horses to work with cattle in their ranches?Do you know about some web of a ranch horses breeder ?

John answers:

Francisco – many of the larger ranches breed their own horses. Ranches like the 4 Sixes and Waggonner are well known for the horses they breed,

the horse has always been such a necessary part of a cattle operation, the ranchers couldn’t afford to buy them. In addition, a cowboy often needs a string of horses with certain capabilities. They might keep a young horse in training and just use him for certain activities within his ability while keeping a well-trained horse for harder stuff like roping and branding.

If you read a magazine called Western Horseman, which can be picked up at about any western store or farm store (and runs about $35 fora 3 years sbuscription), the magazine has a whole section dedicated to information about different big ranches, the people who run ’em and made ’em famous and the horses and cattle they raise.

They keep a stud or two – sometimes have maybe even 6 or eight ( I think the 4 sixes keeps quite a few) to stand – they selectively breed these stallions to certain mares to produce certain qualities.

Since it takes a while to properly start and train a bridle horse, the older experienced ones are always growing old and needing younger ones to take their places. These ranches have learned the value of breeding for more than what they need – they make a little money too in the production of good stock for breeding or using. They also now compete in Ranch competitions with winnings and awards going to individual competitors, ranch teams and whole ranches – they win awards for their remudas (their horses they keep and breed) based on performance in the industry.

I’ve seen recently where more and more of these people are starting and selling good horses. A ranch horse is used for real-life activities usually a wider range of activities than a typical recreational owner will encounter. Since their work requires use of a well trained horse- training the horse is a by-product of using it for their needs. They get the use of the horse, the horse gets good training, then it can be sold for a fair price to a person needing a solid mount.

I’ve seen VERY well bred horses that are started VERY well sell for a few thousand dollars – a good buy for a recreational rider. I’ve also seen such horses go for a very high price even as a gelding – I’m of a mind that people are learning the value of a horse that’s been properly started.

The Vaquero are of a mind that it takes 8-10 years to make a refined, finished bridle horse – they also keep a number of them in their string for use depending on what types of need they have at a certain time. You’ll find their type of business ethic and horse training processes at work mostly in the California and Southwest ranches.

Thomas asks…

What is the best investment to make today if I want to buy a home in 5 years?

I am 19. In 5 years I want to be able to buy a million dollar home. What is the best financial investment i can make today with a few thousand dollars. I am looking for a general idea not a specific investment. CD…treasury bill…Thank you
I just want to be able to put down a good downpayment for this house.

John answers:

If you invest in the stock market in average risk stocks, a $5,000 investment will likely be worth anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 in 5 years.

If you invest in high risk stocks, a $5,000 investment will likely be worth between $1,000 and $20,000 in 5 years.

If you play the futures/commodities market or invest in penny stocks, you will likely lose it all within 1 year but if you don’t, you could possibly have enough for your down payment.

If you get very lucky and pick the best performing stock during the 5 year period, your $5,000 could possibly turn in about $50,000 in 5 years.

Sandy asks…

How much stock must you buy for your first pet boutique?

I am a female of 24 years from South Africa.
I work full hours and I absolutely LOVE pets.
I have two cats and a Yorkie of my own.

I will only supply to dog owners; products, food, treats, accessories etc.

I will sell out of my own flat, and will have a website up soon for advertising and showing of merchandise and prices.

How much stock do you purchase for your first pet boutique?

John answers:

If it were me I’d be setting up accounts with all my suppliers and ordering off them as customers ordered.

That way you dont need to keep too much stock, if any.

I used to run a health shop. I would often phone suppliers and ask if something is in stock and have it sent down, would only take a day or two, then Id phone the customer to come pick it up.

If you have alot of orders for a few of the products, your best sellers, you could keep spares of those in your flat.

Susan asks…

What makes stock for a company appealing?

When you are looking to invest in a company, and reviewing their annual report, what would make you say yes to buying stock for that company? What would make you say no? I’m not that familiar with buying stock.

John answers:

The answers to your questions can be found in the explanations of the key fundamental metrics covered in two part articles “How to pick the best stocks to invest in” on the website

Here are the articles links:

Good luck!

Charles asks…

What are some good stocks to be looking into for a high school simulation game?

I am given $10,000 for my high school’s SMS game. What are some good stocks to be purchasing that could make good profit if sold by the first week of May? What is a good strategy when dealing with these stocks?

John answers:

I am in one myself… Depending on the rules of the game…

If you are allowed to buy and sell as you wish, go with GM they are very volatile… Buy low sell high.

In this type of bear market, big movers usually will turn it around after not too long.

If you are planning on buying and waiting until May to do anything, I would go with ING, GLW, TLAB.

Any infastructure will go up with Obama as president… So CAT would be my first pick.

A good finance company that is DIRT cheap but is almost sure to not fail is FNM. The FED has pretty much gaurenteed that they won’t go out of business.

I am also a high school student and I am very into investing.

If you want any more of my ideas or just want to chat…

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