Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Donna asks…

How and what kind of stock should I buy ?

I want to buy stock hoping that in the future they will go back up and I will make a profit that will put my kid thru college

John answers:

Stocks are like going to a Casino. A few small players get lucky, but most get hurt.

If you aren’t stock savvy, go with mutual funds. You own part of the portfolio of stocks. Experts (no such thing in the stock market) pick what and when to buy and sell for you.

Mutual Funds have various degrees of tolerance. Pick one that fits your ability to with stand ups and downs of the market.

Helen asks…

Why are you allowed to buy and have Axolotls as pets if their Critically Endangered?

That just sounds odd to me. Its almost extinct but yet you can buy them as pets and keep them in a tank at your home. Why is this allowed? Shouldnt we be breeding them and protecting them to try and preserve the species ?

John answers:

To understand what is being done to save the Axolotl go to the following link; Assurance Program provides you with the healthiest, most genetically diverse bloodlines in the captive world today. We will continue to keep our Water Dragons (Axolotls) free from genetic defects, by taking the time to outbreed our stock with only the best hand picked Water Dragons (Axolotls) in the USA. We outbreed our Water Dragons to prevent any genetic weakness that can accrue from multiple generations of inbreeding (brother to sister) and line breeding. We at strictly follows the Guidelines for Ethical Breeding Practices. Any Water Dragon with genetic deficiencies are not bred. At we only sell Water Dragons. That’s it, that’s all we do. With only one focus “Water Dragons” that allows us breed the best possible Water Dragon in the captive world today. We will continue to maintain the highest integrity of our Water Dragon while focusing on their long term health.

At we raise all our Water Dragons in separate tanks to avoid their cannibalistic stage with their tank mates and because of this, our Water Dragons have prefect limbs and are best quality Water Dragon on the market today. We continually improve the diversity, heartiness, and variety of all our Water Dragon, while strictly following the Guidelines for Ethical Breeding Practices. In doing so has made and will continue to make an important contribution by ensuring the survival of the Water Dragon (Axolotl) species in the United States. is the World’s Largest Supplier of Water Dragons (Axolotls). We ship our Water Dragons worldwide. Some of our customers include; Universities and Secondary Education Markets (classrooms), Laboratories, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Government Agencies, Pet Retailers, Pet Breeders, and Pet Owners.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our Water Dragon (Axolotls). We guarantee that they will arrive live, healthy, and properly sexed. We guarantee all our Water Dragon (Axolotl) will have perfect limbs because we raised all our Water Dragons (Axolotls) in separate tanks to avoid their cannibalistic stage where they will bit off their tank mates Legs, Toes and Tails.

At we want each and every one our customers to be happy, so if you have any questions regarding the purchase or care and feeding of an Water Dragon (axolotl) you can email us at We will reply to your e-mail within a one business day. At we encourage our customers to post feedback regarding their purchase, at here you will see, how they liked their Water Dragons (axolotls) and what they thought of the service. We invite you to read these postings.


Philip Vena

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4531 Cornell Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515-2609 USA
(Near West Side of Chicago)
Phone: 1-630-242-0151

email Addresses

Axolotl Forum:

Chris asks…

HOw to file for tax after selling stocks?

If I buy stocks that pay dividends and hold it for the long term and sell it .later, how do you file for tax? Do I need to hire a accountant? I’m a student and I’m just clueless. Can you explain me in detail?

John answers:

I know I am not much help but I always use Turbo Tax. They have a version called Turbo Tax Deluxe that will take you through a step by step question process and will help you file your taxes with ease. It really is fool-proof (after all, I can use it LOL).

Seriously though, Turbo Tax makes it a breeze for stuff like that. Just be sure you pick the right edition of Turbo Tax and have all your paperwork handy.

John asks…

How do you know when a stock will start the next day upwards or downwards?

I want to know if a stock is going to perform well in the early hours when the stock market opens. I notice that stocks don’t start the day with the same price the end the day before.

John answers:

You have no idea where the stock is going to open the next day. It could react to almost an infinte number of news items that happened either the night before or the morning of. This could include but not limited to earnings, geo-political unrest, oil prices, interest rates, upgrades, downgrades, economic numbers etc etc etc. For NYSE listed stocks the, specialist opens the stock based on the imbalance. For example if he/she has 25000 to buy at the market and 10000 to sell at the market (both the buyers and sellers want the opening price) in XYZ stock that would be an imbalance of 15000 to buy. So the specialist will indicate to all the wall street trading desks a range with which the stock will open. If the stock closed yesterday at $30 they might go out $30.00-30.50. At a price of say $30.40, the specialist might pick up more sell interest so he might now have 5000 to buy and paired on 20000 at the newer, higher price. The specialist could sell 5000 shares out of his/her own account and XYZ will open up 40 cents at $30.40 on 25000 shares. Hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Sandy asks…

Where can a beginner start investing and buying stocks online?

And when I say “beginner” I mean just that.

I have never invested in stocks before. But find that it’s something I’m starting to become interested in as I grow older.


John answers:

As an economist and professional investor, DON’T.

Instead do several things.

First, go to Edward Jones and give them your money. They are a very well respected brokerage firm. They will keep you out of trouble, which is a big help, and you should do reasonably well.

Second, pick up a copy of “The Intelligent Investor,” by Benjamin Graham. It was last published in 1972, but is widely sold at any major book store. After that, it depends upon your accounting knowledge. A good MBA textbook on accounting will help alot if your skills are few. After that, buy “Security Analysis,” by Cottle.

Third, and you can do this at the same time as you buy the first book. Go to and register an account. They will give you a fake $1,000,000 to invest. If you do a good job they will pay you, if you make it into the top 100 of the 70,000 competing investors. It will let you see how you stack up compared to others, it will let you make mistakes without actually hurting you, so you can learn, and it is quite realistic.

After all of the above, go to and open an account. They are excellent and provide a very wide array of services.

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