Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

James asks…

Stocks picks for growth and dividend in 2011, and the coming years?

Stocks picks for growth and dividend in 2011, and the coming years?

John answers:

Although i don’t own any of these, here’s what i have for 2011

agnc – american capital agency
ba – boeing
bac – bank of america
bmy – bristol myers squibb
cel – cellcom israel
cl – colgate
dd – el du pont de nemours
ftr – frontier communications
hd – home depot
intc – intel
jnj – johnson and johnson
ko – coca cola
mcd – mcdonalds
mmm -3m
mo – altria
mrk – merck
pfe – pfizer
pg – proctor and gamble
t – at&t
trv – the travelers company
vz – verizon
win – windstream corp
xom – exxon mobil

stocks with high dividends may seem like an attractive buy, but you have to be cautious of these companies because they may stop offering dividends (which will cause their stock prices to drop) or eventually go bankrupt, a good example is AGNC they pay 5% dividends (20% annual) but its doubtful whether they can continue this trend

Chris asks…

What would be the best reasonably priced horse to buy for somebody with a great temper?

i am trying to buy a horse for my mom by christmas but i am trying to decide.i wanted to get her a black morgan, but they are very expensive.i love tennessee walkers, and my grandma told me paso finos were vry smooth riding horse. could you help me out?

John answers:

Stay away from Paso finos for a first horse. They are great horses…BUT are bred to have brio which is a combination of spirit, energy, and flash. As such many first time owners often find they are too much horse for them.

If you want a well gaited horse that is inexpensive, try a Missouri Fox Trotter. Right now you can pick up very high quality ones for relatively cheap if you stay away from the big time show breeders.

Here are my horses. Take a look around. I am sure I am too far for you to buy one of mine (and I do not have one for a basic beginner) but you can see what they look like, and learn a little more about them.

Whoops forgot the link


As the owner of a top bred arab I can tell you they are NOT super smooth. Their trot is like riding a jack hammer. They are also far more spirited than what you are looking for.

If you want smooth stick to one of the gaited breeds.

Sni When people call arabs smooth and then advise against buying a gaited breed, it causes me to wonder if they know what a gaited breed is.

BTW MFT’s are also a stock breed in addition to being gaited.

Donna asks…

Where is a good place to buy unique sterling jewelry?

I am looking to buy silver jewelry for my girlfriend. She likes not the normal stuff but stuff that’s more ornate and unique. Is there another website besides ebay I can find such jewelry? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

John answers:

Yes,Most Recommended is Jewelry Online Shop such as

Prices is cheapper(than retailers)
Jewelry Online Shop such as costs less than retailer stores because they don’t need to pay to open a expensive retailer stores,so the money saved can all give back to coustmers with a cheapper and cheapper prices you would be azmazing about!

The Services is good also as retailer stores because:
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Linda asks…

I am looking to start investing in the stock market. What full service brokerage firms are best rated?

I am a beginner and I am not savvy with the market and investment strategy (yet). Does anyone know what full service brokerage firm is rated best, for stock picks, service, research, and fees? What is the minimum investment amount?

John answers:

Whoa there!!
Okay! First things first, do NOT focus on a brokerage for their stock picks. Nasty idea!
The competition within the online brokerage market is pretty stiff, so they all will essentially offer the same services. If you are concerned about price, then look them up. A LOT of the prices you see advertised have strings attached. For example, you need to make at least 120 trades a year. That is trades, which means there is a buy and a sell in their, which means a total of 240 transactions…multiply that by $10, and you can see how expensive that can be. Or you may have to maintain an account balance of a certain amount…usually $100K. I have also seen the fine print advise that these rates that are being offered are introductory only. So it pays to read!
Moreover, your best bet is to educate yourself.
I first started out watching MadMoney and reading Cramer’s books. I no longer see that as a sole resource, but for a pundit, he certainly is passionate about breaking down the jargon in a way that anyone can understand. The jargon was specifically created to keep people out of the business, so you can see the value in his work already. I would then expand your horizons to include reading some books on your own as well. People only do well in the market when they learn to fish, rather than have fish handed to them.
I think it is awesome you are breaking out into the unknown like this. I wish you the best of luck and I would first recommend learning the ropes in a sector you are already interested in. This makes the knowledge retention all the more easier.
Good luck!
I hope this helped some!

Charles asks…

How can i start learning about stocks/shares market?

I am a complete newbie. I want to start investing in shares/stocks.Can u guys suggest a good place to start like an online share account or any good books. something like ABCD of shares/stocks. And how much percentage of my income should I invest in shares. I am below 30 yrs so I am willing to take some risk.

John answers:

Shares of stock is what you would buy and sell to make money. You do that through a stock broker. Or you can invest in mutual funds through a mutual fund family. You buy it at a price and sell it at a higher price or you sell short at price and buy it back at a lower price to be profitable. You need to position size through money management and not load the boat on one issue. And use stop losses for risk management. There is no guarantee you will make money.

You will have to develop your trade plan or system that tells you when to buy and when to sell. You can use company fundamentals or stock price technicals or a combination of both. Your broker should have some educational resources and stock scanning tools. Check those first and then sign up for free at and place topics in the search box to get the links to those free videos and podcasts for you to watch and listen.

You can open an account with an online discount stock broker and use their resources to educate yourself and scan for stock picks. First paper trade those picks on their virtual/paper trading account to get a hang of buying and selling and to see if your strategy is making you money consistently.

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