Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Joseph asks…

Since United is buying Continental would it be good to buy Continental (cal) or United (uaua) ?

I am new to stock buying and could use some good advice.

John answers:

I wouldn’t buy either, until evidence of a stronger economy is here, which may be many years away. Preferrably, an oil, gold, or big drug company will probably be a better choice. Take a look at KOG, CGR, and you pick the pharm/biotech.

You may also want to learn about stock charting. This will give you great help in deciding better when to buy and sell.

James asks…

How do stock business work? Can i join that being a student?

I m a mbbs student and i dont hav much time so i could go to market to buy and sell my stocks. If i buy share of any industry or banks then how will i be benifited. Will i get benifit if i bought some share and left it and i didnt sell it then how wili get benifit.

John answers:

Shares go up and down. Some pay dividends (from company profits). You try to pick shares whose profits are likely to grow. Hopefully the share price moves up if you have chosen wisely.
If you don’t know what you are doing then you will more than likely lose money and be paying some broker for the priveledge!

Thomas asks…

What do you look for when picking stocks?

What are some important things to consider when buying stocks?

John answers:

Industry, general market conditions, the history of the stock, and the risk involved. Buy in gloom, sell in boom.

Richard asks…

What are the most profitable stocks to buy right now?

We are playing the Virtual Stock Exchange in my class and was wondering what are some good stocks to invest in?

John answers:

If I knew that, I’d be rich and not sitting here on yahoo answers.

Try oil like SLB or HAL

The problem is its a real tricky market right now, it goes up and down everyday, just pick a big Amer Comp. That looks like its moving …IBM

Jenny asks…

Can a stock broker buy and sell your stocks?

what I mean by that is, do you half to pick witch stocks you want or can you just have him/her to pick out witch stocks are best for you to invest in?

John answers:

Full service brokers will be happy to do this for you but they will charge more to do so.

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