Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Carol asks…

How do you remove a stock stereo in a outback sport?

I just recently bought a 1999 subaru impreza outback sport and i would like to put my aftermarket stereo from my other car into this one. Normaly i would go down to autozone and pick up the haynes repair manual for my car, but they did seem to make one for my model car so now im stuck. Ive looked at it from every angle and cant figure out how it comes off. Someone help me plz

John answers:

Check with car audio shop-Im unsure with subaru

Sandy asks…

where can i find a place i can sell stock car parts from my 2009 tc?

is there an actual shop (not ebay or craigslist) that buy used car parts? i have a stock 2009 scion tc exhuast system including mid pipe and also intake that i want to get rid of..i’m in mission hills california (san fernando valley) i want to have it picked up and earn a little cash too if possible…(i wonder how much these things would sell??)

John answers:

Ummm ebay?

George asks…

How long does it take to get an iPad from the Apple store?

On Saturday I went to the Apple store to buy an iPad. They didn’t have any in stock, so I ordered one to be delivered to the store to be picked up. They said that when they get it in they will only keep it for 24 hours before they sell it to someone else. I leave for a trip on Thursday, will it be possible to get it by then? Please answer only from experience. Thank you!

John answers:

I ordered one from the Apple Online Store, and it actually arrived nearly 2 weeks early. However, it is reasonably unlikely that it will arrive in time, there is a chance, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Sorry.

Richard asks…

Do I need any licenses or certifications in order for people to hire me to buy stocks online for them?

I am good at picking stocks. Someone wants to hire me to take control of their online stock account and choose stocks and buy them online for them. Am I allowed to do this now or do I have to get a business license and financial planning certifications?

John answers:

You could open a joint account or maybe they could give you a limited Power of Attorney. In order for you to get paid for it and hold yourself out as an investment advisor you need to take a couple of NASD exams and become registered with your state securities agency.

Chris asks…

What is a good indicator to use to confirm a stock is breaking out?

I want to buy stocks just as they breakout so what technical indicator(s) can i use to pick stocks breaking out??

John answers:

Technical indicators you could look at could be things like ROE and ROA growth, EPS growth. If they are growing quickly and better than industry averages then chances are that the firm’s stock are undervalued. However, for every one Microsoft there are thousands of firms that do not make it.

One tip I have learned is that volume always tells the truth. If the stock moves up or down and the volume doesn’t increase then it is probably a “head fake” (meaning that the stock will rebound in the opposite direction soon).

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