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Thomas asks…

Where can I buy a sunburst Gibson Les Paul, with three humbucker coil pickups. Similar to ace frehley’s?

I am planning on saving money to buy a Custom Gibson les paul…but I’m looking for the exact type that ace frehley uses. I want the classic sunburst guitar with the giant head stock and the three humbucker coil pickups, with the pick guard. But i don’t want to ace frehley issue that has his face on the headstock and the thunderbolts on the frets. I want a normal Gibson like the one he uses. where can i purchase one like his cause I can’t find one anywhere. and how much do they cost?

John answers:

These are not in regular production to my knowledge – not by Gibson anyway- there may perhaps be some cheaper knockoffs somewhere. The only 3PU Les Paul custom is the black one.

You may of course get the custom shop at Gibson to make you one. The cost… A lot. An estimated guess is that this would set you back 10 grand.

I hope you have tried a 3PU Les Paul before buying one? The pickup configuration makes picking very awkward and crowded to a lot of players. I was about to buy one back in the days, but settled for a regular sunburst custom because of this. Have this guitar still – lovely instrument 🙂

One option is to have a 2PU guitar rebuilt with an extra middle one, something a qualified luthier can do for you – again not exactly cheap, but an option…

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll strike lucky and bump into something at

Nancy asks…

Mossberg 500 / 590 Shotgun sights, stocks, forearms, and finishes. Gonna be buying soon, how has experience?

I have been shooting for several years now, but just re discovering the fun a scatter gun can be. Picked up a cheap old H&R Break open and that was that I’m hooked on the shot gun again.

Used generally speaking for killing water gallons. But the family is thinking about getting into skeet shooting which is why I got the cheap-o to practice with initially. The 590 is my choice for a SHTF Situation, thought it won’t be kept out as a typical home defense piece. To big for ‘Momma’ to handle.

Want to get the 590, still deciding between a speedfeed stock or the tactical stock with pistol grip. Still deciding between marine coat or parkerised, and can’t decide between the ghost ring sights or the simple bead.

Anybody with experience with this incredible weapon system their recommendations would be greatly appreciated. They ain’t cheap like the used H&R, and I want a new one for a special weapon like this.

John answers:

I have a 500 for hunting my only issue with mossbergs is the saftey mechanism is all made from plastic and will break. I highly recommend buying a metal replacement, they have them on ebay for like $10 i think. Otherwise it is a great gun. Sorry i cant help you with sights, stocks, or finish

Joseph asks…

How do I get my Kenwood KDC-MP205 to read my Ipod? It won’t automatically read it in the auxilary jack.?

I bought it at best buy and had it installed yesterday, one on a 98 Audi A4 with subwoofers and on a 00 Chrystler Seabring with a stock radio. Neither automatically picks up any ipods when I plug them in.

John answers:

If the stereo specs say that it has an auxilary then it aint going to if it says that it is i pod ready then it shood

General features:
CD player with built-in MOSFET amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RW discs including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA music files
detachable face
Audio features:
System Q Sound Control (6 EQ curves and a 3-band equalizer)
Supreme Setting function restores high frequencies in music files
low-pass filter
front-panel auxiliary input
one set of preamp outputs (switchable to subwoofer mode)
Other features and specs:
CD frequency response: 10-20,000 Hz
CD signal-to-noise ratio: 105 dB
FM sensitivity: 9.3 dBf

check this out it gives you alot of info plus i think you need to switch the source button you push it and it goes to fm am cd and aux

Mark asks…

Stock basics?

I’m interested in investing in the stock market (I’ve got my eye on some in the technology sector in the NASDAQ -yes I know it’s risky). I have some basic questions.

1. Do you have to go through a broker to buy and sell shares?
2. If so what are the advantages/disadvantages of going to online vs physical brokers?
3. How much should you typically invest in any particular company or how many shares should you buy?
4. Do you invest a set amount of money or do you buy a set number of shares at a given rate?
5. Can you pick and choose who to buy shares off (as different sellers may be asking different prices at any given time) or is this the role of the broker?
6. What is the situation regarding taxes? What taxes do you pay on stocks (if any) and how is it calculated if they are?
7. When investing in foreign markets which use different currencies, what role does currency conversion play?
8. Terminology wise (briefly) what’s the difference between a stock, share and a option?

John answers:

1. A broker is needed. However, that can also be an online brokerage firm such as Fidelity, Schwab, Scottrade, etc. You don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

2. Basic advantage of on-line is cost. Execution appears to be just as good if not better than going through a physical broker in most instances. You will avoid pressure tactics to trade as well as simply bad advice. You will miss out on good advice, if it’s available.

If you have to ask this question, I believe you’re better off on line.

3. It’s difficult to say how much to invest. It’s different for different people, depending upon how much in total you intend to invest over how many companies. Sorry, but there isn’t enough information to answer this point.

4. Both. It simply depends on what I’m trying to achieve at the time.

5. No. On the NYSE for instance, all trades go through the computer system and specialist. The buyers and sellers are blind. On the NASDAQ you won’t know who the bid and asks are from unless you pay for the service. Again, if you’re asking the question, you’re probably not ready for that level of service.

6. Taxes occur on sales and taxable exchanges as well as from dividends and interest. Capital gains taxes will depend on your tax rate and holding period.

7. That depends on whether you are buying the shares on a local exchange (e.g., Paris) or ADS in NY. An example of what you mean would be helpful.

8. No difference between a stock and common share. An option is a completely different animal. It’s a derivative investment that permits a leveraged return in exchange for high risk (the option will expire and it’s either got to work within that time frame or you lose). With stock, you can wait as long as you like before selling.

Robert asks…

which ipod touch engraving do u like?(pick one) :D?

i’m planning to buy an ipod touch, and i was just wondering which engraving should i put???? (pick one)

my own little pod
this is how iRock
i listen to music to drown out your voice
iBelong to (name)
listen to music, not noise
to reset ipod hit hammer [ here ]
caution: music at play
warning: may spontaneously explode
made for me, iLive iPlay iRule
i’m hot, but don’t drop me
iHot uNot
iSing. iDance. iSuck at both
iHate sweaty palms
charge me. play me. if you want to keep me.
Live. Love. Rock
Warning: May contain small parts
Caution: Sharp edges
Music describes the feeling i can’t
ibelong to (name), idon’t belong to you
Turn me back over now!
other side….dummy?!?
i was looking for a pod then i found ipod
i’m actually a zune in disguise
Store demo itouch- please do not remove
could itouch you?
note: song sold separately
my other ipod is a touch
property of (name)
Apple iTouch Limited Edition Turbo Charged
i got this ’cause iphone was out of stock
Made For Me. Limited Edition by Apple
ithink.itunes.idownload, and ilose more money!!
if you desire peace, prepare for war

John answers:

but i like
i got this ’cause iphone was out of stock
ibelong to (name), idon’t belong to you
other side….dummy?!?
ISing. IDance. ISuck at both
i listen to music to drown out your voice
to reset ipod hit hammer [ here ]
made for me, iLive iPlay iRule
And if you desire peace, prepare for war
Btw like your display name
because you like jonas brothers right?
My emil for this yahoo is jbfan2009
lol funny!:)

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