Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Michael asks…

How to get my mum to buy me pads?

Ok, I’ve had my periods for about six months. I’m 13 and I get really shy asking my mum things. My friends act like I’m weird when I pick up pads to but them in the shops and I live outside of any town so i can’t buy pads myself. I virtually cried when I had to tell her my periods had started. She stocked me up twice good but recently she has stopped buying them for me and I have slowly run out. I need to ask her to buy me some more but when she asks if I need anything my dad is always around and I get shy always. I need help.

John answers:

Well you could do it in a funny way and tell your Mom, Hey Aunt Flo came for a visit and she needs a place to sleep. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it. She had this the whole time she was growing up and depending on how old she is or if she has had a hysterectomy she might still have them herself. She probably just doesn’t know your almost out or she would have already bought them. Just leave her a note somewhere if you don’t want to ask. I remember my mom telling me about my period and I was really embarrassed too. I just had to realize hey she is my mom and she should know when I’m on my period so she knows why I might be really grumpy for some reason. Anyway good luck.

Steven asks…

can you help me pick new tires? And how long do you think my car will last?

I bought a 96 honda civic last november. I live in california, but I’ve been told I need to replace two tires and it’s starting to rain some here. The tire size on there now is 205/50r15, which is different than the 185/65r-14 tires that apparently were stock. The two good tires are Toyo Proxes 4, the bad two are Falken. These will be the first tires I’ve bought and I’m a poor college student, so I need help please. I want to be safe when it rains and when my guy friends occasionally drive my car crazy (drifting, donuts, etc.) Also, I’m not sure how long I need them to last. I really like this car. We think the engine has been relpaced and the new one only has about 70,000 miles on it. When I bought it the clutch was weak, but we’ve replaced that and the headgasket too because it blew after a hose went bad. So.. I’m hoping to keep this care for at least 5 years more. Do you think I can plan on keeping it for awhile? My friends are mechanics 🙂

John answers:

If you’re planning on keeping it get good tyres and don’t let your friends trash them. Falkens are junk.
Continental Bridgestone Pirelli Michelin are all good. Uniroyal and vredstein and nokiAn are less well known and also good.
Avoid brands you have not heard of. You get what you pay for.

David asks…

please help, what stock should i pick now for short term?

i would like to invest on stock but not sure how to buy and track up my stock! please help

John answers:

If I knew which stock to buy that would get up tomorrow I would be richer than Warren Buffet.

Sandy asks…

can anybody explain how the game ‘bullseye’ is played on cnbc?

can anybody explain how the game ‘bullseye’ is played on cnbc???
Also is it worth following (buying) the stocks which is picked by the guests on the ‘bullseye’ as they hardly make losses.???(as a day trader)
as i m new to stock market nd hav a very basic knowledge.

John answers:

Ask it under Games and Recreation

Lisa asks…

Trading stocks, What’s the catch I am missing here?

Alright, So I was looking to open a stock trading account for day trading, put $10,000 in it. So lets say I put that 10 grand all in Johnson & Johnson stock, which I buy at 67.71 one day, then it closes the next day at 68.61, & I sell it for that. That is a $132 profit in one day.(plus the -$7 or so trading fee).

Is that it? you would have $132? I know its not easy getting the right picks and all but just wanted to confirm if that is the basis of how it works, and you just have to have the skill and knowledge/connections to buy the right stock.

Thanks! ~

John answers:

The trading fee is each time you buy OR sell. So $7 trade fee to buy and then sell would add up to $14.

Technically day trading is if you buy and sell the same stock the same day. To do that more than 3 times in any 5 business day period requires a margin account with at least $25,000 in assets. As long as you hold a stock overnight it does not technically count as a “day trade”.

Without a margin account you can get tripped up by the 3 day settlement period. For example if you sell stock then buy other stock with proceeds from that sale, you cannot sell the second stock until the 3 day settlement of the first sale, unless you have enough settled cash or margin in your account for purchase of the second stock. In other words you cannot profit from buying and selling stock that you have not paid for yet and do not have the cash or margin for yet at the time of sale. Actually you might be able to get away with it once or twice, but after being warned, your account could be frozen for 90 days.

Short term trades are taxed at your normal tax rate. However, that is on the net gain after subtracting losses.

You should make sure that you can get more gains than losses long term before considering short term trading and understand some ot the things that could snag you short term like settlement periods without a margin account, or margin calls if you use margin and the trade goes against you.

PS: You asked me a question directly, but block contact for replies to that. See and

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