Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Maria asks…

How does investing in the stock market work?

I understand the whole, you buy stock, wait till it gets higher in value, and then sell it for a profit, but everyone always says “stay in for the long run”… Well over the long run, everything ends up being around the same value that you bought it at… Are they talking about the sense that inflation will take a factor as well as the market constantly growing over a long enough period of time will result in a profit?

I have about $5000 in PM, and I invested while the market is low in order for it to gain a significant value by the time the market picks back up. Plus the fact that they are paying 6% dividends, so it is better than sitting in a bank account… The problem I have is that idk how long “the long run” is supposed to be, and feel like once I make a significant gain, I should sell it off to be safe in receiving that gain.

Could some one please explain the “long run” part to me? Thanks.

John answers:

Your time frame is something specific to you alone; we don’t know your situation.

Regardless of time frame, I’m not willing to give back more than 50% of any profit. Use a Stop Loss Order GTC (Good Till Canceled). Or put your Stop under the Uptrend Line, so if the Uptrend is broken, you are automatically stopped out. Each time the Uptrend is touched by price and moves higher, move your Stop up. This is part of your risk and money management.

If you double your money, take off half of the position, and let the rest ride for a risk-free trade.

James asks…

How can we raise money to fund our community projects?

We have a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization which helps a poor rural community in Africa. Although the donations are tax-deductible, we have been unable to obtain grants or even small donations to fund some critical projects like rebuilding a crumbling school, re-stocking our community pharmacy for the village, etc….
Personally, I devoted a lot of time and even made use of skilled volunteers, but to no avail.
It looks to me that many people are no longer care and especially when you are talking about projects in Africa.
At one occasion, we passed a money jar to a company to collect donations that will be used to buy pens and pencils for some poor elementary students in that rural community of Africa. When we went to pick the money jar, I discovered the employees had unplugged the bottom and remove quarters and all dollars bills.
My question to you is this: What can we do to get the much needed donations? Which doors to knock? Are the local grassroot volunteers a helpful?

John answers:

Try a bake sale. You can set up shop in front of Wal-Mart.

Robert asks…

What is a stop order and a limit order in the stock market?

I am use to puchasing stocks at market value. I currently found a penny stock that I am interested in. When I went to purchase it, it told me that I was: “Unable to enter order because orders for Bulletin Board, Pink Sheet and Foreign ADR/ORD securities must be placed as limit orders.” I would like to buy the stock and hold on to it, and sell when I decide. I don’t wish to pick a price to sell it at now. Is this possible and if so how do I need to place my order? As a limit, stop, or stop limit, or trailing stop? Thank you so much in advance! This is greatly appreciated!
I have much experience in trading, but have never dealt with the actual “purchasing process.” But thanks for the warning though -CommonSense.

John answers:

I’m not trying to be nasty but;
You’re trading in penny stocks, an area where only people with at least 3-5 years of very successful trading experience should be…. And you don’t know the absolute basics. I think it’s time to read 6-12 books on investing and trading.

Limit order: The most you’re willing to pay for the shares.
(Limit protects you from thinly traded stocks that make wild moves because of low liquidity, a major problem especially with penny stocks).

One of the most basic requirements of trading (especially low priced stocks) is to have a stop (or stop limit) placed on every position you have (at the very least an alert, that you must honor). Otherwise you’ll make big money on one stock & lose much more in one or two others.

Donna asks…

Money + Relationships = Insecurity or Insanity?

Well, this is regarding the fact that my boyfriend has money and I don’t. His mom is paying for his university, where as I am paying for it myself. He deals with stocks and gets extra money that way…also some poker. So, he has a lot of money he can spare.
I am working and studying and obviously don’t make as much money.
The reason it bugs me is because of clothing. His mom is willing to buy him expensive designer stuff and he will always talk about how great it looks on him etc etc. And when we go out…he says himself how awesome he looks. He also complements me, but 90% of the time spotlight is on him.

I hate shopping from crappy stores because the stuff are ugly and don’t last as long. But I don’t shop ALL the time like my boyfriend does. He is always bragging.

It really hit me today when he was bragging about making so much money. And he wanted to get some shirts and etc that he “needed”. I donated blood today and right after he picked me up and went to the mall. We don’t see eachother often at all. (once a week). So anyway we go to the mall and we go to Armani Exchange and they have a promotion going on…and he saves quite a bit. Buys a couple shirts. There I am totally exhausted and don’t even have the energy to look at stuff to buy. I did pick out a couple tops, but I put it back because I didn’t have enough money to spare…and I was feeling like shit.

So am I totally nuts for feeling insecure about this? I feel so…poor. Sometimes I feel like he indirectly insults my outfits…Or maybe I am just paranoid. But my friends have bf who buy them stuff all the time…but I HATE the idea of asking him to buy me stuff. You know what I mean?
But anyway, am I insane or is he a total jerk?
I totally understand you when you say it sounds like jealousy. But when you are out to dinner and all he talks about is himself and his clothes and how hot he looks and how all girls love him…it’s not a good feeling.
I agree with sue…i do shop for him. I love getting him stuff for no reason. ( I got 3 freakin’ candles for 3 year anniversary and over the past 2 years, nothing. i spend about $100 each time)

John answers:

This is a bad situation in a whole lot of ways. To summarize:
1. He is very, very insensitive to your feelings
2. You feel he is very ungenerous with gifts
3. Does he at least pay for your dates like dinner and stuff?
4. After 3 years you see him once a week

You are going through a lot of misery for a non-serious relationship

Why is he so insecure that he needs to focus on the money so much? Is he less attractive than you? Not as smart? Something is making him focus on this one area where he clearly has the upper hand. Does he want you sexually but you don’t really want him?

There must be a reason.

Sandra asks…

what and how many to buy in what sizes?

hello ladies,

im due 2nd dec (yay) and im 12weeks next week (and very excited)

just wondering my auntie is doing me a ‘box’ with nappies, wipes, vests etc in.

how many packs of newborn items should i buy?

i.e nappies, baby grows (onesis) vests etc,

or shall i only buy a few and buy the rest as and when?

did u stock up on any larger sizes? i was just wondering as most winter things are on offer now but as my baby is due winter i can pick up a few bargains.

also im planning to breastfeed can u recommend a good pump incase i have to leave baby with partner or anything like that.

i have been told not to introduce a bottle untill 4weeks though when breastfeeding is established. is this right?

should i have lost of bottles, or only a few?

thanks all xxxx

sorry bout all the q’s 😀 best wishes 2 every1 x
heya im in the uk and we dont have baby showers here 🙁 (im gutted lol)
thanks all.

also does the 28 returns apply to baby clothes? i mean if i had some with tags on etc but obv wouldnt return them utnill december would they take them back? (long shot i know)

John answers:

I would suggest you dont get too many newborn clothing as they outgrow those really fast

are you not planning on having a baby shower?
You get most of the stuff you need from a baby shower.

I do suggest that you get larger size clothing as you would be amazed how quickly they fit into them

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