Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Linda asks…

Where can I buy Harvest Moon Animal Parade for Wii?

I was looking at some comments on a Youtube video and a lot of them said how it was hard to buy it and everything. Is there any way that I can maybe go on the gamestop website and see if they have it in stock so that I can just drive there and pick it up? Or am I most likely gonna have to order offline and if that, which website and how long would the delivery take?

John answers:


Amazon has most things (note the extra 1-2 days for processing together with standard shipping). Shipping times vary depending on your location (you probably find out as you go through checkout).

Mandy asks…

Can someone please explain limit orders to me?

Ok, so I have a stock picked out that I want to buy tomorrow. It’s a microcap stock (don’t try to talk me out of it) currently closed at .0013. Tomorrow, because of all the hype, it’s going to open at like .0020+ which means if I place a market order I’ll only be able to get in after it’s gone up a lot, and I’ll miss out on profits. I never use limit orders so I need some help with this because I know I’ll be able to buy the stock at the price I want.

If I place a limit buy order, say at .0014, and it gets filled, can I sell it the same day with a market order? And would I have to specify it as a GTC order?

Ok so basically, I’m trying to buy the stock at the price it closed at friday. How do I do that?

John answers:

Basically a limit order means it will automatically buy or sell the stock for you when it hits the number your limit is at. Basically it allows you to not have to sit and watch the ticker all day.

As far as buying/selling the same day some brokers will let you do it, others will say your trade has to take like 3 days to clear or they call it a free ride trade. If you open a margin account you can buy and sell multiple times a day.

One thing to keep in mind with a stock like you picked is something that cheap may not have volume meaning basically if someone else doesn’t want to buy the stock your selling your stuck with it, make sure there’s decent volume so you can get rid of your shares.

Some people will say penny stocks are garbage but I found a good one the other week, CBIS, its a med marijuana stock, had been at 0.06 cents for weeks and hadnt moved up or down more than a penny for months, I bought it the same day it his 0.17, 10 days later it was at 1.50.

Charles asks…

How do you decide what stock to buy?

For my economics class I have to pick 3 corporations to buy stock in and explain why I picked them. The stock market completely confuses me and just want to know what I need to be looking at to do this.

John answers:

Read as much as you can about publicly traded companies, the stock market, accounting, finance, financial statements, etc.
Read the Wall Street Journal, and the Business section of your local paper.
Start with industries with which you are familiar.
Think of products you like or companies that provide services you think are good or popular.
Look up the company or parent company that makes the product or service you like by going to finance
Look at the company’s official website, especially everything in the Investor Relations section.
Look at the company’s financial statements.
Become familiar with the free Morningstar
Decide how much money you are willing to risk
Enter an order for a certain number of shares after you have followed the stock for a couple weeks to see where it is.
Learn how to identify stocks with criteria that may indicate potential for future price appreciation.
Determine a method of knowing when to be buying a stock and when to avoid adding new money to your investments.
Learn technical analysis tools like candlestick charting, EMA, MACD, etc.
Read Benjamin Graham and learn about value investing.
When you have read Graham, read all you can about Warren Buffett’s strategies.
Think logically about the stocks that you buy.

Robert asks…

I want to buy some penny stocks. What website should I go to in order to do this?

That’s it. I never bought stocks before, but I have some cash in the bank (yup, crazy place to leave your extra cash) so I thought it would be less crazy to put it in the stock market right now. I found a couple of penny stocks I’d like to buy and hold for awhile. I just need some advise on how to pick a seller or a broker.

John answers:

You might want to read this article about penny stocks, they are highly speculative and risky.


Penny stocks are horrible long term investments. Novice investors make the very critical mistake that a penny stock is a company that is just starting out or immature and just waiting to bust out. In fact, most penny stocks are priced so cheaply because the value and fundamentals of the underlying company is basically junk. The companies normally have very high debt, negative retained earnings, bad management, etc. Most penny stock companies will not be around for the long term as they are mostly smaller cap stocks, which have an extremely high long term failure rate. A penny stock is MUCH more likely to lose all of its value over the long term, than to make money. They can be fun to play with using small amounts of money, but NOT a very wise investment tool.

There are many comparison charts for online brokers (simulator, and finance terms and definitions)…

Ken asks…

Does anyone know where to buy a head stock pick holder, if not, how can I make them?

I have seen Steve Vai and Herman Li with their picks on their head stocks. I was wondering where I could buy one. I have read off some websites that there was an ebay seller who sold them, but he has disappeared. Does anyone know what that material could be? I looks like something that holds papers together for a report with some adhesive(something that sticks objects together). Here is a picture of what one looks like, with and without picks. Anyone know what I could use to make one of these?

Without picks-,r:4,s:45&tx=100&ty=46

With picks-,r:16,s:0&tx=48&ty=62,r:4,s:45&tx=100&ty=46,r:16,s:0&tx=48&ty=62

John answers:


I use one of the plastic Dunlop ones and just have it attached to the back of the headstock with a piece of double sided tape. Just be careful if you ever remove one to do it carefully so you don’t pull the finish off the headstock.

The particular one in your picture I haven’t seen. You could probably make one with a piece of 90degree folded plastic though if you attached it to the back of the headstock and then just slipped the picks between the side of it and the edge of the headstock. Looks pretty simple.

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