Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks To Buy

Paul asks…

Where to buy a Tippmann A-5 customized?

Okay, I have enough money to buy a A-5 but i also have some left over. I was wondering if anyone knew of a internet site that allows you to customize a gun before you buy it. Like maybe you can pick a stock you want on it or a different barrel. Because I know i want a A-5 but i dont want it looking standard. I at least want a longer barrel to come with it because im not sure how long the standard one is but im pretty sure i want a longer one.

John answers:

Try also check out firstcallpaintball. Com I just bought a new A-5….love it.

George asks…

How much have you made or lost using Motley Fool stock picks?

I’m thinking about buying the Fool Stock Advisor subscription but I wanted to know how good their picks are. They say they’ve had some picks that have tripled but they don’t mention their losses. How good are their tips?

John answers:

I’m not here to encourage or dissuade you from Motley Fool,I’ll just give you my opinion.

Motley Fool is 1 of the most “forward” investment advisor forums on the net.Mind you,this isn’t good or bad.That depends upon your investment/trading style.For the day-trader, the Fool is useless;except for the “buzz” it generates.For Investing; you’d do better by following the advice of an FA, and work on what they recommend.

Maria asks…

roth ira contribution?

I’m planning to open an ROTH IRA account with Scottrade, unfortunately I know almost nothing about it. After opening , let’s say I deposit some money in it.What should I do next ? Do I need to make purchases (stocks, bonds) using provided tools myself ? If so then every time I put new money into it, I will have to make the purchase again? Or will they let me pick some stocks and/or bonds and give them the portion (percentage) on what to buy, and every time I put new money, they will automatically purchase the same items based on given portion (percentage) ? In example, I put $2,000 and use 40% of it to buy stock A, 30% stock B, and 30% bond C. And every week I put $100 into the account, will Scottrade automatically use that $100 to buy stock A, B and bond C with the above percentage? How about the fee, will it be the same as the fee to buy/sell stock /bond for non-IRA account (Scottrade $7 flat rate fee), if so how we can make money with this account with that kind of fees?
Deposited money in IRA without being used to buy stocks or bonds will still qualify for tax deduction?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

John answers:

You deposit your money, and you can either pick your own stocks, or mutual funds. Or you can set it up, so Scottrade will buy these for you automatically.

You can make a one time deposit into your IRA. Or you can make multiple deposits every month. But there is no requirement to make continuing deposits.

The fee is the same, when your buy and/or sell. Tho the may have special fee’s for multiple buys, I just don’t know. How do you make money?? You pick good enough stocks to overcome these fees.

You have a problem with the fees, then buy mutual funds thru a mutual fund company. That’s what I do. I have IRAs with: Fidelity, Vanguard, and TRowe Price. There are no fees, unless I am buying outside mutual funds, or individual stocks.

You seem like a novice. Read Investing for Dummies, or Mutual Funds for Dummies. I believe both of these are by Eric Tyson.

Carol asks…

How do I buy a stock on

I want to automatically buy a specified amount of a certain stock when it reaches a specified price, whether it is in 5 minutes or 2 years. The options are:

Order Type: Market Order
Limit Order
Stop Loss
Stop Limit
Trailing Stop Loss ($)
Trailing Stop Loss (%)
Trailing Stop Limit ($)
Trailing Stop Limit (%)

Amount: ??? Based On: Last, Bid, or Ask

Time In Force: (I’ll pick “Good till Canceled” I think)
Conditions: None, All or None,/ Do Not Reduce

Confusing for me. Thanks for the help.

John answers:

After you fill in the “symbol” field of the equity you want to buy, and then the number of shares in the “Quantity” field, you want to place a “Limit Order” under the ‘order type’. At Fidelity, unless you have filled in all of the information above “Amount” you can’t put in the exact price you are willing to pay – which is why you are only seeing the “Last” (last price the equity was sold)., Bid, or Ask options. They wouldn’t apply to you since you know what you are willing to pay.

“Time in force” refers to how long you want the order to be open so you were correct in thinking it should be “Good til Canceled” (GTC). If you change your mind about the order before it is filled you will have to cancel it yourself.

“Conditions” refer to what you want to do if they can’t fill your entire order at the price you want. For example, if you were trying to buy 1000 shares at $1 and they can only fill 700 shares at $1 before the price goes up if you left the “Conditions” field at “none” they will give you a partial fill of 700 shares in this example and keep your GTC open and complete the order whenever you “limit price” is available again. If you select “All or None” they won’t fill your order unless they have enough shares at your price to fill it completely. You should check with Fidelity about how long they’ll keep the GTC order open after a partial fill. Brokers have different policies about that. At some point the order may be canceled and if you wanted to buy the 300 shares that weren’t filled in my example, you would have to pay another commission. Hope that helps.

Lizzie asks…

Best place to buy a cheap r4ds with a 1gb memory card?

I’m looking for the best place to buy a cheap r4 with a 1gb memory card that actually has them IN STOCK. I’d prefer that it has cheap or no shipping fees too. I’ll pick best answer if you find me the best one. =)

And yes I know how to tell a real from a fake r4.

John answers:

Http:// will be your best choice,some of my friends get from them, they have r4ds instock,quick shipping and Great service

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