Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks That Are Ready To Move

Thomas asks…

inappropriate? if not, how do i go about it?

i’ve started going into a new store near my home and found one of the employee’s to be attractive. i feel like he has been flirting with me, but he hasn’t asked me out. when i went in the other day to discuss ordering an out of stock product from them, he asked a bunch of questions about me, that had absolutely nothing to do with my order. my friend says he hasn’t asked me out because stores prohibit (or strongly discourage) their employees from asking their customers out and that i should make a move. my order will be ready for pick up soon and i thought about telling him that i want to take him to get a drink sometime for being super helpful (which he has been). is this inappropriate? if not, how should i go about telling him that i’m interested (i am somewhat shy, but i find myself being a bit more outgoing around him). or should i just drop the situation all together?

John answers:

Nope he has shown he is interested the ball is in your court, just say would you like to go for a drink some time. Very simple

Mary asks…

Boyfriend and mom can’t seem to get along?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half, and there are issues with him spending time with my family. I am very close with my family, and especially my mom, and I love my boyfriend very much. We have had some ups and downs in our relationship, but have managed to work through them through a LOT of hard work and communication (on both of our parts). We are going to see a counselor together starting this month, because we both want things to be as strong as possible in our relationship, and there are still some issues to work on.

Ever since my boyfriend and I started dating, there have been issues with my bringing him over to my family’s house. As I said, my family and I are very close, and are living in the same city again after years of being apart, so I try to visit them at least once a week. I used to ask my boyfriend to come with me when I went over, but found that he seemed uncomfortable and withdrawn when he was there, and I was often tense, because I wanted everyone to like him.

My family has gone out of their way to welcome by boyfriend into their home and into our family, but my boyfriend is still not comfortable around them. I think that this likely stems from the fact that we come from very different backgrounds, he grew up with very little, and I have a relatively privileged upbringing. He is still dealing with the effects of that in the sense that he is completing his high school at this point, and trying to move forward without getting trapped into the cycle that has sucked in most of the people he grew up with.

This has all come to a head. A few days ago, by boyfriend and I were with my mom, and she was really tense and in a bad mood. She made a few comments about him under her breath, which he heard, but let roll (we talked about this later, and he expressed that he knew it was important for him to ‘bite his tongue’ in the situation, which is NOT something he is always good at). Apparently this frustration stemmed from his not being ready when she went to pick him up earlier in the day. Last night, we were supposed to go to my family’s for a late Christmas celebration, and at the last minute, my boyfriend approached me (very calmly and maturely), and told me that he was feeling very uncomfortable about going to their home after the interaction with my mom from a few days ago. He told me that he would come with me if I wanted him to, and I decided that if he was feeling like this about it, it was better if he stayed home, and the situation with my mom was addressed at a more appropriate time. However, when I got to my family’s place, my mom all but became hysterical, citing the amount of time and effort she had put into preparing for the evening, and the gifts that she had bought to put in a stocking for him. We managed to have a pleasant evening anyway, but by the time I went home (I live with my boyfriend), I felt very sad and ‘flattened.

I am so frustrated, because I am stuck in the middle and can see both sides of the situation. My mom is fed up with my boyfriend not following through and coming over when he says that he will, but I can see how my boyfriend is on edge as well (for one thing, he tends to ‘joke around’ a lot, and when he does, my mom becomes tense, and has told me that she feels it is an act of aggression). I love all of the people involved in this so much, and I don’t know what to do.

John answers:

I think the problem is with you mom, to be honest. No matter if she was in a bad mood, there was no reason she should have taken it out on him. I would not have bit my tongue, even if my husband’s mother had done the same. I see more of where your boyfriend is coming from because I have been going over to my husband’s family’s house to meet all of his family for nearly a year and it is still awkward for me. I get nervous all of the time because I haven’t known his family that long and I want them to like me. You should have stuck up for him when your mom got hysterical because he didn’t come. It was natural for him to be upset and not want to confront your mother at that time, and you even decided that he should stay home instead of going. The only way your relationship will ever work out is if you start standing up for him, because telling him not to go and letting your mom blame him for not going is making him look terrible, in your mother’s eyes. You all three need to sit down and talk if you ever want them to get along with each other, or you might as well forget your mother ever thinking nicely of him. Tell your mom his joking, which seems to make her so uncomfortable, is due to him being nervous and unsure of how to act — that’s the truth really. Plenty of people will do that kind of thing in awkward situations. Give him more credit than that please, or it won’t work out. He is not the problem.

Sandy asks…

Am I selfish for keeping a baby whan my husbband doesnt want one?

I just found out I am pregnant and my husband wants me to have an abortion and I don’t want to have an abortion he keeps on telling me we are not financially stable when we are, he is active duty military(a marine)I am going back to school in the spring and hopefully getting a job, and i keep on telling him we will be fine, I mean even though I don’t have a job right now I am living off my stocks and bonds that I have had saved up when I had a good job that pay the bills..

For the past month he was happy and was like lets have a baby so I was like okay we are 22 and 23 and I will be finishing law school soon in the next 2 years, and now he is like I don’t want the baby you should get an abortion calling me stupid names like you stupid ***** and you dumb*** bimbo and physically assaulting me, and I know he has an anger problem but he is bipolar and getting therapy and taking medicine, but no matter how many times I tell him stop leave me alone stop yelling at me he wont stop stressing me out smoking in the house just being a complete ***hole..

I know he goes on his rages but this is ridiculous I had an abortion back in February, and he was mad and I told him we aren’t ready and we need to work on on marriage, so that was that.. Now found out I am pregnant, and I am a little bit scared but I am having this baby raising him/her no matter what and sticking to it,I might be 22 but i really don’t want to mess up my body anymore .. He told me that he was stressing me out so I will miscarry and that just ripped me apart.. I told him that‘s really messed up, I know he is bipolar and I am a victim and in a domestic violence situation but I ignore him and walk away when he throws things yells at me and hits me.. He has seemed better when he is taking him medication up until I told him i am pregnant he is being a jerk off..

I am haining this baby no matter what and now he is threaten to take custody of the baby make me pay child support and etc.. I am worried and show no reaction when he tells me those things but I just ignore it, its not worth the fight.. I don’t get him he was fine until I told him I was pregnant and he is treating me like garbage agian like he is off his medication..

I mean I love him very much and want us to have a happy family but I dont understnd why he is being like this.. I mean he wont even help me clean I do all the cleaning even wash all of his clothes, put all of his dishes in the sink throw away all of his garbage pick up his towels like I am his mother and maid I mean come on this is so rediclus and for the past 3 months I just pick up after him bcause he wont do it he will leave the his dishes in the living room for weeks on end and I have tried not doing anything for his and making him do it but it doesnt hep and I refuse to live in a filthy house ecspecailly now that I am pregant..

We just moved from Nc to Ca he is being sationed here and he was being mean and rude then he twent to the doctor and got on medication and he was fine and now he is off the wall..

My brother has bipolar disorder and I guess thats why I keep on putting up with his bullshit because I understand the illness he has but what should I do, there is more to the story but I am sick with a nasty sinus infection and can barley type and cant rest because he wont turn down the t.v downstairs, so does any one know what I shhould do? I am not having an abortion and if I think he is going to eave me with my child and not comeback I am going to leave and he will never find me, and I will file for divorce and get child support until thinks get better while I am finishing school and he will have to set visitations.. Thats my biggest fear that he will get custody if he leaves me because he is a US MARINE..
and no i would never drop out of school no matter what kind of stress I raised my 13 year old sister when i was 17 because my mom died when I was 17 and she was on her own legally at 16 and now is in college and has a baby is married to a marine as well… I have been working 2 to 3 jobs since I was 16 and still went to school no matter what.. I can put the baby in day care while I am in school and then work p/t I mean I have over $900,000 in stocks and bonds with my inheritance and will be a lawyer at 24-25, my mom raised 4 kids on her own and did wonderful and we turned out wonderful.. I am smart and I am not under any circumstances going to abort..

John answers:

You need to call the police when he assaults you! That is NEVER okay!! If you have all of that documented & have police reports, restraining orders..etc. Then you would have a great chance of getting full custody. If he’s like this with you, what happens when the baby is screaming at night & he hurts the baby?

Steven asks…

I have an old collection of Lionel trains, how much can I sell it for?

When I was little I used to love Lionel trains, I have literally a closet room of stuff still sitting around in our unused closet. Apart from clearing that closet space for something else, I have taken up airsoft and I was looking to buy a gun that with ammo, clips, and cleaning tools as well as other things would price around $700 total. I have two pennsylvania flyers, a penn. flyer passenger expansion pack, a santa fe diesel engine with 3 passnger cars (I always just bought ready to run sets) and an old union pacific berkshire locomotive that came with a ready to run set. I also have a fair amount of rolling stock and lots of fastrack and two fastrack switches as well as some old buildings. I have all the transformers that came with the train sets as well as some other things like a large green mat. Some things are damaged and a little dusty/dirty but I figured I can pick up around $700/800 bucks for all this on eBay, is this realistic? how should I sell all this crap to get the most money I can? The sooner the better too since I think we are moving in a few weeks. Ive never really sold any of my old crap (Im 16) so help would be appreciated.

John answers:

Sell it for how ever much you want to and be reasonable at the same time.

Lisa asks…

Are they trying to get out of paying me?

Ok so this is how it all started I talked to the District manager that was helping get everything get moving smoothly I guess at this new store they were setting up it was a “Dollar General” and my boyfriend ask them for an application for me because I couldn’t figure out who to talk to and then I took the application from my boyfriend when the District Manager gave it to him and then the District Manager asked me if it was for me or him and I said me so he asked me if I had cashiering experience and I said yes and he said ok that‘s good and that I should take the application home and fill it out and bring it back the next day because they needed me to take an assessment when I turned in my application and that they were looking to hire more cashiers and so I did I came back the next day to turn in my application the District Manager wasn’t there so I gave it to the Assistant Manager who said that they were not hiring but they would keep my application and resume that I had attached on file so I went home confused as to what was the truth. The next morning around 8:30 am the District Manager called me and asked me if I was still interested in a job and that he wanted me to come down there and help stock if I could he wanted me to be there at 9:00 am and he had actually called me while I was asleep and I hadn’t even taken a shower yet so I told him I would have to come in a little later if at all possible because I needed to take a shower and get ready and he said ok well can you be here at 10:00 am and I said sure he said if I could it would be better if I could be there at 9:30 am so I hurried up and I was actually able to get there at 9:30 am they gave me a name tag and signed in for me and then told me what to do…I worked there stocking the products for 4 and a half days. Friday, November 20th I worked from 9:30 am until around 6:00 pm and Saturday, November 21st I worked from 11:00 am to around 6:00pm again, Sunday,November 22nd I worked from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm because my step dad was having a birthday party and they said I could leave early to go to it. Monday, November 23rd I worked from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm I came in on Tuesday, November 24th and I worked from 7:00 am to about 10:30 am because they said they didn’t need anymore help with stocking they didn’t have any more work for me and the store Manager named Shirley said that she had already decided to go with some other people for the Cashiering position after the Assistant Manager, the District Manager and the store Manager herself had told me that she was planning on hiring me for cashier…she said they would still be considering me for another cashier position at one of their other stores because some of them were looking to hire some people but the only problem with that is I take the bus and none of them are even remoltly close to me the closes one was the new one they were opening. I didn’t bother asking about when I would get paid because I knew everyone else was supposed to be getting paid Friday, November 27th so I just blew it off but then I talked to my boyfriend and his mom and they both said I should find out when I was supposed to be paid. I had just started my monthly period again on Thursday,November 26th (Thanksgiving) and I needed Tampons and Dollar General was open by then so I told my boyfriend we could go there and get some name brand tampons because they were cheaper than at CVS Pharmacy and I asked him to talk to the Manager for me and ask her when I was getting paid and why they didn’t hire me as Cashier so we went there and she told him that the checks would be there on Friday, November 27th and to come in then and pick it up. She also said the reason they didn’t hire me as cashier was because that stores budget couldn’t afford to hire more people so apparently she told me and my boyfriend 2 different things. I went Friday, November 27th to pick up the check that was supposed to be there and they looked and said that it wasn’t there and some of the checks were still coming there in Fed ex and to check the next day which was today Saturday, November 28th because they probably wouldn’t be there until then so I did and they still weren’t there. They said the District Manager was looking into it and that they would contact me when they got it or the District Manager would contact me and let me know what was going on with it. So I know this might seem like a long pointless question but I feel like they are purposely trying to blow me off because when I started stocking not once did they tell me what they were paying me for helping to stock. I don’t know what’s going on but I feel like they are trying not to pay me and get away with it hoping I will just say fuck it and forget. Well what do you all think? I contacted human resources on there website about it today and I will be waiting for a reply. I am supposed to call Corporate if I don’t hear anything by Monday my boyfriends mom said I should and so I am going to try talki

John answers:

Did you sign an in and out time sheet ? Did you sign a time card ? Did they ask you to complete INS paperwork and W2 paperwork and other employment paperwork ?

Are there witnesses there that you can contact that will verify you were there at certain hours ?

I think you should give them a certain amount of time to reply and report them – to everyone you can think of, like the Better Business Bureau, your Congressman and Senator, etc.

Also, don’t use go betweens for your personal business. That is immature. You need to stand up for yourself.

I think they are jerking your chain and they don’t think you will do anything.

Good Luck.


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