Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks For Day Trading

George asks…

How exactly does pink sheet symbol of a bankrupt company work?

For instance, Cit is no longer but it is now trading as a pink sheet stock, so does thi mean if I wanted to be risky with $600 an try picking this up in th 20 cent range could I still lose it all in the next few days?

Is there much possibility for it to be a rewarding investment or should I look elsewhere?

I f someone could please explain pink sheet stock that would be great!
thanks again!

John answers:

I’m not going too deny you can make money trading CITGQ.PK however the stock is worthless as CIT will wipe out the existing stock and issue new when they come out of bankruptcy,

Buying it is a fools game,

Jenny asks…

Simple ROTH IRA question?

Hello, I am 29 year old self employed programmer working from home in the US. If I were to get a Roth IRA with mutual funds, do I have to constantly monitor and buy/sell stocks within the IRA? I used to trade stocks and used to freak out when the stock tanked in one day, so I told myself I will not get involved in that.

I am thinking that a financial advisor can pick a few good mutual funds for me and all I have to do is send a certain amount of money to it per month and when I am 55 1/2 years old I can begin withdrawing. Please let me know how this works and thanks.

John answers:

The expenses at mutual funds can eat away greatly at your profits. Exchange Traded Funds hold many benefits over mutual funds. Besides, with all the mutual funds out there today, how do you know who to trust? My other belief is that by adjusting just a little bit, you can greatly increase your overall return.

Here is what I do with my long term trading account. It is a very simple concept. Look at a chart of the S&P 500 – most places the ticker symbol is SPX. Make it a weekly chart – meaning each unit (bar, candle, etc.) of time is one week. Then put a 50 week exponential moving average on the chart. This setup has an uncanny ability to direct the S&P 500. Since you can’t buy SPX, you can use SPY as an alternative. When the price is above the moving average, you buy the stock. When the price gets below the line and continues moving down, you sell it. This was an easy way to be out of the market during 2000-2003 and again at the beginning of 2008.

I am not a stockbroker or licensed in anyway. Just someone fed up with the system and decided to do a little research. Your mileage may vary.

Charles asks…

How to Spot the Move?

For the last couple of days I have been watching the market really close. A trend has emerged and I would like to know if it’s possible somehow to spot this trend and get in on it.
While not always the case the trend seems to play out with stocks under $10.00 a share.

THE MOVE (example)
XYZ shares are trading at $1.00 at the opening bell. Before 11:00AM-12:00PM, XYZ is up +2.0, so now XYZ shares are trading at $3.00. If you can get into the stock at $1.25 – $1.50 money can be made. Purchase 500 shares @ $1.00 = $500. Stock increases to $3.00. 500 shares x $3.00 =$1,500. Subtract you initial purchase price of $500 and trading fees and you come out with $980.00. Of couse the numbers are examples only, but many stocks are gaining ($1.0 – $2.0). By the end of the day the stock is back to it’s opening price and you never hear from the stock again.
Could the trend be picked up in Pre-Market Activity? Thanks

So using free stock tracking tools online, how can one pick up on the move? Thanks

John answers:

This is what day traders do. You cant learn it in a few minutes from a Y!A posting. But yes there are often repeatable patterns that can tell when it is about to happen (probably). Seeing them and trading them are not the same.

But finidng a one-time pop is bordering on gambling luck rather than trading. Better to find stocks that move $1 every day, and take 30 cents out of the middle.

Lizzie asks…

i have system soon to release 101% for swing traders 1-8 days?

stay tuned , how would it work , honour system / you sign up and for free you get pick 1-2 a night for sinwg trading no otc stocks all listed and if you buy and rises , example of mondays was

Invacare Corp. (IVC)

todays vdsi and cphd

if you make you donte something ..stay tuned

John answers:

Well, let’s see …. VDSI was down 48 cents today. Not exactly a 101% rate of gain.

William asks…

Would it make sense to put some restrictions of who can obtain Blackberry and GPS units?

The Blackberry, the GPS, and the cellphone have military potential as well as business potential. The companies that make these devices have technology that will tell them where the devices are being used. So a blackberry being used in South Waziristan, along with a cellphone, and a GPS device, may not be a businessman working on a contract negotiation. A blackberry being used on Wall Street with no GPS unit simultaneous and co-located might be a person sending text message about a stock trade.

Probabilities are the only guide that security systems have, MI-5, MI-6, CIA, DHS — they all have to make assessments that are probablistic and not 100% metaphysically certain. So all the brilliant intellectuals in all the brilliant universites have not figured out to do some data mining on where these potentially military communications devices are being actively used. A computer like Echelon that scans global usage, using “Lightening” technology in the big Tandem Cray computers, and that pops out a list in real time of highly suspicious use of these devices, due to location, and simultaneous use.

The Mumbai attack by the way used all three of these devices, and they probably practiced in South Waziristan — activating the devices there during their practice sessions. They may also have been activated during the journey by sea in the fishing vessel that launched the Zephyr Rubber Boats (now linked to LeT). These things take a few days to learn how to operate especially if they are being used together for location, command, control, and logistics. This could have been picked up if anybody had thought to set up the right sort of system to look for it. Another 50 explosions, and we will start to figure this one out. Maybe someone at MIT will think of the idea that’s just been presented — then DARPA will catch on, and by 2050 we will be acting in a reasonable way to protect people.

John answers:

Too many devices out there to monitor.If they could they would just not use them until needed, or use them to draw forces away from them.

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