Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks Books

Donna asks…

My boss refuses to get internet, and i sit here all day, how to ask again?!?

Ok i work frmo 5am-4pm everyday babysitting an elderly lady who literally sleeps 90% of the day away.

I have asked my boss if they would get internet so i could maybe take a college course, check mail, do ANYTHING. They said “yea let me run that by so & so”. I asked again two weeks later and they responded with “Oh i forgot to check prices, let me get back to you”.

It is now 3 weeks later & no internet still. Now & then i pick up an internet signal from the neighbors (hence me posting this questions) but it fades in & out every 5 minutes its more frustrating than anything

Yes i bring books, i exercise, i clean the house, i’ve even begun teaching myself Stock tactics. However, it would be nice if i could get a few things done via internet while i am here as well. Paying bills, catching up on email so when i do go home i dont have to bother

Any suggestions on how to approach this?

(P.S The 2nd & 3rd shift employees also have laptops and wish to have internet)
Oh and i forgot a very important detail: They just sold their computer software company for 23.5 million dollars to a business in Ny. Money is not an issue
And the other employees wont pay for internet.. i would, but not by myself, and not when they are millionaires and i am a working fulltime/college student barely making ends meet.

John answers:

Get an access card from sprint/verizon or any one of the other cell companies that have cards you can plug into your computer. Split teh cost between you and one other person one each shift and it will be really cheap……..seems pretty simple to me.

Helen asks…

Would you care to comment on a memory of Christmas or is this too early for you?

Originally posted on Books and Authors, but not many people saw it and I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

The Great Christmas of 1956
by C.S.Scotkin

Christmas was always a good time when I was a child. My eighth Christmas was magic!

Mother, to her great credit, tried to make Christmas wonderful and usually succeeded.
We awakened to a fresh cut tree, strung with bubbling lights, some glass ornaments, and best of all, paper chains my sister and I made from construction paper, homemade paper snowflakes, garlands of popcorn and cranberries. Santa usually managed a few candy canes. Tinsel filled in empty holes.

My sister and I ran down steep old stairs, courting a broken neck if we slipped. What had Santa brought? My pile contained the usual doll, along with paper, crayons, tape, new socks, underwear and a book. My sister received much the same. There was a Parcheesi game for us to share.

My stocking held tangerines, nuts, a set of jacks, dominoes and pick-up sticks. There was a tiny box, hidden in the toe. My first piece of jewelry, a birthstone ring! It was too big; I wore it on my middle finger. I had never seen anything as beautiful as the cool, blue heart shaped aquamarine.

However, I really wanted a sled, hoped and prayed for a sled. I asked Santa at Woolworth’s for a sled. No sled under the tree meant using an old cardboard box for another winter. Still, Santa brought a real ring.

I was part of a great extended family. Rather than be bankrupted in an attempt to give everyone a gift, names were exchanged. These gifts would be the centerpiece of Christmas afternoon at my grandparent’s house.

The fragrances of evergreen, sweet and savory spices enveloped my family with love as we went inside. Warm cheeks on cold cheeks as you were hugged by aunts and uncles were so special on that day. We played with our cousins, tried to sneak another piece of my great-grandmother’s penuche. The sugar rush added a new dimension to the mischievousness of 20 children under the age of 11! As years went on there would be 36 cousins.

Gifts we brought were added to others under Grandma’s great tree. Soon, Grandpa sat in his rocker, a stogie scented Santa, began to call names.
You never knew what package was yours. The tags were always hidden.
The huge pile shrank. Still my name had not been called. Finally, a small box was picked up, my name called. This box was big enough for another pair of socks, I thought. I glanced at my sister, enchanted with her real china tea set. She shrugged with a smarmy look on her face.

I opened the box to find a note.

“Go to the back porch, there is a package for you!”

I ran out, slamming the door. There was a large, round thing with a ridiculously tiny bow and mismatched wrapping paper. I tore away paper to reveal a bright
shining Flying Saucer with red handles! Much better than a sled! All my friends at school had talked about them, how fast they were! Now, I owned one! I ran back in to get my coat, boots and mittens, nearly incoherent with happiness. The snow was fast and powdery that year. I went to the top of the hill in back of Grandma’s house. I sat cross-legged, pushed off! My cheeks burned from rushing cold! I felt delicious terror, unable to steer this great disc, finally tumbled off at the bottom! Complete, total joy repeated three times before being called to dinner.

The feast was enormous; everyone brought a favorite side dish or dessert. We all ate too much. Little ones became cranky, and then fell asleep on the floor or a lap while adults talked. I loved to listen. I absorbed family history and local gossip while pretending to look at a book from Grandma’s library. My Aunt Violet came over to me and whispered in my ear.

“Do you really like your saucer?”

My hug said it all as she hugged me back.

All too soon it was time to go home. That Christmas vacation I was the most popular kid on my road. I let everyone try the saucer. I had it for years, passing it down to sisters, every year a few more dents, frayed handles replaced with rope.. I loved that saucer for teaching me an important lesson. I could fly and be free.

John answers:

No,,,,It’s never too early for a wonderful story like this,,,All those thrilling days of yesteryear,,,Early childhood memories While reading this story I was flashing back to when I was a kid around the Holidays
Going over to my Grand Parents house after church on Sundays This was the family meeting place Where everyone got together to catch up with each other and what happened during the week And us kids would be outside terrorizing the neighborhood until dinnertime
All of us kids 10 -12 of us I think my Cousin was the oldest 9 and a niece was 5-6 the youngest I believe I was 7 at this time ,,,Those were much simpler times then,,,, I believe it was 1967-68 ,,,,,Happy Holidays All

John asks…

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Photos: East Coast quake
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By JORDAN ROBERTSON – AP Technology Writers,RACHEL METZ – AP Technology Writers | AP – 3 hrs ago

John answers:

It could be an error with the server… Try restarting your PC and if that doesn’t work clear your browser catch.

Susan asks…

Please help me I’m having relationship problems I don’t know what to do?

I’m 16 years old, I don’t know what to do we knew each other since 6th grade and that’s when we first met in math class. When I was talking too much my teacher moved me next to her and we started to have a lot in common and she liked me but I didn’t because I thought people in my class would make fun of us like the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song or whatever. I liked her a lot and didn’t thought I would see her again until next year I did but we were in different classes and we chat online and then I fell in love with her the more I got to talk to her more and more. Everyday I went home fast as I could after school on my computer to see her then later I said ”I like you too” and we started to like each other more and our relationship grew. Then when 8th grade came we were in the same class again but back in 7th grade I was tardy a lot because I had so many problems. I was sick a lot so I stayed home and I got into so many fights and I got scared because the kids in my class told me they would like pick a fight with me. So I came tardy but then later I thought they wont stop unless I teach them a lesson so then I kind of came early sometimes then I just acted my normal self being nice, talking to my classmates, doing all my work, and then this guy was talking about my mom with mom jokes and I tried to ignore him but he kept saying the same thing everyday which made me mad and he pushed my books on the floor. So I punched him in the face and I had like six fights in one school year but then this lady came to my class when we were in 8th grade together but then she told me I have to back to 7th grade because I had so many tardy’s. I was so sad I was crying and I wanted to be with her because this would be our last school year then we might go to different high schools but then when we chated online she told me ”I luv you” meaning a cute way to say I love you. I was so stocked I didn’t think she would say it first I was going to but I thought she might not love me and then I said ” I didn’t think I would ever say this but I Love You, will you be my girlfriend” and she said ”yes” and then I got her phone number and we talked on the phone like everyday for hours and hours. Everyday after school I always walked her home and we holded hands and later when days and days pass I thought that I really want to kiss her because I was so in love with her but I don’t know if she wants to kiss me. So I took everything really slow but then I really messed up one day I walked her to her house and I said ”ummm do you want to kiss me?” and I was nervous and shy, we both never kissed anyone and we were each others first boyfriend/girlfriend and she got nervous then like 30 secs later her dad came outside and I was like awww man then she just said a quick bye and went with her dad. We talked about kissing each other before and she said she would but if I keep thinking if I didn’t do this, this wouldn’t happen because later she felt like she doesn’t love me anymore and I didn’t get to see her that much only after school and in the morning. I always walk with her and I cant like remember the rest, this happen like in April 2009 and later she broke up with me and we were so in love with each other. On valentine’s day we talked on the phone for 3 hours and 1 hour or more a day and I promised her after high school and college I said ” I would marry you and I promised I’ll have kids with you” and she ment everything to me she is like my true love and everyday in school I didn’t do my work or anything. All I did was sat at my desk with my head down thinking about her and how much I miss her and days and days and months passed. I still talk to her but I think she hates me now and like ignores me I just don’t know what to do I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life I’m scared too. I love her with all my heart and I promised her this ”I love you forever and ever no matter what” and she promised as well. I only make a promise if I can keep it. We never argue or anything and she is my future, my life, my everything, and she is special to me and is different from any other girl. She is the nicest most beautiful girl I ever met and is the perfect girl I been looking for and I know that we were always ment to be together. I really need her I’m so lonely and depressed without her. I feel like doing suicide and I might later in life and this is NOT a joke and I won’t get over her or find anyone else shes the only person that ever made me happy I been depressed like almost all my life and she just makes me so happy I don’t want to lose her I am sorry for typing so much but this is really like about my whole life and how I’m so depressed and I just want to get her back please someone help me =(
P.S. I haven’t slept in days because of this I am up at night all the time and I can’t sleep I just like let my body rest a little bit like just lay down with my eyes open. Please someone tell me how I can get her back I really need her =(
Sorry for typing so much that’s how depressed I am and about my life kind of. I don’t know what to do please someone take the time to read it. I know its a lot and I can’t live without her, without her I am nothing, my life is falling apart, and I feel like the most depressed boy in the world and I might do suicide or I don’t know I haven’t slept since she broke up with me. I have Purple bags under my eyes and my eyes hurt like hell. I think about her everyday and I’m just home alone thinking of her and now I’m alone in school because all my friends passed and her but me and she was going to fail a grade just for me I mean just for me that’s how much we both loved each other since I got send back to 7th grade (more details from story) I’m so lonely and depressed everyday without her =(
I miss her so much I’m so lonely and depressed without her and this happen in April 2009. Since then I been crying almost everyday, haven’t slept in days or weeks I forgot lost track, my eyes hurt like hell, and I got purple bags under my eyes. I think about her everyday I can’t live without her and she means everything to me and she is my first girlfriend and I’m her first boyfriend and I know shes the one because my heart tells me and I listen to my heart she is my true love I need her =(
I miss her……. =(

John answers:

Sorry to hear about this.

It might really help you if you got some therapy. You need to get some sleep, so you should go to a doctor and get a physical, and perhaps some medicine to help you through this bad time.

Everyone gos through breakups. This pain you are feeling will get better, believe it or not.

One thing you need to accept (and know this might be hard) ? When people break up with you ? When they leave ? It means they don’t want to be with you anymore.

You can’t make someone love you if they don’t.

Another thing you don’t want to hear ? You will fall in love again.

Try talking to a guidance counselor or your parents too.

I have attached some links that might help you.

You need to stay in school and get good grades in order to go to college. So, please do that. That means doing your homework and participating in class.


Mary asks…

Stock Tech Analysis Questions?

Hi there,
Just curious as to how to read TA of a security. I know of one website (, that seems to be fairly good. Just a few questions, if you could help me in reading it:

For support/resistance levels, there is a measure called confluence that shows the strength of the support/resistance. Is a higher or lower number better?
Does it matter if it is for resistance or support?
Is there any qualitative way to relate the conf for different levels (is a conf of 4 twice as good as 2)?
What is the general scale of confs, from awful to the best possible.

Also, going from the meaning of the word, s, if a stock breaks through resistance, it is likely to go up significantly, and vice versa for support, right? (until hitting another level of resis/supp) (at least in theory)

Thanks for your help,

Also, if you know of a good online/book resource on this type on information i should pick up, let me know

John answers:

You’ll find this to be well written.


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