Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks Books

David asks…

How does limit order execution work (at exchange)?

For limit orders I want to know how the orders are matched for execution? Say at some point all the orders are simple limit orders (no stops, stop-loss, AON, FOK etc) in the order book for a stock say X. For a buy order that match more than one sell order or a sell orders that match more than one buy order how is it decided which to pick (assuming quantities match)? Is it based on whose order came first or is it based on price (highest bid or lowest ask)?
After the match is made then how is the price decided? E.g. if a limit sell order for 500 X at asking price 20 is matched with a limit buy order for 500 X at bidding price 22. In real world that may not happen often, but what would the price be when there is a gap? Is it 20, or 22, or something in between?
Thanks raysor,
The video was first part only, where do I get the other parts. It was just the basics. My questions are still unanswered.

John answers:

On an electronic trading system it is a simple matching system. Also the first order (in time) takes preference. It might explain it here

Betty asks…

Son will be exact. 1 month at Xmas, only have 3-4 things and some stocking stuff; is that terrible?

I have a 2.5 YO daughter and a now 2 week old son. This is the first year she really “gets” Christmas and is soo excited for it, so being as our son is so youn I really didn’t want to “cut back” on anything for her. We got him a mirror to play with while he does tummy time, the laugh and learn mailbox for when he gets a bit bigger, and a cute word book, and I will prob pick up 1-2 more things this weekend. And in his stocking he will get pacifiers, onesies, soap, a scrubby basically stuff we would have bought anyway; but to at least fill the thing up LOL. I just feel like it is so insuffiecnt. We aren’t just materialistic about Christmas so please don’t take it that way. But at the same time, I guess it’s just my motherlyness feels like it’s really unfair to him. He doesn’t need any clothes and I am hesitant to buy anythin in 3-6 months because if he’s anything like our daughter he will wear a new size almost exactly when he’s that age; which will be the beginning of spring for the 3-6 months stuff; and that isn’t really out yet. I know HE won’t know, and it isn’t like someone is comming into our home to check how much he got LOL. But for like pictures and stuff I don’t want it to look too inferior. Please reassure me I’m being rediculous!
I mean in my semi-sane mind I know that he has virtually NO idea at all, and that if I were so inclined I could acutally be really cheap and get nothing; which I would never do because it just seems mean and wrong. But at the same time to actually spend more then like $75-$100 on stuff for him when he has a closet full of clothes for now until early spring, a few new toys and all his sisters old baby toys; it really is redic. But I still feel like it’s sort of neglecting him by not doing more.
Well actually I do use seperate paper for him and his sister, so if he were so onclined he could count them in pics later on LOL
thruthhurts…lol THANKS! You made me laugh. Again I said I knew I was being redic and materialistic ect. And you gave me the reality check I needed LOL. I guess he’ll just have to share Daddy’s XBOX and his sisters TInkerbell minquad instead of getting his own…I really am a terrible mom LOL

John answers:

My daughter just turned 7 months today, so on Christmas day she’s going to be 7 1/2 months and my bf and I didn’t go all out on Christmas this year. For two reasons one we don’t have thousands of dollars to spend and two she’s at the age where she’s going to be more into the wrapping paper and boxes then the actual presents. We did get her several outfits for winter though, because a lot of her clothes that she has now are not winter appropriate. And we bought her a new car seat, because her old one is getting too small and we bought her like 4 bigger toys. So we didn’t really get our daughter a whole lot for Christmas, but I believe it’s a good enough amount for her first Christmas especially since she’s only 7 months. Next year we plan on going more out on her, since she will be 19 months then. It did bother me at first that she wasn’t getting a million things for her first Christmas, but then my family convinced me that she will love what we got her and that she’s really too young to care about the amount of stuff she got.

Your baby is even younger, only going to be 1 month, he really isn’t even going to know what’s going on, so yes I think you got him plenty for his first Christmas. So don’t stress about it.

Hope you have a nice Christmas 🙂

Daniel asks…

christmas shopping for a 3 year old boy ..?

How much should I spend on my 3 year old son for christmas? I’ve already went to the dollar store to get some stocking stuffers & little things like coloring books & balls, ect. & then walmart & got a few toys. I want my son to have a good christmas this year, but I’m having trouble finding good deals & picking toys out for him. What are your 3 year old boys into?

John answers:

Stuffed animals
Cars, trucks – miniature ones or hot wheels

Sandy asks…

BNG. Dont Report. Just for fun :)?

1. As a child you have always loved the names Mia EJ for a little girl, and Scott RJ for a little boy, you had those 2 names written down in a diary, and stored away.

2. You are now 21, married to a great guy, and pregnant with twins! One boy and one girl. One day you are tidying up the house, when you just so happen to come accross that diary, you and your husband already had names picked out, Noelle Olivia & Dillon Eli, but after looking through the book, you bring up those names, that you loved as a child, he loves the first names, but not the middles, so you two decide to some how keep at least one of the names you have now, and add the childhood names to it. (IE: For the girl: Noelle Olivia, could be changed to Mia Olivia-Noelle, or Mia Noelle, or Olivia Mia) Same with the boy. You name them _____ _____ (____) and _____ _____ (____).

2. The twins are now 5 years old, unfortunately, you and your husband divorced when the twins turned 3. This is them now:

3. The twins are now 7 and their father has nothing, nor wants anything to do with them. you are 28, and have a new life, married to a great man, who loves you and the twins, you two don’t want to wait any longer, so you have a baby of your own, it’s a boy. You name him, so that he goes by the initials of EJ. So give him the initials, EJ! This is him at 5 years of age:

4. The twins are still 7, and EJ is 1 month. You don’t want any more children, but by accident you become pregnant! When little _____ _____ is born at 8 months, she is tiny, but a fighter! After 1 1/2 moths in the hospital she can go home! This is her at 5 years:

5. You are now done your family! The twins are 10, EJ is 2 and the youngest is 1 year and 3 months.
This is the twins with mum:
This is EJ:
This is the youngest:

Hope you had fun!

My answers:
We name them Mia Noella & Scott Eli-Dillon.

We name him Ethan Jack.

Brooklyn Hope.

We have: Mia, Scott, EJ & Brooklyn.

John answers:

1) Okay.

2) My nane is Rachel Blake Johansen (after marriage) Rachel Blake Moore (before marriage)
My husband’s name is Liam James Johansen
We name our twins Mia Noel-Livia Johansen and Eli Scott Johansen

3) Too bad for the divorce
But atleast Mia and Eli are heathy

4) My new husbands name is Brian Andrew Elliot
My name is now Rachel Blake Elliot
We also change the twin’s names to Mia Noel-Livia Elliot and Eli Scott Elliot
Our son’s name is Edward Jackson Elliot

5) Henley Vera Elliot

6) I am very glad to have four heathy children: Mia, Eli, EJ, and Henley Elliot
And to be a happy couple with Brian Elliot is amazing.

7) Someday:
Mia marries a man named George Micheal James. So she becomes Mia Noel-Livia James. She is becomes a successful journalist and George is a photographer which intrigues Mia. They move to a nice condo in New York City. Mia eventually gives birth to triplet girls: Serena Indigo James, Helena Ruby James, and Layne Sapphire James.

Eli becomes a firefighter and stays in his home state of Washington. He marries a church going preschool teacher named Marcy Ann Collin which make her become Marcy Ann Elliot. They have Joy Nicole Elliot then two years later they have Patrick Reagen Elliot three years after that they have Luke Morgan Elliot and one year later along comes Beverly Cameran Elliot.

EJ goes to college but eventually drops out he falls for a questionable girl with tatoos and peircings who wants to be a rockstar named Rayne Sky Brent. They date but don’t marry. When she gets pregnant with EJ’s baby they break up but stay in touch after the baby girl is born she leaves the baby which she named Mavis Star Elliot (EJ’s last name not her’s) with him and Rayne takes off. EJ moves in with Eli which Eli was against but Marcy talked him to. EJ starts a T-shirt store to help pay for Mavis but still doesn’t have the money to move out of Eli and Marcy’s house.

Henley travels with the national ballet but eventually settles down and opens her own ballet studio. Henley adopts a daughter named Elloise Stephenie Elliot who follows the same dreams of being a ballerina.

That is everyone Brian, Mia, Eli, EJ, Henley, George, Marcy, Serena, Helena, Layne, Joy, Patrick, Luke, Beverly, Mavis, and Elloise.

I had fun 🙂

William asks…

Looking help with stock market(Futures/Options)?

My personal study is coming along well. This interest started because I want to understand how speculation/trading might have had a positive or negative impact on things like global food prices, gas prices and the previous recessions/crashes. I am very interested in CDO/Futures/Options/Commodity trading and such. I am also not picking up many basics(101) of the stock market as quickly as I want(Feel I should).

I am tired of hearing republican or democrat spins on the stock market.

Can you recommend some sites, people, books or other resources that have helped you or you know would be helpful? Over the next few months(years?) I would like to be able to make intelligent and informed decisions on the economy and stock market on my own without as much insight(spin) from politicians.

Yes, I know college is the best option. However, I am unable to pursue that. Therefore I am asking for your help and opinions on good sites. Where should someone like myself begin?

Thanks in advance!
I feel as if I am getting sales pitches here.

John answers:

Four easy steps to give you a good head start to learning how to make decisions with out listening to the talking heads.

1/ Learn even the basics of Technical analysis, it is absolutely essential, even if you use mostly fundamentals. Once you know what to look for, even a glance at a chart can sometimes put a whole new slant on things.

2/ Take an introductory trading/analysis course. There are many. Choose wisely.

3/ Try Virtual trading until you are making consistent gains. Practice the free way, dont throw all your money away in bad trades cos you didnt know any better.

4/ Find a good blog or forum where you can get to know who to listen to and observe and ask questions.

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