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Sandra asks…

How could you teach someone without using books or a computer?

In The Count of Monte Cristo, a man named Dantes is imprisoned for years and has only one cellmate for a companion. This man is a learned priest and agrees to teach Dantes everything he knows, to pass the time. At the end of it Dantes escapes from prison with the equivalent of a university education!

“You must teach me a small part of what you know,” said Dantes, “if only to prevent your growing weary of me. I can well believe that so learned a person as yourself would prefer absolute solitude to being tormented with the company of one as ignorant and uninformed as myself. If you will only agree to my request, I promise you never to mention another word about escaping.” The abbe smiled. “Alas, my boy,” said he, “human knowledge is confined within very narrow limits; and when I have taught you mathematics, physics, history, and the three or four modern languages with which I am acquainted, you will know as much as I do myself. Now, it will scarcely require two years for me to communicate to you the stock of learning I possess.”

“Two years!” exclaimed Dantes; “do you really believe I can acquire all these things in so short a time?”

“Not their application, certainly, but their principles you may; to learn is not to know; there are the learners and the learned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the other.”

“But cannot one learn philosophy?”

“Philosophy cannot be taught; it is the application of the sciences to truth; it is like the golden cloud in which the Messiah went up into heaven.”

“Well, then,” said Dantes, “What shall you teach me first? I am in a hurry to begin. I want to learn.”

“Everything,” said the abbe. And that very evening the prisoners sketched a plan of education, to be entered upon the following day. Dantes possessed a prodigious memory, combined with an astonishing quickness and readiness of conception; the mathematical turn of his mind rendered him apt at all kinds of calculation, while his naturally poetical feelings threw a light and pleasing veil over the dry reality of arithmetical computation, or the rigid severity of geometry. He already knew Italian, and had also picked up a little of the Romaic dialect during voyages to the East; and by the aid of these two languages he easily comprehended the construction of all the others, so that at the end of six months he began to speak Spanish, English, and German. In strict accordance with the promise made to the abbe, Dantes spoke no more of escape. Perhaps the delight his studies afforded him left no room for such thoughts; perhaps the recollection that he had pledged his word (on which his sense of honor was keen) kept him from referring in any way to the possibilities of flight. Days, even months, passed by unheeded in one rapid and instructive course. At the end of a year Dantes was a new man.

So my questions is:

If we were in a prison cell together, and I asked you to educate me, how would you do it? How would you do it – exactly?

1/ What would your syllabus be?

2/ What would your method be?

John answers:

You can teach lessons through what you already know, and personal experience. That’s how we learn today, if we didn’t have books or computers we would be given lectures on personal experience

Chris asks…

How do I create an interactive stock chart (ie. not a picture) and display it on the website ?

I have written a program that generates stock data information, including buy/sell and prediction and using a generator to take this information to project future values. I would like to graph this (real time if possible) so that I could display it on the web.

I know I could create a static picture in excel and then paste it on a website…but I would rather have it interactive and have users pick there own stock and have it spit out data and real-time signals and images…ie. if it’s not that hard to do.

Is there an easy way to do this ? Anywhere to download a template that I could interface with my system? Any specific books or websites that may describe an easy way to do this ?

Many thanks for any replies
Do you have any specific titles of books or website you can recommend?

I have books on flash, but they do not address specifically stock graphs.

Also, I appreciate the suggestion of blogspot…but based on where I currently reside, it looks like the Chinese gov’t is blocking access to that site. Any other suggestions?

John answers:

You could probably achieve this using flash; you would need to do something server side as well such as php or asp with a database if you wanted to have it dynamic. Alternatively you could save the data in a text file and access that using flash which is the simplest method if you dont want to get into all that.

Linda asks…

Brother won’t leave house or get job. (Warning: LONG)?

Here’s the situation:

My brother and I both live at home with my Dad at the moment, but our reasons why are extremely different. I live at home to reduce costs while I pay off some bills. It is also more cost effective for my father as I will often put gas in his car, pay for grocery trip, or snatch up one of his bills to pay now and again.

My brother on the other hand, has no reason. He is 20 years old and will not leave the house unless he has to. My mother (who left a long time ago) blames my father, which I find hard to believe since the two of us turned out so completely different. Besides, she raised us too.

Yes, my father spoils us. No, I don’t think he made my brother a selfish, financially dependent introvert. He has always been a little different: got teased in high school, never pursued friendships, etc.

August 2007: My Father presents my brother with an option, since he had been off school for a year and goes months without leaving the house. We even had to hound him to shower more than once a week. He absolutely refused to get a job. (And no, my Dad can’t just “kick him out”. We’d find him sleeping in the backyard or something.) Anyway, my father said: School or Job. My brother chose school, and my father paid for his tuition and books. He let my Dad pick his course, as he did not care what he took. He then failed it, and won’t go back because he doesn’t care about it. I’ve been in an outrage since because I *KNOW* what I want to go for, yet I don’t get the offer due to my lifestyle. (IE. My Dad feels I can fend for myself)

First question: Am I right to be bitter towards my father and brother about this?

So fast forward to end of term this year: months later he’s in the same situation again, and refuses to get a job. We have tried all sorts of approaches. I explained to him that work was much more satisfying than school, as it was kind of (?) similar, but with a paycheque. He is obviously not a people person, so I spoke to him about jobs where he could work alone stocking shelves. When I thought maybe I was taking the wrong approach, I tried to talk to him about other kinds. We also have to volunteer in high school to graduate, and told him that it was EXACTLY like that, but still, nothing. He won’t go.

I’ve been trying my hardest to do the nice approach, yet he just shrugs me off. Finally I snapped. Mostly because he takes a “doesn’t involve me” approach, from family financial issues to even small things like: wash your lunch dishes. I have lost my temper at him maybe a dozen times in his entire life (seriously), but that day I had a good shout saying that he was an adult and should act like one, and that his food and clothing cost money. I got a little carried away and made a thoughtless quip about him waiting so long he’d turn into a 40 year old parent-moocher with not a lick of employment history. He did not understand that this was me insulting him. Not that he has planned it, but he has just ASSUMED that yes, he would stay home, unemployed, forever. We then decided to discuss what was going to happen when my Dad passed away, but this did not bother him either as he planned on inheriting the house. I asked him how he was going to pay the utilities, the property tax, and of course I get another dumb look. Now I know he has been exposed to this through high school, even college. How do you yell at someone when you realize they have absolutely no grasp of reality? I just am at my wit’s end, and have no idea what to do.

My Dad decided to act and take him out job hunting. It lasted about 30 minutes before they had to come home. My brother was having an actual panic attack (he started shaking, sweating buckets, and even threw up).

He says no to seeing people about this problem. He says no to school. He says no to work. We want to support him, and to help him, but this can’t go on. He constantly talks about what a terrible childhood he had, and I’m starting to think maybe he needs professional help? But again, he says no. I could understand if he meant his SCHOOL childhood was terrible, but he’s saying home? Could something truly be wrong with him, as my parents have never been anything but supportive and understanding. When I point out circumstances, or show him pictures where he’s laughing, he says he doesn’t remember that. He only remembers the few times he got into trouble, and when he recalls them they are horribly exaggerated. My parents were never abusive. They never compared us to each other (no: Your sister gets A’s type thing.).

My second, and most important question, through this long story, is what should I do?
So many fantastic answers, thank you all so much for your feedback!

John answers:

I’m not completely sure, but it might be possible that your brother has agoraphobia, which is a fear of leaving the house, among other things. It’s common for people with this problem to have panic attacks when they leave their house, which would explain why he started shaking and throwing up when your dad went job hunting with him, and why he doesn’t even want to think about moving out. It’d be best if you could get him to see a doctor to make sure, as there are ways to treat this.

If he absolutely refuses to go, then there are ways he can make money from the house. There are lots of jobs that he can get online. My mom has one herself (one of my brothers is handicapped and needs constant care, so she can’t get a job outside of the house). Here’s a link to some of the jobs that are available:

There are many different things that he could try, so see if he’s interested in any of them. It depends on the job, too, on how much he’ll make, but he could probably do a few at a time. At least it’s something, anyway. If he doesn’t want to do any of these, don’t spend your whole life trying to help him. You have a life too, don’t forget that.

Oh, and as to your first question, it’s perfectly alright to feel bitter sometimes towards your brother and father. I completely understand what it feels like, trust me. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and I hope everything works out for you.

David asks…

how to ask out a shy girl i work with?

well i work at a wear house been there 3 years and she started there less then 2 years ago when i 1st met her i always said hi here and there to make her comfortable i try to do this with all new people but she was diff i always tried picking on her here and there but she would just smile and keep working and/or give a small response to please me.

Well maybe last year we got Little closer and for the longest time I had very small feelings for her but thought nothing really of it and dated other girls outside of work or looking else wear. We would pick in the same zone once in a while we’d talk a little and id make her laugh here and there but most of the time around her i wouldn’t know what to say and run dry mid conversation.

lately I’d say less then 4months ago the feelings built up but didn’t do much about it. less then 2months ago i changed shifts and my break is when she gets off of work and she sits in the break room to wind down and after maybe a week or to of seeing her siting by her self one day i took a chair sat at her table instead of with my friends so it was obvious.Then that week my friends told me to ask her out by the end of the week or they would so this made me nervous.That week every time she walked in they’d make stupid barking noises, (oh there you go)etc. Friday came and I started casual asked about weekend plans and told her mine and I asked her to hang out some time then she made it look like it was hard and said shed think about it then we both blushed with smiles her eyes shifting back and forth then we talked about something else.

2weeks later she messaged me on Face Book saying she likes to talk to me at work but shes not interested in a relationship yet( I know shes a Christian and I am too so I told her im not ready either im still praying about it) (also Ive been praying for a girl friend for 2 years even before i met her), Then I found out My Christain friend talked to her about the situation so i think that made her think even more.
Now present day a month after her answer im on yet a diff shift so i see her alittle more I work around her while shes picking because i stock the product and i talk to her more and still i forgot to mention i always start the conversation she never does but we end up talking until we have to go because we’re working. lately whats happend is that i worked in a shelving area that saw a is there picking area and while i was stocking i saw a red blob from the corner of my eye and then she walked in my exact area and i noticed her there and she was cleaning that area and we talked alittle but noticed her around alittle more since she found out i like her.

Sorry this is so long trying to be detailed.

My thoughts are that shes liked me for maybe along time and just didnt know how to talk to me because shes shy around everyone but was more so toward me, and now we talk each others heads off. OH maybe a week or 2 ago i saw her on Face Books IM and talked to her and i showed her typing then not then typing for a while then not this went on for a few mins we talked about her hand she had a cyist at the time i was asking about it and told her to pray about it and I saw the typing then not thing for a while then i changed the topic and she responded right away.

I think she really likes me but is waiting for maybe an answer, but lately I feel realy good around her and think about her all of the time.

So after a very long winded discription what do you guys think I should do just continue what im doing? I have this week off and in another week i go back to my other shift so we’ll be able to talk one on one again I was thinking of waiting maybe til then or til im stocking around her and ask some friends of mine there (they know the situation) to go bowling and ask her and tell her to bring some one so maybe I can break the ice more. What do you think?

John answers:

Say “hey, me love you long time. Lets do it”

Thomas asks…

WHERE can I find the software to screen for THIS PATTERN HELP?


Look bellow at Diedrich coffee DDRX over the past six months (chart at the bottom of this) it has had a massive gain: Stocks like this one and others that I seen come out of what is called a “Narrow Sideways Price Channel”! In other words in this case it was at a relatively FLAT price or price channel when it was a penny stock and then it stated picking up momentum. There is a rule I once remember reading in an investing book that if a stock or commodity is in a narrow flat price range: if it STARTS to gain momentum in will generally continue on in that direction until resistance is met. In other words if there is a 20 dollar stock and it stays almost the same price for 3 month but then all of a sudden starts falling to 18 and bellow, then it will probably KEEP going down for a long time to come i.e. falling demand. The same holds true for this stock if a stock that’s 35 cents which it was and stays flat and then goes to 1.10 there is a good chance it will keep going up i.e. rising demand. I have SEEN this pattern before it’s amazing how it seems to work. SOOOO how can someone screen for this or find this? IS there software for finding horizontal narrow price channels?

John answers:

There is a really good site that has pattern screeners; they auto fit lines, etc. Onto the chart prices, and will recognise channels, etc.

Here is the chart for DDRX:

(personally, i can’t really see a horizontal trading pattern… Is it in june?)

Here are a list of stocks that are trading in horizontal price channels


The reason why the horizontal price channel “breakouts” (as they are colloquially known as) gain momentum, is because the channels are, more often then not, areas of accumulation and distribution. This is when smarter traders will either gather/buy or unload/sell shares of stock without trying to move the price much, because they anticipate a sharp change in price in a short while.

When the traders accumulate, they buy up a large body of shares, thus reducing supply. When more people eventually realise the price will rise, the demand rises, while the supply has already fallen, and the price rises, and the traders profit from the large pile of shares they had accumulated. The same happens for distribution, except with selling and the price falling.

To predict the direction of the breakout, check if either volume is increasing or decreasing. Also check selling/buying pressure with indicators like the CMF, and the On Balance Volume (OBV).

The other reason for horizontal channels, which used to be really common before the great depression, when trading in large blocs and insider trading did not have to be reported, is that there are two parties that are buying or selling at a certain price. The bloc selling creates the resistance price, and the bloc buying creates the support price. Eventually, one bloc will have all the shares they want either bought or sold, while the other party still wants to sell/buy more, so the price breaks in that direction.

If the channel is forming because of this reason, you can check the volume of the peaks, and compare it to the volume of the troughs, to anticipate the movement before the breakout.

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