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Betty asks…

Help with Store Manager resume?

My fiance’ has an interview for Store Manager at a local Circle K. He is an assistant Store Manager at a Circle K now. How can he “sell” himself and his resume? This is his resume (would you change anything?)(Yahoo did not keep the underlining or bold text):

To obtain a challenging Management position in a fast paced environment that will allow for personal growth and career advancement.

Summary of Qualifications
Over the years I have been a Store Manager, Customer Service Supervisor, Cafe’ Manager, Lead CSR, and Assistant Manager. I am also Certified in Food Safety Management and have earned certification through Circle K’s Retail Management Training.

Professional Experience
Circle K
-Prepare and finalize daily paperwork including cash deposits
-Maintaining cash levels in ATM and store safe
-Maintaining store image
-Placing store inventory orders (McLane) and performing weekly inventory audits
-Maintaining the control book (maintaining daily inventory and cash overages/shortages)
-Delegating daily shift duties
-Activate and stock Florida Lotto books
-Review DVR footage for suspicious activity
-All other non-managerial tasks (stocking goods, cleaning, helping customers, cashiering, scanning in received goods from vendors)

Boca Cafe’(Circle K)
-Order, track, and input inventory
-Organize and log daily cash drops for Brinks pick up
-Create work schedule/cover shifts for absent employees
-Track food and labor costs on a weekly basis
-All other non-managerial tasks ( prep food, prepare beverages, clean equipment, etc.)

Seattle’s Best (Borders)
BARISTA, 01/2007-01/2008
-Prep food daily
-make food/drinks for customers
-Prepare for opening and closing the store (cleaning, prep, etc.)

Hobbit American Grill
COOK, 07/2006-01/2007
-Wash dishes
-Food Prepare
-Clean equipment
-Assist with closing crew

Big Lots
-Assist customers with purchases and refunds
-Provide change for all cashiers
-Stock and clean front end of store
-Supervise employees and train new ones

Department of Highway Safety
DATA ENTRY/CLERK, 11/2003-01/2005
-Answer multi-line phone system
-Pull, review, and correct time sheets for all DMV employees in Fl
-Create reports for Payroll
-Enter and Correct data in People First and COPES (state-wide electronic attendance system)

Subway Restaurants
MANAGER AND SUPERVISOR, 2002-2003 and 01/2005-06/2005
-Order, track, and input inventory
-Deposit hourly cash drops into bank account
-Create work schedule/cover shifts for absent employees
-Organize all paperwork (bank deposits, credit card receipts, truck delivery, invoices, etc.)
-All other non-managerial tasks (baking bread, food preparation, assist customers,etc.)

Education/ Certifications/ Special Training
*2009- National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
-Earned Certification for Food Safety Management
*2009- Retail Management Training
-Earned Certification from Circle K
*2001-2002 Tallahassee Community College Tallahassee, FL
-Attended one year for general studies
*1998-2001 Lincoln High School Tallahassee, FL
*Computer maintenance skills
Considering that this position is for the company that he has been with for three and a half years, I don’t think that the time periods that he was at the other jobs are going to matter, otherwise they would not have hired him in the first place. Those jobs were just that, jobs, not a career.

John answers:

Even know he have experience i wont hire him… You may ask why?

Because as i read his resume and his working experience i notice he have what we call “short job retention”… With this resume i feel that if i hire you, i couldnt count on you for long term goals because you have a tendency of leaving the job 6months to a year after being hired.

Subway =”1 year”, “6 months” in other occasion
highway safety = little over a year
big lot = almost a year
hobbit america grill = a mere 6 months
seattle best = “1 year”

people think that having a lot of jobs on a resume is good but in reallity that let the interviewer see what kind of person you are when it comes to reteining a job.

Having experience is always good, showing that you are a “short term employee” is not.

Joseph asks…

help with some tagalog expressions?

please translate these into tagalog…

*the book is out of stock.
*can i place a back order? how long does it take me to get it? will it take long?
*it will take several days.
*i will only stay here for a few days, so if it doesn’t make it, i will just cancel the order.
*can you give me a call when the book arrived?
*i will come pick it up tomorrow.

tenkyu in advance!!!

John answers:

The book is out of stock – wala ng stock ang book na kukunin mo.
Can i place… – pwede pang umorder? Kailan ko ito makukuha? Matatagalan ba ito?
It will take… – baka abutin ito ng mga ilang araw
i ill ony… – magtatagal ako dito ng mga ilang araw, kung hindi dumating, i-ka-cancel ko na lang yung order.
Can i… – pwede mo ba akong tawagan kung kailan dadating yung libro?
I will come… – pupunta ako diyan bukas para kuhanin.

John asks…

how much can i get for this 79 chevy pick up?

1979 chevy pick up long bed c2 bananza camper special, rebutilt origional 350 engine stock with 10k miles. turbo 400 tranny with 14 polt posi trac read end……trying to think what else. interior is super clean. body is is premo condish. paint is factory stock. last oil change was in sept. and has only been driven 128 miles since then. every thing is up to date on all records. i got a nice thick book of papers that are also in premo condish… tires are new and still shiney black. the power steering works so good u can spin the wheel with your pinky and breaks are super fine on it.

John answers:

It really depends on the buyer… You could fetch $20k for it from one person but $5k from someone else. I’m not sure if there’s a very large demand for that sort of project, but you might be able to find a collector who wants it for a substantial amount.

Jenny asks…

How would you spell Katelin?? other quesitons too….?

I’ve been suggesting that name a lot and have no idea the “proper” or better way to spell it. How would you spell it? I didnt JUST want to ask this so optional questions here:

1. If you had to name your baby girl after an evil character from tv, books, movies, anywhere what would you call her? (example: Ursula)

2. If you had to pick a boys name from Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe what name would you pick? If you absolutely know no characters from it pick one from a childrens book.

3. What would you name this little boy?

4. What would you name these twin girls?

5. Lets say you had a son and daughter (not twins) and they have to have Hawaiian first names, what do you call them?

BTW you may include middle names but dont have to, thanks!
Wow you have issues mary…

John answers:

I’d spell it Kaitlin because I would want her to have the nickname Kate! Also because I live in Ireland people might pronounce it the Irish way which is koyt-hleen or Cotch-LEEN! That pronunciation is too harsh for my tastes! 🙂

1) Bellatrix Maleficent

2) Edmund Aslan

3) Leon Matthew

4) Zofia Madeline and Annabelle Winter (Zoey and Anna)

5) Kahale Nicholas and Kailani Rosalie! (Matching letters in unintentional!)


Donald asks…

I got an F on this paper for a rough draft but i dont see how. Can someone help me out?

Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest inventors and scientists of his time
improved our world on several levels. Edison’s drive and determination is unmatchable
by many people of the same field as him. He helped Americans in almost everyway with
everything from music to helping the army. Also, Edison patented and invented several
items to help improve the lives of not only americans but every person in our world
today. His geniusness and drive made him one of the most outstanding inventors ever (1).
Next, his invention of the phonograph helped americans listen to their loved ones voices
and lets us listen to music everyday (2).

Edison was one of the most productive men in the world. Not only was he a
scientist but he patented over 1000 inventions (1). Other then that he was interested in
more then one subject which helped Edison a lot in his success. Thomas made patents on
just about every subject, he made everything from a stock ticker to new breeds of plants.
On top of that, most of Edisons items are still used today, for instance, electric generators
and lightbulbs (3).

No person has come close to Edisons world record of 1093 patents which alone
proves him as the most productive human being in that respect (4). Thomas was not only
smart but well driven which helped him a lot in his run for the record. At his time he
probably didn’t expect to be a record holder but Edison is still a house hold name to this
day (4).

Secondly, the invention of the phonograph revolutionized the world as we know
it. A phonograph is a sound recorder, Edison made it possible to hear peoples voices on
his phonograph, this invention was made to help the army send messages back and forth
but has been transitioned to much more than that (2). Americans know that music plays a
huge part in our society today, well Thomas Edison is the man who made it all possible.
Without him the world would probably not have an iPod or mp3 player for music on the

Athletes, music composers, the chess team and everyday citizens rely on music to
get them going everyday. Imagine a world without portable music. Would we go to live
concerts before a football game to get us mentally prepared? Or would we just sing the tune we heard once because we cant replay the songs we love.

At the age of twelve Thomas Edison’s parents taught him about a library, this is
where young Thomas spent most of his time (5). Edison didnt just like reading, he loved
it. He read all of the time and he loved to learn. Edison was determined to read every
book in the library and was close to doing that, until one day he picked up and chemistry
book. Thomas was always interested in chemistry and agriculture and when he found
books with those subjects in them he started reading and learning (6). This created a fiery
passion, a desire and a craving to learn. Those books created an uncontrollable drive.

Some people say that Edison was only so driven because of his ADHD but others
say that he could have done much more without the disease he suffered from (7). No one
debates that Edison was driven by something, an urge that grew inside of him. People
who knew him loved experiencing the determination in this man. Edison found out 1000
ways not to make a light bulb and on top of that made well over 1000 attempts at his
1000 patents (8).

Thomas Alva Edison is probably the most amazing, outstanding and spectacular
human beings this planet has ever seen. Since him americans have had the luck to be
blessed by other inventors such as Bill Gates but no one quite matches up to the ingenius
Thomas Edison.

John answers:

It seems like a lot of repetition and little substance. Where is your topic sentence? I have a hard time finding it. You’ve obviously done some research, you need to be more focused in your writing.

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