Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks Books

Carol asks…

How could I pay the least cost for this book through Barnes and Noble?

I received an E-mail from Barnes and Noble bookseller ( that highlights a book that I hope to purchase.
I find that if I ORDER this book from the website, the cost is less than if I pick up this same book (my local store has many copies of this book in stock!) from my local bn store.
I intend to pay THE LEAST COST for my reading materials and repeatedly visit my local Barnes and Noble store for these purchases.

How / if can I do so?

I try to pay CA$H for all my purchases.

John answers:

You could try going to the library and pay nothing.

Charles asks…

Stocks question??

I want to learn all about buying stocks. Some people have already suggested using websites like etrade, etc, but can anyone recommend a good book or site that explains all about stocks, how to pick one, how to read all the statistics on it etc?? I know there is always the possibility of me losing my money, but I would obviously feel alot better off if I can do this the right way by knowing as much as I can about the whole thing. So, can anyone give me some advice??

Thanks! 😉

John answers:

Try Investopedia or Yahoo! Finance.

Reading the Wall Street Journal is also a good start, as is the business section of your local paper. You can get a feel for everything at one time with the paper. Use the online encyclopedias for terms and numbers you don’t understand.

Linda asks…

How should I end my story?

Audrey is 17 and lives in Edisto Beach,CO,with her over protective mother. Her parents divorced when she was 13,so getting along with her mom has always been hard. Adam,also 17,is Audrey’s best friend who is gay. Audrey feels like she can talk to Adam about anything and they share one thing in common,they are both bullied at their school. Audrey decides that one day she would rather be dead than alive and dealing with the torment from the kids at her school everyday. Audrey’s “plan” fails and after a night of innocence,Audrey finds out she’s pregnant and it’s Adam. Audrey’s mom wants her to get an abortion or adoption but Audrey refuses both. She wants this baby and Adam is behind her ever step of the day. Audrey has to go back to school and deal with the extra torment and kids calling her a slut because of her pregnancy. Can Audrey and Adam deal with all the extra unwanted attention or will Audrey cave back into depression? And how will Adam deal with the anxiety of soon becoming a teen father?
Okay I know the summary SUCKS,but I just wrote it so I will fix it when I am up to it. Even as I read the summary it sounds a bit cliche but oh well. 🙂

A little of the beginning?
This wasn’t who I was suppose to be. I was once a nobody at my school surrounded by many other teens who wouldn’t even look at me if I passed by. Now, because of all the tormenting of the other girls I had become a laughing stock and I just wanted so hard to become that nobody I use to be to them. I stared at the blank expression on my pale face in the mirror as if I was living someone else’s life and not my own.
The vanity mirror above the marble sink in my bathroom felt ice cold on my fingers as I opened it. I can‘t believe I was doing this. I was actually now debating if it was the right thing to do. My hand shook as I reached out and grabbed the bottle of sleeping pills and I pulled it close to me, like it was my only way out of this hell called life. I was so eager to get this all over with. To end it. I hadn’t really thought of if my mom would miss me or not, she had her own problems to worry about and I certainly wasn’t one of them. No. I was doing this for me. I cried just as the thought of my best friend, Adam, came to my mind and I realized I would be leaving him too. I had decided that he was better off without me. I was taking the selfish and easy way out but I didn’t care. I was done. I fumbled with the stupid child safety lock on the pill bottle and tried to easily pop the top off. Ugh! These things were always so hard.
Why did they have to make these so hard to open. I grumbled to myself as the top flung open and all the little white death pills shot everywhere.
I waited silently for a minute to make sure my mom hadn’t heard the slight noise. I wanted it simple. I wanted to open the bottle and swallow the pills. Be done with it. Now they were strewn all over the floor and it would take more time to pick them up. I let out a slight giggle as I gathered up enough pills that I figured would be able to do me in.
I stood up smirking as I went to the sink to drink the glass of water I had filled up earlier. These girls won’t be able to bother me anymore. I was happy at that thought. I glanced nervously down at my hand as I popped the pills into my mouth and took a big gulp of water. Putting the glass back down as I tried hard to steady myself and kept thinking this was it. The easiest way to go. My vision was becoming cloudy and the last image of Adam came, smiling at me, as my whole body fell to the floor.

Okay so Audrey and Adam end up having a baby together. I was thinking of ending the story at the school where Audrey and Adam go to,like Audrey could tell the girls who have bullied her off,but I don’t want to have too cliche of an ending.

BQ:If you are a teen would you read this?
BQ:What would you see as the title that would draw you to picking this book up and read it?
I am not asking for you to tell me what I should say but just ideas as to how I can make the ending good.
not suppose to be a question mark where it says a little of the beginning lol
Idk I just think it would be sad if I had her give the baby up or have a miscarriage,I am so attatched to them already,I just don’t think I could do that to her. I just invisioned them keeping the baby.

John answers:

Wow, I think your story idea is great! I would totally read it if you published it. But anyway as for an ending…I think you should do something unexpected, like Adam being bullied because hes gay yet he had sex with a girl, and I think something should happen to Audrey’s pregnancy, like maybe she had a miscarriage (I know thats depressing but its unexpected) or she gives the baby up for adoption. Hope I helped 🙂

Oh and to answer your other quetions.
I am 14 years old ( a teen) and I would so read this!
As for the title, I would be interested if it was something like “Unexpected Failures” or something like that(sorry i know thats not really good lol)

Susan asks…

How do I invest in these stocks and find them? HELP?


Look bellow at Diedrich coffee DDRX over the past six months (chart at the bottom of this) it has had a massive gain: Stocks like this one and others that I seen come out of what is called a “Narrow Sideways Price Channel”! In other words in this case it was at a relatively FLAT price or price channel when it was a penny stock and then it stated picking up momentum. There is a rule I once remember reading in an investing book that if a stock or commodity is in a narrow flat price range: if it STARTS to gain momentum in will generally continue on in that direction until resistance is met. In other words if there is a 20 dollar stock and it stays almost the same price for 3 month but then all of a sudden starts falling to 18 and bellow, then it will probably KEEP going down for a long time to come i.e. falling demand. The same holds true for this stock if a stock that’s 35 cents which it was and stays flat and then goes to 1.10 there is a good chance it will keep going up i.e. rising demand. I have SEEN this pattern before it’s amazing how it seems to work. SOOOO how can someone screen for this or find this? IS there software for finding horizontal narrow price channels?

John answers:

Well there is a couple of problems using this stock as the basis for your thesis. DDRX was added to the Russell 2000 Index in June which means all index and ETF funds that replicate the index would have had to buy it to properly replicate the index returns which means the stock would go up on that news alone. The stock really jumped in April which corresponds with the first period they reported an operating profit in their history, a profit that equates to 25 cents a share which is substantial considering the stock was trading at 49 cents at the time. It is benefiting from the growth in Green Mountain Coffee which has experienced exponential growth as it was recently chosen by McDonald’s as its exclusive coffee maker.

The key to testing a model like you are describing is testing it on a number of different stocks that fall into the screen and ensuring that the model works in more than just one situation. DDRX is a small cap stock that is closely tied to another company and is benefiting from that relationship, that is a great fundamental story, but its not a statistically significant one. Its easy to pick a stock like this and apply your thesis and say “see it worked” but the fact is that this isn’t a normal case.

Sandra asks…

brokerage account ? how to pick one?

how do i buy stocks ? how can i lear ho to do this i been watching the markets and stocks for 4 years
i read some books
i just don’t know where to start or how i also have a lot of time in my hands and computer near me all the time
thank you

John answers:

Pick the one that has the features you want: smallest deposit amount, least expensive, best trading tools, etc. There are plenty of them out there – Scottrade, Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Etrade.

What is it you want this account to do: save for retirement, or some other goal??

Most people when they open account, they have a clear goal. Or they want to buy a specific stock or mutual fund. What is it you want to buy?? What is your plan here – what do you want to accomplish??

Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson is a good primer. Morningstar also has some good tutorials.

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