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Jenny asks…

Who would be a better president to pick up the economy?

The wildly successful businessman with decades of cultivating wealth in the stock-market?
The ACORN community organizer who is the most radical leftist president in history who made a few million selling his book about how much it sucks to be a mulatto?

John answers:

Romney will be US President

Obama will back to chicago as President of University of chicago law school.

Yes, I will vote for obama as law school president….





YES, i will vote obama as PRESIDENT OF KENYA 2012

Mandy asks…

“My Name Is Not `Jelly`” a riposte for yor kind comments.?

“Jellied Eels are at work
behind blocks they whinge and smirk
their non-supplicants to irk…
Jelled heels.

If you smear jelly on your heels
You might feel so victorious
UnlessI turn on y own solar light
And you turn into Icarus!

If ye canna stand to not be lauded
atevery turn – your mind is clouded
with ego`s more relent;less smoke –
the wigs we see are melting – that`s no joke!

How fast your glowing turned to sp;ite
behind a total block, of course
Andyetyou wish to shine like gold –
no fault of yours you`ve brought it on,? – oh, perish the thougjht!

Ever-sweet is never truje
for human beings
where does that
place you?

If you cannot admit that you`ve been out of order
I`m glad to be spared the perfumed ordure –
for behind the block your viper appeared –
the obverse of your self-pity, in jelly not deliberately actually veneered.

You`ve not the humility to apologize –
too busy beingclever, the damage done to admit, but I realize
one day, you`ll re-read and find that you agree –
Until then, waste your time defining others in – poetry.

But LC …not me. I`m not jelly to your rock –
take stock – behind your attacking block.
S you turn so quickly to have others with you – attack –
I re-iterate – write a book
for that will – pick up and focus your slack (as it did mine)”

To keep looking outside for approval
is to invite the opposite too
and if you`re too silly to accept that –
I`m losing a deceiving-ish burden in being blocked by you.TY.”
I think the prob is that a friendship which I did no toffer
was used as an investigative device – I bear LC no malice
but am very, very angry
and am tooill to bear such negative energy…
that I have had to be driven to anger over months.
I can not explain without seeming to `blame`.
There is no rift, but a straight refusal to participate in what to me
has been a big lie
and often hurt.
that`s the case,
all other opinions are secondary
and …TY for you`ve helped me see the `lie`.
no malice.
just no more assumptions – i respect me –
I respect her error.
that`s rhe best I can do, however it seems to others
it feels more real to whom /i am.
I wish her well actually…
I can not be who she needs as a friend, and want out of being angry.
every time I`m on Y.
That`s all.
The `Additional Details` are in response to Yoli Rosa …TY… I get it
and still feel upset. I NEED my own choices.
I trust myself first, that`s how I learn and sometimes teach, it`s not for anyone to tell me
who/ what I `oufht` to be/ do.
I`m not evil – I am angry. so let it – Be. TY.

John answers:

This can easily be turned into a rap song.
Good flow and a nice story..
Also its called slam poetry.

Daniel asks…

How to deal with a vindictive ex gf? How can I speed up the custody process? My co worker says im too involved?

Ok so I’m Chase, I’m 27 years old and I have a 4 year old daughter Chelcee. My ex-wife has custody of her but I’m trying to change that. My ex brings over random guys, smokes in front of my daughter and tells her family & my family that Chelcee isn’t mine.

My ex Dana has been out of work for 1 year and my daughter has been living in terrible conditions over that period. They’ve gone from her Dana’s mother’s house in Decatur, GA to a 1 bedroom apt in the projects.

For some reason, the judge sees it fit for Chelcee to live with her mother and not me. Mind you, before the seperation I was out of work and my ex was working. But she lost her job and turned to drugs so I started stocking grocery shelves to pay for child support and other necessities for my daughter while studying Banking & Finance in the day and now Im a senior financial analyst.

The judge still wants her to live with her mother for “emotional support” but I’m like Dana can’t even support her self, much less another human being.

I started a college fund for Dana and so far there’s $20,000 in it. Every week I drop off underwear, clothes, food, toys and books for Chelcee and when she allows me I take Chelcee for ice cream and to the park. One of my co-workers, however, doesn’t think I should be doing all that. He thinks that because the judge wanted Chelcee with Dana, that Dana should be doing all this stuff.. & I am starting to feel used, all those other dads who don’t provide for their kids are able to other things like pay their bills on time. I’ve came home so many times to find my lights turned off because I had to pay for stuff like Checlee’s asthma medicine, so I had to put my electricity on the back burner.

And also I’ve told Dana several times, I want no relationship with other than the one we have to maintain because we have a child together. I will make nice for our daughter’s sake.

So about the housing situation. Dana has a 1 bedroom apt. in the projects and she and Chelcee share a bed. I live in Peachtree City, GA in a 3 bedroom house (my parents live with me) where my daughter will have her own room.

Dana has been keeping Chelcee home for weeks and as a result she has missed several weeks of pre-school & the pre-school that Dana has Chelcee in is really a day care at someone’s house where they watch kids until a parent can pick them up. I want to have Chelcee in an actual system but her mother doesn’t think it’s “needed”.

So I’m working on getting full custody of Chelcee before December so I can have her in a school by January. I really just want my baby back:)

John answers:

While I commend you for thinking of a college fund for your daughter you should be more concerned with your lights.

Also, you shouldn’t be so detailed on yahoo answers, remove the names and cities and repost again, and delete this question.

Anyone can get on here even your ex and can print this off as “proof” you are spreading lies or what ever.

The best chance you have of getting custody is right now, when the child is going to start real school, that was when my husband filed and he did get custody.

You have to get a real lawyer, and I suggest you use some of that 20K for a descent one. Then you need to file the motion and then get yourself a Guardian Ad Litem….in GA these people are like lawyers for the children. They will go and investigate the mom’s home, your home, talk with neighbors talk with the daycare and the doctors…etc…he/she will have every right to speak to anyone involved with the child, her rights are given to her by the Judge in the form of a court order. This is a person you WANT on your side, but they are not easy to fool, so you need to be as honest as you can and never ever say anything bad about the mom. What you say is “I worry about Chelcee having to move so much, it has to be hard not having her own space”, or “I worry that if Dana keeps Chelcee home during pre-school because she is lonely I wonder what will happen during real school.”…or my favorite…”I worry about Chelcee being unprepared for first grade…I feel if she were in a more structured daycare that was teaching her that she would be able to shine in first grade”.

All of those show your concern about the CHILD, and don’t hammer on the mom. When the GAL asks if you have discussed the school thing with the mom you have to say “Yes, I tried, but she said it wasn’t needed, i tried to show her my points about school and being behind but I was basically told I am just the dad and she knows best.”

And you should be shooting for primary custody, not full, unless Dana hurt her you won’t get full.

My husband was never married to the mom, and we are in GA too. Our court cases went like this:
April 2007 = DNA test ordered to legitimize child and GAL appointed
August 2007 = Temporary order written giving primary custody to mother, set visitation to father, and set child support.
June 2008 = Final order of Primary Custody given to Father, mom got secondary and every other weekend, and mom has to pay dad child support.
April 2009 = Bench warrant issued for mom by child support enforcement for not paying child support
July 2010 = Mom’s visitation reduced to Supervised visits every other Saturday for 4 hours, Child support order remains the same.
May 2012 = Mom’s rights terminated, step mom adopts child.

Now granted….we had a real sorry excuse for a mom on our hands, not every case will turn out this way, we are actually the exception not the rule….but there are Judges in GA that understand a mom CAN be a worthless piece of crud. You just have to convince the GAL that you have the child’s best interest in mind, and you really truly cherish her, and you want her with you out of love, and not so you can get low income housing, or WIC.

As for you giving her all the extra clothes and food and stuff stop that, that is what your child support is for…if she can’t make it on her own and support the child then that is another reason why you should have custody.

James asks…

What do you do when you’re a loner at school?

I’ve looked this question up all over Google and I can’t really seem to find an answer that will fit my situation. If I ask this question a little awkwardly, I apologize, I’m usually horrible at explaining things.

I’m 15 (about to be 16 in October) and I’m a sophomore in high school and I have a bit of a social anxiety feeling every time I go to school. I’m that loner kid that sits in the back of the room that nobody really ever talks to unless they have no choice.

As far as looks go, I guess I could rate myself a 6-ish (7?). I’ve been told by girls over Facebook (that don’t go to my school) that I’m cute.

I’ve been in my hometown my entire life, thus never moving schools. Which means I never got a clean slate. When I was in Elementary-Middle school, I was that obnoxious but extroverted kid that everyone either loved or hated, I guess you could say. I had my friends. But over the years, they either ditched me for another clique of people, moved schools against their will, or just faded away from the picture.

I made a bunch of stupid mistakes in my time, especially when I was in 8th grade where I was in a gifted class with literally ALL preppy kids besides myself with like 1 other “acquaintance” in that room that I never talked to besides at lunch (because, y’know, he had better people to hang out with). I never socialized, and one day we had an after-school assembly we had to go to for gifted (which I didn’t go to, and I didn’t technically HAVE to go, either) and my teacher, which is some kind of godmother to everyone except me, asked me where I was at the night we did it, and in a rush for an excuse, I told them I was with my mom at an arts store… ‘~’

I guess you could say that was the biggest black mark of my school social reputation. I practically committed social suicide. And being a lot of popular kids in the same room, the story spread around quickly. I was turned into the laughing stock of the 8th grade. My mind kind of shut down from that point onward, and my education began to severely suffer from it. Grades dropped, was kicked out of all gifted classes, etc. (I was never happy in the gifted classes, so I could be more or less “meh” about it now).

A while after I guess everyone either forgot about that incident or dropped it. I haven’t heard of it since.

Now, in 10th Grade, I shadow everyone to class and out. I still have my so-called “friends”, but they never do much more than say hi anymore. I don’t really seem like I belong with anyone.

I don’t really know what I’m asking, exactly. But what would you do to pass the time? Or to fix the entire situation completely?

I can’t listen to music ANYWHERE in school (that would be a heaven on earth for me), clubs are out of the picture since, like said, my reputation is a skidmark. I try to do sports, like Track and X Country, which I really love, but I can’t stand not having anyone to talk to, and I prefer to only have to be in school when I have to, then get home and start playing Skyrim or whatever.

So making new friends is out of the picture. :/

I’m an open agnostic-theist, so there are a few hardcore Christians in my school here and there that pick at me, but after I retaliate with a little logic, they buzz off or give up the argument (I’m cool with other peoples religions, btw. You could be a Satanist and be my best friend for all I care. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. But these guys try to attack me with their beliefs which is ridiculous).

So going to God or any other spiritual deity is out of the question. No, I’m not interested in converting, no matter how “awesome” it’d feel to have someone constantly watching me. I was Christian for 13 years and they were horrible. Sorry.

I tried reading books, but the people at my school makes fun of people behind their back for actually trying to be something in life and getting an education.

I considered moving to the school in another town close to mine that my dad works in. The downside is that it’s a little notorious for having a couple gang issues, but I’m not a trouble-making kind of guy, and there is a bit of an educational problem with the teachers there, so I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t go for any other reason than those two problems. Besides, I can handle myself in a fight, as long as it’s at 1v1 where I don’t have any really significant disadvantages, especially in numbers. And I never had bully problems, since that was dealt with quick every time. And I can stay behind for tutoring if needed, especially since school releases at 3-ish and my dad gets off at 4.

Even if I don’t make friends in the new school, at least I’d be able to comfort myself in the relief that nobody that goes there knows my story, and that I’d have a clean record. I’d do

John answers:

Interesting life lol, don’t get into friendship. Really, you never reeeally find a good friend until you reach uni or something, the other ‘friends’ you meet during your teen years are basically all fake. They just use you so they don’t look like loners. You don’t need friends,trust me. Focus on the education, don’t try to be the ‘popular’ kid unless your grades are top asian, like 90%+ Being a loner is not a bad thing, although you might sometimes want a time for entertainment as well as talking to people but you can find someone for that. Trust me finding people, making friends, isn’t hard, but when you find a friend, don’t get yourself pulled real close to them, don’t give yourself trust issues. Start a convo by heeey and a big smile, totally makes you look like someone people want to meet/talk to. I’d honestly prefer being a loner, cause my friends are pure distracting lol but i’m never really left alone. I don’t seek for attention yet…. I somehow get it? It’s just a funny life. Live it uppppppp, get good grades, and those ‘popular’ kids will come crashing down once your successful. Don’t care about reputation, shape yourself perfectly and people will be chassing after you. Oh and don’t be one of those jerks kind of people… Those are just disgusting no matter how popular they get. Just gross.

Maria asks…

Help with Financial Statements?Please?

During the year, Chumlee’s Kitchen Supply increased its accounts receivable by $70, decreased its inventory by $73, and decreased its accounts payable by $50. How did these three accounts affect the firm’s cash flows for the year? Enter sources of cash as positive numbers and uses of cash as negative numbers.

Antique Archeology had $25,146 in net fixed assets at the beginning of the year. During the year, the company purchased a new van to go ‘picking’ in which resulted in $5,214 in new net capital spending. The depreciation expense for the year was $4,090. What is the net fixed asset balance at the end of the year?

Enter your response as a whole number without punctuation marks (ex. $45,233 as 45233).

SOA Cycles is a Charming, CA based motorcycle shop. Their stock currently sells for $57.43 per share and the company earns $24.4 million in net income, which comes out to $4.69 per share. If they currently have $407 million in total shareholders’ equity on the books, what is their market-to-book ratio? That is, how many times larger is the market value of the firm’s equity than what they are stating on the books?

John answers:

– $70 increase in A/R
+ $73 decrease in inventory
– $50 decrease in A/R
= $47 decrease in cash flow from operating activities

25,146 + 5,214 – 4,090 = $26,270

$24,400,000 / 4.69 = 5,202,559 shares outstanding
407,000,000 / 5,202,559 = $78.23 book value per share

57.43 / 78.23 = 0.73 market-to-book ratio

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