Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks Books

Nancy asks…

I need help with english?

I need help with Work Ethics and Values

Read the following work ethic scenarios. Find the adjective that best describes the behavior demonstrated by the teenager.

Regina babysits for a lady in her neighborhood. Mrs. Redd pays Regina to watch her two small children while she works on medical transcriptions in her home office. Regina promised to come every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Today is Tuesday and she has five more minutes before she has to leave. She’s had a long day at school and just wants to relax and watch TV. She lies down on the couch, flips on the TV, and falls asleep.
A.) fanatical

Sam helps his dad at his office after school. He cleans up the office, waters the plants, and takes out the trash. One day while Sam’s dad is out of the office, Sam finds a crumpled twenty dollar bill behind the candy machine. Sam has been saving for a new mountain bike and he could really use the money! His dad doesn’t pay him very much, so he figures they are even now as he slips the twenty into his pocket.
A.) insightful
b.) independent

Zack works a few hours every week at his Uncle Brent’s drug store. He gets paid to keep the candy shelves stocked and orderly and keep the floors swept and mopped. Zack’s friends know he works there and have asked him to let them take some candy once in a while without paying. Zack tells them he will buy them some candy, but he had better never see them stealing from his uncle.
a.) trustworthy
b.) taciturn
c.) disagreeable

Cassandra helps her sister on weekends at her busy restaurant by taking down people’s names as they arrive and then helping them get seated. One extremely busy Saturday, a very well-dressed customer comes in and asks how long the wait will be. When she says, “35 minutes,” he pulls out a ten dollar bill and whispers, “You may have this if you will bump me to the top of the list.” Cassandra smiles and politely says, “I’m sorry sir, you’ll have to wait your turn.”
a.) apathetic
b.) irrational

Be Proactive

Read the following scenarios. If the person deals with the situation in a proactive way.

Kim and her friends are driving to the movie theater. Suddenly, a car pulls in front of her, making her slam on her brakes. “You stupid idiot!” she yells and honks her horn.

Dexter looks at his English composition. There is a big red “D-” on the top of the page. He thinks, “I guess I should have spent more time on this paper.” After class, he asks his teacher if she can give him some pointers for writing a better composition.
a.) proactive

Madison’s best friend Kim promised to come over and help her with her science project. Kim calls at the last minute, saying she can’t make it. Madison later finds out that Kim accepted an invitation to go to the mall at the last minute. Madison decides to cut Kim some slack and ask for her help another time.

Jim’s dad refuses to let him go to a Thursday night party. Jim says, “Dad, why don’t you understand me? You make my life so hard.”
a.) proactive

Trina’s little brother takes her expensive perfume and dumps it in the bathtub. Trina picks up a book and throws it at him.
Tony doesn’t like his math teacher. He tells his friends, “I’m going to flunk math because of her!”
a.) proactive
b.) reactive

John answers:

Having yahoo answers to answer your HW is bad.

Ken asks…

Warren Buffett… very limited……?

After having read stacks of books on WB.. and noticing how his ROI has slipped the last few years.. Is there any point to trying to implement his strategies closely?

1. Basically all or the vast majority of the stocks that have sustainable competitive advantages are in US markets.

So that means you wouldn’t touch the multitude of fantastic value and growth stocks around the world when you see them? Simply because they weren’t huge enough to have an economic moat?

2. Millions upon millions of people world-wide are probably eye-balling the same few stocks that WB has picked and is vested in, and also combing the rest of the market with the same ideas. It makes buying in at a Margin of Safety to Intrinsic Value nearly impossible in all but the most serious of financial messes.

And when this happens, odds are it’s going to drop a lot more than a normal margin of safety.

And when markets rebound? The large clunkers that fit a WB model are probably not going to come back as strongly as some other more exciting high beta growth stocks.

3. You’d miss out of a wide range of other attractive scenarios.
e.g. Asset plays, turn-arounds, Cyclical stocks etc if you just followed what was divulged.

Several other reasons I won’t bother typing.

So in the end, do you consider WB relevant to today’s markets?
If not, who would you consider as being very relevant?

This question is about FUNDAMENTALS. NOT TECHNICALS.
Don’t be stupid.
Why wouldn’t I be able to think critically about anyone?
It’s called having a brain. 🙂

You obviously have opinions about him. Do you have 1/10 of his assets?
What an idiot.
Fascinated why some retired salesman that read a book on TA feels qualified to spout his drivel all over the place. ROFLMAO!

John answers:

Value investing is as strong as ever. Berkshire Hathaway’s problem is that they are the 800 pound gorilla. They have so much cash available for investing that they can’t use it all, they can’t get into smaller companies without really affecting the stock price. Smaller companies tend to be more profitable since they have more growth opportunities.

Laura asks…

disappointed on christmas :(?

first of all, if you think I’m a spoiled brat then dont read this. If you are bored or have some advice to offer, feel free to read.

Basically I’m a 15 year old girl and I am really disappointed after opening our Christmas gifts today for a few reasons.

1) This year my parents asked me to write them a Christmas list. So I did. I only put one thing on it – a good phone (smartphone or even a qwerty phone) to replace the ancient, broken, hand me down phone that I am using. In the months leading up to xmas, my mom constantly talked about phones and looking at them in the store and which types I would like. On Christmas morning in my stocking I had a special phone charger/holder and the box for my Santa Gift was exactly the size of a phone box. It wasn’t a phone and I didn’t get one :'( Literally every single person I know owns either an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or BOTH and I am upset because my parents really led me on and made me think I was getting a phone and then my Santa gift was a small set of icing decorator supplies (which I knew I was getting and were supposed to be a gift from my mom) Also, all the people I know who didn’t get a new phone either got an ipad 2 or a macbook pro..

2) I put a ton of thought into my Christmas gifts for my family this year and took the time to pick out special things for each person and I spent hours making (from scratch) special cards for my brother, sister, dad, and mom. The gifts I received from them were all either very simple, inexpensive (those quick grab things you buy at the last minute because you don’t have a gift) or were really indirect gifts to themselves. Like my mom got me a flour sifter which only she will ever use. It made me kind of sad because I put so much thought into my gifts this year and none of my family reciprocated.

3) My family apparently doesn’t talk to each other because I got several duplicate gifts. I got 3 copies of the same book, a book I already own, and 5 different books on fashion design. Yes, I like fashion design and I was thrilled about the first book, but once you have 5 books that are nearly identical you start feeling sad.

4) My brother and sister both received large expensive gifts (sister got kinect for her xbox with several accessories and 4 games and my bro got a huge board game set, 2 games for the xbox, etc.) and I got several things I had purchased myself with my rewards cards/gift cards from stores. It was kind of like my parents were regifting things to me that I already owned..

Sorry if you think I sound spoiled but Christmas is a big deal to me and while I love giving gifts and I was so excited about what I was giving this year, it’s really hard not to be disappointed when you are led to believe you’re getting a great gift and then you don’t. We aren’t “rich” per se but definitely not poor (my parents got expensive gifts for each other) and I don’t understand why they cheaped out on gifts for me especially.. Does anyone have suggestions on how to feel better? I tried to talk to my mom about it but she didn’t get it at all; she just told me: your phone still works (even though it doesn’t send msgs 3/4 of the time and randomly turns off and doesn’t vibrate when I get a text…) and you’re not getting a new one until you’re at least 18.

Please help!
I don’t have the heart to tell a 10-year-old I don’t like her gift or to return gifts, then I would just make my family feel sad on Christmas too 🙁

also the phone I have now isn’t really mine: it’s shared with my mom so I only get it about once a week and it has a 10 dollar plan so to the answerer who said “your mommy and daddy pay the bill”, yes they do but I am only 2.50 a month for a terrible (not even a flip) phone I barely get to use

and yes – my school did a survey and 90% of students have a blackberry, 7% have an iphone, 2% have other phones, and 1% don’t have phones (but that includes grade 8s) and I live in Canada and you can’t get a job till 16 or I would buy a good phone myself.
my brother is also 17, my sister is 10 and my parents are not planning to get me anything big for my 16th. I am for sure not getting a phone, a laptop, or any form of a car. Also I do not own (and never have) owned a laptop or an ipod (my brother has had both since grade 8) and my little sister got an ipod for her birthday
also i don’t get an allowance so I have no form of income 🙁

John answers:

The reason I read this post is because I too am disappointed with my Christmas gifts and yes its actually painful and confusing because we are told to be grateful and that” Christmas is not really about presents.” So if we dare to feel disappointed we think we are “spoiled and ungrateful”. I personally think your distress is about the fact that your parents/mum were teasing you and “promising ” you a phone by their actions. How horrid to trick you like that!!!!! If they had told you in the beginning when you indicated your wish {at their request] that you cant have a new phone til you are 18 you would not have been expecting this wish to be honoured. No matter if everyone has or hasnt got a phone -this is about two adults who have behaved very badly and set you up for disappointment. Wow that makes me ANGRY. Some people actually get pleasure from teasing but oh please not at Christmas when we are supposed to show our love and appreciation for others.
I think you have every right to feel upset and I also think it would be beneficial to express your feelings about being set up for disappointment -without putting emphasis on the actual phone because this distracts from the issue and makes you look like the one who is behaving incorrectly. Sweetheart please consider that you may be in a dysfunctional family which does not have your best interests at heart .Your siblings are also only following the example set by your parents so perhaps your voicing the problem about how you are being treated will help them too.Best of luck and please be strong and assertive about your feelings. Love your parents but at the same time be willing to accept that they [like everyone]are not perfect and can learn to behave differently if necessary for the well being of the whole family. Another aspect to consider is that there appears to be an inequality or favouritism in this family and that is another no-no for parents .

Betty asks…

why is the Miz being made to look stupid when he’s to star in the marine 3?

putting any personal opinion on the Miz to one side.
wwe picks the Miz to star in its next wwe studios movie and then books him to lose to a short term no hope funkasaurus 3 times, do a stupid looking dance and put him on a losing streak?
how can wwe expect the marine 3 to sell well when its star is made to look stupid?
its anticlimatic. lets face it the only ones who may watch a wwe studios movie release is a wwe fan but no fan will pay to see the movie when the star is treat like a laughing stock.
how is that good business sense?
how can wwe expect the marine 3 to gain prophet and be a success?

John answers:

Good question, have someone star in a film and yet the lose – I remember Kane (See no Evil), Cena (numerous films), Formerly MR Kennedy (Behind enemy lines columbia) when THEY had a film releasing they had very good matches and dominated. The thing is with MIZ they’re making him lose and still expect such a movie with the WWE branding on it succeed with in itself is a joke, I don’t understnad the marketing point of view whatsoever.

David asks…

Black people, what do you think of this book?

I have a friend writing a book called “Our Economics”. It is a book that talks about the economic state if the black community and if it is at the level it needs to be. The book also talks about how to invest in the right stocks, picking the right insurance companies and eliminating foreclosure on your house. In addition, there will be a section that will give 10 fundamental tips on how to protect your Business(if you have one). My friend says that the economy is screwed and we in the black community have to keep an eye out! What do you guys think?
The book will come out in January.

John answers:

That sounds good, you should provide some links on how to purchas this book. Is it out yet, who is the author, come on man work with me.

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