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Ruth asks…

my bf has this essay he has to write for english………….?

and hes about to fail that class and he asked me for help and i really want to help him but i just cant figure out how to write the intro his teacher wants it perfect with a thesis statment and all its about huckleberry fin he has to choose a comment that a caracter said and he chose “i dont take no stock in dead people” thts when huck says that about moses and he has to write about how this changes and pick events were this takes place like for ex when buck dies huck gets a little emotional so that shows that he as matured and so on so i just need help with the intro if ne one would help with the whole essay its 5 paragraphs long tht will be great so thanks o and the intro the name of the book and author needs to be inroduced
nooo im helping him with his essay hes writing it im helping him

John answers:

Considered to be one of America’s greatest piece of literature, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn depicted the title character’s emotional journey and maturity through the friendship and personal relationship he created.

Make sure you underline the title or italicize it if it’s word processed. Just add numerous quotes supporting your thesis, then explain them. Go back to your thesis statement for your conclusion. Good luck. You’re a good girlfriend.

Thomas asks…

How would you put a conclusion to this report? x x?

Health and Safety Report


My placement is at Riverbank secoondary school in westyorkshire. They take children aged 11 – 16 years of age. The class I am working with is year 9 and these children are aged 13 – 14. The school has to follow rules to make sure that staff members and the children would be safe in their environment.

The rules to follow in health and safety of legislation
To help safety representatives, employers and others, HSE has developed a internet free based system called COSHH Essentials which is available by logging on to:
COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health – 2002. This is legal of requirement in the UK for the employers to asses and control risks to their employee’s. Cleaning supplies would be stocked in a room neatly and tidily and would have to be put back after they have been used.

In school, nursery and work environments people would need to have a note book where they can record stuff down if anyone has any injuries. So people could record incidents of what happened, where it had happened and what time it took place. RIDDOR stands for Reporting Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations – 1995.

To keep the employers, employees and the general public safe HASAWA would be the best law that is made by the government. Everybody is responsible for everyone’s safety, has a duty to impose of care to employers and employees in workplaces. The health and safety and safety act at my placement covers all school buildings and the grounds. HASAWA stands for Health and Safety at Work Act – 1974.

Guidelines of health and safety
The guidelines in my placement of health and safety are:
Responsibilities – where staff will receive information, arrange different staff to do staff training at different times.
Arrangements for supervision of pupils – parents/guardians should be responsible for their children to travel to and from school safely. If children would like to attend after school clubs then they will be supervised until the time that is stated on letters that is agreed and signed by parents
Arrangements for consumption of food – all food that is prepared and/or served on school premises will comply of the relevant legislation laid down in the food safety act 1990 and food safety (general hygiene) regulations 1995. All persons that do handle with food would have or would be supervised by a person who has received the appropriate training in food hygiene.
Emergency Procedures – illness – parents would need to give the school an emergency number so that if their child is feeling unwell or has a headache then the school can ring parents up and ask them to pick up their child from school.

Risk Assessment
Risk assessment at my placement is carried out on a termly basis by the governor, with the responsibility for health and safety. The county council or agents of the officers would be enabled by the governing body to carry out assessments in respect of landlord items.

Sorry if this is so long to read! But i would want some ideas on the conclusion.

John answers:

Essays – tell them what you’re going to write, write it, and then tell them what you’ve wrote.

Summarize it with a decision, and support is with facts

John asks…

What would you name these people for a story i’m writing?

What would you name these kids according to their looks and or personality? Soem names i have picked out, tell me if you think it fits or have any suggestions. First middle and last if you want but you can just do first too. Thanks!
1. Little Girl, 9 years old, I’m calling her Ellie do you think that fits her? This is about how i picture her:
2. Little Boy, 9 years old, i dont really have a description, sweet and shy kinda, this is about how i pitcture him:
3. Young Woman (18), sister to Ellie, Happy, supportive of ellie, smart, has a close bond with ellie, nice, pretty, friendly, artistic
4. Ellie’s older brother (16), thinks ellies annoying, surly teenager, has alot of friends, doesn’t care about his family, likes to play video games, the average teen, can be nice at rare times
(I couldnt find a good picture for him, he has blonde hair thats short but not a buzz cut, like spikes kind of)

John answers:

1) Yeah, she looks like a Ellie.
2) Colin, Garrett, Heath, Travis, Noah, Brett, Kai
3) Miranda, Caitlin, Daphne, Meredith, Morgan, Brenna, Savannah
4) Lucas, Tyler, Nathan, Benjamin, Thomas, Jonah

Last names:

Good luck with your story 😉

Sandra asks…

What is the best title for my book, and how the crap do i get it published?

it takes place thirty years in the future and its about how a guy got rich thirty years ago off of the stock market and bought an island, he set up and extremely high tech city full of apartments with a tube system for food at the touch of a button, the only way you got to live there was if you came and worked there for a living and gave all your profits to the government, the guy,

Back in present time, the guy got so rich off of his small country that he bought the rest of the world little by little and has completely eradicated crime and violence, now he is ready to retire and picks a teenage boy to take his place as ruler of the world, this boy becomes his apprentice and eventually discovers that the world isn’t so good, and is very corrupt, so he has to figure out what to do without dying.

please serious answers, yes, even you mr t.

John answers:

I don’t know but that sounds really really cool! I hope you find a way to get it published so I can read it!

Mark asks…

Beginner book for day/night trading/s?

I’ve been interested for a while now in trading in one of the many markets that are available today (forex,stock,binary options etc)
I’ve tried to pick a book on several of them but they all assume a prior knowledge of the many processes and requier knowledge of much terminology that is just so alien for me yet….
What I am asking is if you good people could sujest me an overall beginner book that explain what markets are there and how the overall system works and list the most used terminology…
I mean so I could really learn from the beginning and not dive every time into something that I am not even born for yet….I simply lack the necessary knowledge yet.
If you understand please sujest.

John answers:

Great for beginners:
Currency Trading for Dummies by Brian Dolan
There are plenty of free articles, ebooks, ecourses and websites that are designed to help beginners learn the basics.

Some of my favorite books:
Come Into My Trading Room by by Alexander Elder
Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder

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