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Richard asks…

How would you solve Relationship/Friendship Problems?

This one kind of tricky, but follow along the best you can okay. I know it’s a lot. I’m 15 years old and I met this really cute boy last year. We seemed to get along really,well until his friends started saying he liked me. At first I didn’t believe them, I thought it was a joke. But It ended up being true. He had E-mailed me a sweet love letter that day after school. I didn’t know what to make of it…and it kind of freaked me out..I’ve only met the kid a few weeks and he’s been over to my house a couple of times and I’ve only been over to his .Trust me we didn’t do anything really special just hung out and watched televison. Also he was extremely insane,sort of, one of those nerdy, timid kids in advanced placement classes and addicted to video games, yet seemed to substain possible friends. I was shocked about the letter.. and considered some following dislikes and likes about the guy..I relized he wasn’t the one… I was sort of mad at him too for some reason. I didn’t respond. I would see him at school and I would never really say hi or wave to him.. We didn’t really communicate for a year. He was shy so he didn’t doubt my reasons. I’ve slowy been hanging out with him for the past few months and I feel like we were ment for each other again. I’ve told some of my friends I like him, but the word will never get out because my friends are very trusting and understand. I told him about the whole situition and he seemed cool with it and he only thinks of me as a close friend. I want to ask him out, but I feel it would jeperdize our possible friendship. He friends are okay a little to. Sometimes I walked home from school with him and his friend.. we talk a bit ,but it’s about a random a videogame or moive. Some time we get into debating conversation that are completely pointless with absoulty no meaning. I feel like a follow him to much with his friends sometimes..Like I’m a stocker or something…I want to give him plenty of time with his friends.. but,I also want him to hang out with me..and in between all that I feel left out sometimes if I’m not noticed enough… We don’t have the same lunch period.. but the other day we took the C.A.S.H.E.E needed to pass highschool for two days. and I ended up getting his lunch period both times. The first day we hung out had fun chatted a bit ate lunch. The second day.. I saw him in the hall way,we waved to each as I passed him to go to my locker and get my lunch. I figure I would catch up to him later after I ate. I sat with his friends and ate like we did the day before. He wasn’t there. They asked me were he was. I left and checked the library. I found him and sat next to him. He didn’t say “Hi”. He seemed to busy in his work. I was kind of afraid to bother him.I began working on some of my homework too.. There was that awkward silence.. it seemed unbearable I couldn’t stand it. To many things were running through my head like, How come he doesn’t notice me? Should I really be bothering him? Does he think I’m a stocker?. Should I ask him something finally? Does it look weird with me and him sitting together and not talking? I was really nervous. I got up and left. I figured I shouldn’t be a leeche on his back. He didn’t look up.. when I left. I waited in a row of books.. I wanted to see his reaction. He left,too.. I went back his group of friends he wasn’t there. I told them he didn’t want to be bothered. I left them after and tried to find to him or at least talk to him..I didn’t get the change to.. the bell had rung. I want to talk to him about what was up with him that day.. But I don’t want to anazly the situation to hard and also jeperdize our relationship by moving to fast or being to nit picky. I know we should talk to each other a lot but, we don’t want to be annoyed by each other. I’ve picked up a few of his likes and dislikes too.. so at least we have something to talk about..mostly video games. He has X-box live. I want to sell my low-tec video games and get an X-box 360 with live.. I heard the graphics are better. On the other hand, I feel that if I do get an X-box360 with live and supposedly run into each other.. it would kind of be uncomfortable, becasue maybe his video games are him getting away from the real world. I’m beginning to doubt that we were meant for each other..What do I do?

John answers:

Wow… Talk about a story.. So this is what I think. First of all you are reading way toooo much into all these situations. Boys at 15,16 or whatever are not that smart to be doing all those things to drive you crazy. Trust me you are reading way too much into those things.

This is what I would do. Find something going on in school or around town that would be fun to do. Maybe with your friends, couples if you are feeling daring, and invite him to come with you. This way you will be able to spend one on one time again without having to worry about his friends.

Also don’t be thinking of him of if he is “the one” you are just setting up the relationship for failure before it even starts. So take it one step at a time, you are not getting married tomorrow so don’t stress out.

So if you want an X box live get one, but don’t base your decision on him.

Finally, if you are scared you are “stalking him” make sure he sees that you have your own life. That you are not scheduling your day around his lunch, or walking with him home. Don’t forget your friends either. It is not good if a guy thinks you are totally all over him.

So calm down, one step at a time. Try and plan something that isnt too much like a date, but you will have some time to get to know each other again.

Then you can go from there 🙂

Mandy asks…

Please help ! I’m really confused about my future…?

Hello, I’m currently a freshman in high school and I’ve been thinking a lot of what I’m going to do/ be in the future. We’re currently picking electives for sophomore year and I’m really confused about my future aspirations.

My Interests –
I’ve actually been interested in the health care field. What I was planning to do through out high school was stock up on science classes/math classes, take an academy class relating to the medical field, etc.

But recently I’m not sure about going into the health care field (pediatrics or neurology interest me the most). The thing I am really worried about is the amount of debt you’re going to get to after med school (for pediatricians the average is about $95,000) Actually starting to work seems just so far away. :/

I’m also interested in computers/technology/ and business somewhat. I’m actually really good with computers. I was able to make a webpage (though a bit average) by seventh grade. Business is okay in my book. I still need to explore through that.

Oh yes, and about electives. I need advice on how I want to order it around. So far, I’ve chosen Programming (but we’re allowed to change). I wanted to take Orchestra for the last three years of High School but I feel like I NEED a computer class to get me through the year. (We only get 2 electives and Spanish is already taking one) I’m currently taking private lessons, but I don’t want to just have lessons for only 30 minutes, once a week. I was thinking about joining a Youth Orchestra, but my parents aren’t willing to drive me and/or pay for me. They said to just take the course at school =-=. I’m definitely taking it Junior Year though since there’s an extra elective slot. I really want to join an orchestra sophomore year though.

In the future, I want to live a very good life, with a nice family, and a great salary (what everyone basically wants). I just can’t seem to pick one interest to stick to.
How can I narrow it down to just one? Please help me, I’m really confused ?

And thanks to all who endured through my long post!

John answers:

Be a cat when you grow up.

Maria asks…

6months Gift for Boyfriend?

We don’t celebrate monthly, but because he was gone for half our relationship in BCT for the army, he’s finally back in time for our 6months and he wants it to be really special for us. All i know is he already has gotten me a gift that he said had him sweating trying to pick out because it had to say just how much he cares about me, so i’m guessing it’s pretty big in a sense.

I was going to get him a Tagalog book [he’s Filipino and wants to learn considering he was raised American] but the bookstores around here have nothing in stock and it would take too long to order online. That being said, i need a replacement idea.

Currently i’ve gotten him a weekend ticket pass for a concert coming up, a decorated framed picture of us, and a mix cd. The tagalog book was going to be a really special part of the gift for him, but since i can’t get it in time, i would really appreciate some help. No inappropriate or uncalled for answers please.

our 6months is this friday

John answers:

.Perhaps your best with what you have now and explain the Tagalong book thing to him.As this book was your special gift idea,he might like the wait.

William asks…

Big Boy to MAN TalK????????????

My Man and I have lived together for 4 years, next month. He talks alot of marraige and kids. I am skeptical, very skeptical. Because…. when him and his cousin are together they talk about traveling the world. His cousin is a stark raving mesogenous, living and breathing the ideologies of talk show hosts and book authors that write about how to and how to keep being male hoes to increase the number of women flaunting at their feet. His cousin is also serverely overwieght and my man is the strong attractive guy his cousin wishes to be in order to use women. My man admits often that his cousin is emotionally damaged from childhood. His cousin doesn’t think we should be together but it’s 4 years since. I know my man has fantasies of traveling with his cousin and friends and having a great college boy time (he never went to college). I speculate he feels that he could go someplace and hang out for a week, meeting fine gals partying and then on the spot the revealation will come to him that either he should be a family man while I can have a family or wait until he’s 60 and that’s too late for me. I don’t think it goes threw his mind quite like that, but that’s my simplification. I think it’s totally DUMB! Of course you will like the fast lane once you’ve been dreaming about it for 10-12 years since puberty and once experiencing it- will that be the last time- come on now, really? I’ve done my thing like that already (cancun, spring break, miami, jamaica). My mom says not to worry beause we will never have that much money for him to just squarder- basically telling me to make sure all the other priorities are paid off or done first. He has goals of owning property, becoming a stock investor (he sells cancer insurance), being a political role model, taking care of our parents, moving my family closer to us and having kids. We’re 28 and he wants 6 kids, barely making it in a nation going twords a depression, where we both want to be part of that change. My mom said that in the process of accomplishing those goals- the fantasies will either be lost to circumstance or he will travel in blatant selfshiness in betrayal of all these goals. So she said not to worry and try hard for what we want and leave him alone to comfront reality instead of giving him the ultimatum “me forever or bachlor life.” I am anxious for a direct answer. I don’t want to spend another 5 years working on an “US” to be destroyed by “Oh, I’m off now to get friendly with the natives and act savage because I my cousin and I planned it since we were 12.” Should I have the big boy talk -“you need to pick a lifestyle now.” or should I just leave him on the path he’s on with the “cloud 9” of boy’z vacation lingering somewhere.???????????? I feel like he’s trying to prune himself for a family (he’d be a great dad and husband otherwise) but he’s also attracted to these other ideas too. Does that attraction matter, or is it like my mom says – everyone has fantasies, so what- everyone makes decisions based on real life too (if your sane)? Just wanted other’s opinions. Thanks

John answers:

What I see here is that cousin is a negative influence on him.I wouldnt worry about his wanting to go here or there unless he takes your household money from you or abuses you somehow.If you love him let him have his fantasies as long as it doesnt take from the quality time spent with you.Another thing he isnt hiding it from you. Does he show he loves you?Does he treat you kindly?Those are what matter.

Michael asks…

Photo Scavenger Hunt, assigning points! Help!?

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Like a normal scavenger hunt, except instead of collecting items groups photograph the items, events or people.

I’m doing a photo scavenger hunt with my friends and I need help assigning points to ea. clue. I have created several clues already.

So please just say how many points you think each clue should be worth (and how how much the bonus should be).

Also, if you have any ideas for more clues or bonuses, please post them.


1.Picture inside a school. Bonus: (Elementary School)
2.Inside McDonalds play area Bonus: (Get a kid in the same picture)
3.Inside an ice rink
4.Entire group inside a bath tub
5.Stranger reading a book
6.Stranger on a payphone (not a group member)
7.Entire Group with Wal-Mart greeter
8.Going through a drive thru
9.Red pick up truck
10.Empty city garbage can
11.Two dogs in the same photo
12.Stranger wearing a blue shirt
13.Someone underneath a parked vehicle
14.Picture at a library
15.Stranger playing baseball or soccer
18.Volkswagon Beetle Bonus: Yellow Volkswagon Beetle
19.Mascot or Clown
20.All group members wearing a baseball cap
21.Mini putt green
22.Stranger eating a burger
23.Someone dunking a basketball
24.Someone cooking on a barbeque
25.License plate not from Ontario
26.Sign with a group members name
27.Receipt from June 25th 2009
29.Stranger brushing their teeth
30.Someone taking a photo
31.Little kid on a leash
32.Something that costs between $6.77 and $7.43 (before taxes)
34.Item in a store that is out of stock
35.Garage sale
36.Kid on a swing
37.Entire group on a playground slide
39.An item on sale for or over 75% off
40.Group member inside a dumpster
41.Sprinkler that’s on Bonus: Someone running through the sprinkler
42.Exotic Pet (No cats, dogs or fish)
43.Bald stranger
44.Stranger with a moustache
45.A teacher
47.Group member inside a shopping cart.
48.A house number with digits that add to 4 (i.e. 147 = 1 + 4 + 7 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2)
49.Stranger mowing the lawn

John answers:

Sounds like a great list! If you are looking for more clue ideas, check out There is a city hunt on there that might have some great ideas to supplement yours. Looks like fun!

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