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Betty asks…

I am trying to improve my writing. Would you care to comment on this good memory of a past Christmas?

The Great Christmas of 1956
by C.S.Scotkin

Christmas was always a good time when I was a child. My eighth Christmas was magic!

Mother, to her great credit, tried to make Christmas wonderful and usually succeeded.
We awakened to a fresh cut tree, strung with bubbling lights, some glass ornaments, and best of all, paper chains my sister and I made from construction paper, homemade paper snowflakes, garlands of popcorn and cranberries. Santa usually managed a few candy canes. Tinsel filled in empty holes.

My sister and I ran down steep old stairs, courting a broken neck if we slipped. What had Santa brought? My pile contained the usual doll, along with paper, crayons, tape, new socks, underwear and a book. My sister received much the same. There was a Parcheesi game for us to share.

My stocking held tangerines, nuts, a set of jacks, dominoes and pick-up sticks. There was a tiny box, hidden in the toe. The box held my first piece of jewelry, a birthstone ring! It was too big; I wore it on my middle finger. I had never seen anything as beautiful as the cool blue of that heart shaped aquamarine.

However, I really wanted a sled, hoped and prayed for a sled. I asked Santa at Woolworth’s for a sled. No sled under the tree meant using an old cardboard box for another winter. Still, Santa brought a real ring.

I was part of a great extended family. Rather than be bankrupted in an attempt to give everyone a gift, names were exchanged. These gifts would be the centerpiece of Christmas afternoon at my grandparent’s house.

The fragrances of evergreen, sweet and savory spices enveloped my family with love as we went inside. Warm cheeks on cold cheeks as you were hugged by aunts and uncles were more special on that day. We played with our cousins, tried to sneak another piece of my great-grandmother’s penuche. The sugar rush added a new dimension to the mischievousness of 20 children under the age of 11! As the years went on there would be 36 cousins.

Gifts we brought were added to others under Grandma’s great tree. Soon, Grandpa sat in his rocker, a stogie scented Santa, began to call names.
You never knew what package was yours. The tags were always hidden.
The huge pile shrank. Still my name had not been called. Finally, a small box was picked up, my name called. This box was big enough for another pair of socks, I thought. I glanced at my sister, enchanted with her real china tea set. She shrugged with a smarmy look on her face.
I opened the box to find a note.

“Go to the back porch, there is a package for you”

I ran out, slamming the door. There was a large, round thing with a ridiculously tiny bow and mismatched wrapping paper. I tore away the paper to reveal a bright
shining Flying Saucer with red handles! Much better than a sled! All my friends at school had talked about them, how fast they were, you didn’t have to wax runners and they didn’t rust. Now, I owned one! I ran back in to get my coat, boots and mittens, nearly incoherent with happiness. The snow was fast and powdery that year. I went to the top of the hill in back of Grandma’s house. I sat cross-legged, pushed off! My cheeks burned from rushing cold. I felt delicious terror, unable to steer this great disc, finally tumbled off at the bottom. Complete, total joy repeated three times before being called to dinner.

The feast was enormous; everyone brought a favorite side dish or dessert. We all ate too much. Little ones soon became cranky, and then fell asleep on the floor or a lap while adults talked. I loved to listen. I absorbed family history and local gossip while pretending to look at a book from Grandma’s library. My Aunt Violet came over to me and whispered in my ear.

“Do you really like your saucer?”

My hug said it all, and she hugged me back.

All too soon it was time to go home. That Christmas vacation I was the most popular kid on my road. I let everyone try the saucer. I had it for years, passing it down to sisters, every year a few more dents, handles frayed. I loved that saucer for teaching me a most important lesson. I could fly and be free.

John answers:

That was a great read. We used to celebrate Christmas like that; everyone in the family gathered around. Cousins, aunts, uncles, all smiling and laughing.

I could distinctly remember the feeling of getting more than you hoped for on Christmas Day. 🙂


Susan asks…

Who will face Taker at WM27? Top 5 prediction?

What’s you’re top 5 prediction in order of who you think is most likely to face The underTaker at
!WrestleMania27! …………….NOT WHO YOU WANT! WHO DO YOU THINK!?

In Order, write why beside or under it and what do you think of my predictions and all others that answer before you. Here’s mine

1. John Cena (I Just think there making him heel in time to face Taker, that’s why Orton sold him as a heel tonight saying he would be a bad guy if he screwed Orton out of the title, he’s obviously going to. So after Orton says “If you make me lose at Survivor Series you’re a coward and a bad guy” then there trying to make people id him as just that when it happens. I also think WWE loves to make fans wonder weather or not the streak will be ended and i think Cena’s the mot logical choice for WWE superstars in that sense, especially with kids! Alot more then what you wonder if it was Taker vs Sheamus, no offence to Sheamus but no way Taker would job at mania to him)

2. Brock Lesnar (The only way I don’t see them picking Cena is if Brock Lenar comes back to WWE! Brock Lost his fight so some people are saying “oh he’s coming back” No, lots of people lose, is brock lesnar the type of person to quit, never, he’s the model of the exact opposite. So maybe just for one more match? WWE is defenetly in, if brock says yes there is no way WWE will say no. WWE loves hollywood stars or any fame. But maybe brock doesn’t want to be noticed as a wwe wrestler? So whats the deciding factor for me that Brock might be at mania just for 1 match? ….Does anyone remember how much Vince Mcmahon paid Floyd Mayweather for one botchy match at WM24. yeah vince has alot of money! If brock can cash in and then be allowed go right back to UFC without being in trouble for it, he’s in I say. like the million dollar man use to say, everybody has a price.)

3. Wade Barret (he’s a young respectful superstar with lots of talent that WWE might decide to push, if something goes wrong even if he loses at Mania they can just pass it off as another victim. If not they can push him as someone who took taker to the limit, plus nexus/cena is very big right now)

4.The Miz (He’s getting really big and when orton was at his stage they had him face taker at mania. I think it would benefit miz win or lose to help him make the transition in to a maineventer)

5. Sheamus (A Young, Respectful wrestler whose future in WWE looks brighter then any of the brand new guys! just seems like MAYBE! just maybe vince wants to give him the honor of the beater of the streak, they’ve already given him so much, obviously WWE has stock in him!)

Honorable mentions or if i had to pick a 5, 6 & 7 it would be Goldberg, y2J then kane.

Goldbergs said nobodies offering him enough money to make a return in the passed but i think everybody knows that’s because WWE hasn’t offered at all, because they didn’t want him they would have kept him awhile ago. I think if Vince flashes enough money around in his face, he will agree. This is highly unlikely but you neve know and just thought i’d throw it in because of all the WCW and HOF Atlanta stuff

Sites and insiders are reporing Jericho might not be out as long a thought and may be back as early as December! Do I have to explain why WWE might book Jericho?

Kane just because of the feud going on but i doubt it! it would be my last choice!

John answers:

I comp agree with u

David asks…

Is Phil Jackson Overated?

Who’s the best NBA coach ever?
I personally feel Jackson gets a little too much credit as a coach yeah he’s good but I think Riley is better. Jackson just has had Jordan and Pippen, and Shaq, and Kobe. Riley on the other hand has done a lot with teams that weren’t stocked. Jordan probably would have won 6 rings with any good coach.
I also think Jackson has done a terrible job working out his team’s chemistry problems by writing a book to capitalize on Kobe then turn around and coach him and now he’s bashing Shaq too. It’s like he thinks he’s God because he coached Jordan. Not only that but why won’t he let Kobe win the scoring race this year he always let Jordan. I don’t like Jackson or how he coaches the Lakers and their winning record doesn’t really impress me because they have the best player in the NBA, Odom, and the #1 Draft Pick. In fact I feel Riley could have done more with this team in the past 2 years. They should have been 50+ last season and 55-60+ this season.

John answers:

Yes. Phil Jackson IS overrated. He’s been fortunate enough to coach players like Jordan, Pippin, Shaq and Kobe. Sure..he’s the ZEN master. But with those players in their prime, Napolean Dynamite could’ve coached them to an NBA title. By the time Phil got to the Bulls in ’89, MJ was already averaging 30 points a game and had been in the league for 4 or 5 seasons. He also got Shaq 7 or 8 years into his NBA career. The true test would’ve been if he coached Memphis, Atlanta or some team that is constantly below .500. Jackson used the same approach (the Triangle) with every team.

Riley on the other hand had Magic and Kareem but he also won a championship with Dwayne Wade and a no longer dominant Shaq. He also changed his style from the ‘fast-break’ oriented Lakers to the slow but physical Knicks and took them to the finals. Although they didn’t win, he still gave them their best record in Knicks history. He’s easily done the best with the pieces he’s had to work with.

Mandy asks…

PLEASE HELP! Answer this question…. somebody…?

My mom and dad got divorced when i was 10. My dad was a partner at a consulting firm and my mother was full time stay at home mom, Cleaning, watching me, A 100% stereotype soccer mom.

Now my dad works at a local college 10 minutes from home making an “average” wage. And my mom works as a kinder-garden teacher. Teaching kids how to speak english… she was a manager of a bank before she married by dad living a very “succsefull life”

Both have stopped growing as a human being, stopped learning, stop educating them selves’s. My mom put herself in a “safe” environment and surrounded by children, a thing that teaches her nothing. She no longer has tv or watches it, does’nt surf the web anymore “she has a new laptop”, does’nt read psychology books or nutrition books anymore. Now she put togeather 2000 peace puzzles. She dosen’t know anything about the current economic crisis, bills being passed, nothing. She barley understands how to use internet explorer 9. Along with other updates that have ben made to BASIC web technology.

My dad now works at a safe little college, where he no longer has pressure of fly all over the world doing cooperates deals. Its pathetic, the bother of them have stoped growing as human beings. He dosent know how to do anything with technology. He used to read newsweek, aviation, among other news magazines dosent know how to use an ipod, dosent know how to use pandora, itunes, limewire, Nothing. He listens to the same damn jazz every day. EVERY DAY, 5 ARTISTS! THATS IT!!

Both of them, have put giant bubbles around them selves and they dont grow, or learn, or understand anything in the world I live in today. Its so hard, I want to learn, and gain wisdom from both of them. But there is little to none that I can suck up. Its so frustrating, I hate this life, both of them seem retarded in comparison the parents you see picking up star bucks in the morning. Talking about movies, the news, business, there children, psychologists, medication, etc etc. Stuff stereotypical white parents do and say. “like mine used to be”

Will this ever change, will they ever come out of this bubble and start living life like its supposed to be live in the 21Century?? Will they go ever go back to being normal?? Dose this normally happen when parents get devorced?

Please help! What should I do?? I have tried to teach them things, but they both “act” Like grand parrents, that ideal, there too old to learn or understand. THERE ONLY IN THERE 50s! they have 30 more years until they can say that crap! And even then, my grandpa checks his stock online, dose all of his banking online. Awhile my dad still uses budget books….

Seriously, wtf… just wtf… I have reached my braking point. Watching this stupid black and white movie just was to much. Please… advice, ADVICE!

John answers:

Not much u can do…wait till you are on your own and just make sure your life doesn’t go that way.

Maria asks…

Math homework help anyone?

So i have this matth hw & i need help on some problems.Can nyone help me? would appreciate it.& also if nyone helps i will pick u as the best answer nd u will get 10points:)

Evaluate expressions:
1. 77.9+(-26.3)
2. -59.356+(-24.2)
3. -25.64+(-24.36)
4. -26.35+(-8.6)
5. -58.6+87.54
6. 54.692-(-83.5)
7. 21.964-(-382.5)
8. -87.9-(-13.4)
9. -7.78-(-6.974)
10. 3.267+(-6.57)
11. -6.457+(-7.215)
12. 89.164-(-2.395)
13. -0.8965+(-1.051)

14. The temperature decreased from -12.98 feranhait to -18.25 ferranhit. What was the change in the temperature?

15. Pepsi co. lost $13.5 million last quarter. This quarter they gained $12.3 million. What is the difference between the amounts lost and gained?

16. A companys stock price decreased from $54.125 to $51.375. By how much did the value decrease?

17. A dolphin went from being 2.7ft below sea level to 8.3ft above sea level. By how much did its position change?

18. At small shirt requires 0.315 yards of fabric less than a medium shirt thaat uses 1.16 yards of fabric. How many yards of fabric does a small shirt use?

19. A cable is 2.45ft long. It needs to be 0.75ft longer to reach to the wall. What is the total lenght to the wall?

1. What is 12% of 20?
2. What is 75% of 120?
3. What is 59% of 10?
4. What is 14% of 38?
5. What is 5% of 745?
6. What is 3% of 81?
7. 17 is 10% of what number?
8. 15 is 25% of what number?
9. 14 is 8% of what number?
10. 8 is 12.5% of what number?
11. 24 is 50% of what number?
12. 105 is 3% of what number?

13. Cristina still needs to read 29% of the pages her book. The book has 600 in all. How many pages does she still need to read to finish the entire book?

14. Kevin lost $6 at the park. This was 15% of all the money he had. How much money did he have before he lost the $6?

1. What is 15% of 20?
2. What is 55% of 150?
3. 72 is 50% of what number?
4. 15 is 12% of what?

John answers:

So, whenever you add a negative number it is the same as subtraction. Whenever you subtract a negative number it is the same as addition. To find the difference between 2 negative numbers you simply remove the negative signs and subtract the lowest from the highest like normal. To find the difference between a positive number and a negative number you forget the negative sign and add the two together.
5+(-3) is the same as 5-3 which is 2
6-(-2) is the same as 6+2 which is 8
the difference between (-8) and (-50) is 42 because both numbers are negative you just subtract.
The difference between 25 and (-7) is 32 because one is negative and the other is positive (because (-7) is on the opposite side of zero on a number line so it adds to the difference.

If you are allowed to use a calculator percentages are easy.

When you have to find a percentage of a number you take the given number and multiply it by the percentage given.

What is 12% of 42?
12% is the fraction 12/100 which is 12 hundredths which is 0.12
so take 42 X .12 which is 5.04
5.04 is 12% of 42

to figure out the problem 72 is 50% of what number you divide the number given by the percentage given.

72 / 0.5 = 144

so 72 is 50% of 144

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