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Lisa asks…

Toddler diaper bag/sharing etiquette?…Just how much does she have to share?

My daughter just turned 3. She is not potty trained completely yet, but does a great job staying dry throughout the day. Even so we do not leave the house without her diaper bag, which she calls her Toddler Bag. The toddler bag is always very well stocked with Pull-ups, a spare outfit, sunscreen, crayons, a few books, an empty sippy cup, and snack that she picks herself. Cheerios, animal crackers or similar. We take this bag every time we go anywhere more than just a simple run to the store.
The problem is that NO other mothers seem this well prepared. Other 3 and 4 year olds at picnics, parties, and dance recitals are always asking my daughter to use her crayons, to eat her Cheerios, or read her books. I want her to learn to share, of course. But she should be able to have something to herself sometimes! Can’t these other mothers think a head and bring these things? How much does she have to share anyway?
For example, we went to a dance recital today. Knowing it was going to be long I was well stocked. Halfway though she was getting cranky and whiny so we pulled out the Cheerios and filled her sippy with water from the fountain. She was quite happy. Until my friends 4 year old son starting asking her for Cheerios. She said to me that she did not want to share, and I told her that was okay. She was hungry! She ate the whole snack bag herself and drank her water, then was fine for the rest of the show. I felt bad for the other boy, but I knew my daughter was hungry. Whey should she have to give up her food?
So how much does she have to share? Do I have to bring enough Cheerios, Crayons, and books for EVERY kid that may or may not be there? Or is this a lesson to other moms to be more prepared for their own kids??
I am not angry about her having to share, I am annoyed about parents not thinking ahead for her their own children and then putting my daughter on the spot. this is not a one time thing. it happens a LOT. She is more inclined to share toys and crayons with the other kids, but not the snacks. If we are going out for a play date, then i always bring enough for the other child too. But at random cookouts and graduation parties I often do not know how many kids will be there. and I do not feel like we have to plan for them all.

John answers:

I feel the same way. I am always prepared. I do everything to make my life easier when we are out. My daughter will be 4 in august and i have a backpack in the car stocked with…everything. I bring playdoh, crayons, markers, paper, coloring books, small toys and snacks. My son is 6 and we have to go to his baseball and soccer games and she gets bored so i am well prepared. I CANT believe other moms just go with nothing and cant realize why their 3 and 4 year olds arent behaving. Sometimes she doesnt want to share, I just tell the child she doesnt want to share right now maybe in a few minutes. I try and get her to want to share, she usually comes around but i dont force it. I do have alot of stuff so I will usually give the kid some paper and a few crayons. If she doesnt want to share the toys, oh well. They are usually her princesses and she only will share with her friends…sometimes.
I usually bring extra snacks. Goldfish because the package is small. I bring extra plastic bags to put some in if some kid comes begging.
I did seem to start a trend. After the comments on how well she just sits so i can watch the game and not chase after her, some of the other moms started bringing bags of stuff…HELLO!!!!! And how do you not think of having sunscreen on a hot sunny day??? Or bug spray.

John asks…

What do i do?

today the guy i like, i had him sign my year book and he book”Your a fagot stocker” and i honestly wasn’t that mad because thats his way in talking to me, hes so shy he doesn’t know how to talk to girls the right way. Any way i showed and told my mom and she was mad and cause my mom picks me up and i see him almost everyday at the corner talking to his friends. So my mom stopped the car and told him u better stop writing mean things in my daughters book and he said alright but he sounded like all scared and shy. I think my mom ruined my chances with him even if that was mean what he put. My mom says he stupid cause he doesn’t realize what hes doing. I know that, bu ti know he doesn’t actually mean it cause we always kid around with each other. All the other girls he sign yearbooks for he put like have a nice summer and for me he just put that. Now i thnk he hates me, what do i do???????

John answers:

OMG y did u show ur mom i would of kicked his a$$ if he did dat 2 my yearbook but dats jus cuz i dont like him im glad i didnt get a yearbook i cant believe he did dat ur moms waz jus playin around u kno parents yea hes stupid jus stay calm kool & collected chillax dont wori bout it i’ll deal wit it i’ll tell him him sumthing ur moms didnt ruin ur chances dats kinds messed i gotcha

Michael asks…

What commision do you earn from your party plan as a consultant?

Just looking at starting our own business with our shop we all ready have.
Clothing, fashion and accessories and homewares.

What are your out of pocket expenses
What would you make a night and how is this worked out.

We are thinking consultant to take 35% of total sales
a start up pack of stationary with all their details on them, 250 business cards, 100 glossy flyers, calculator, invoice book, discount coupons.

They don’t need a start up pack of products as it is a buy on the night party, all stock will be picked up prior to party with an inventory list of stock.

John answers:

Its best you plan your whole structure including Host, Bonuses, Commision and Leadership first before you jump in. I consult to direct sales companies how to put in all in place so they don’t make start up mistakes. Email is inspiringgreatness at yahoo dot com dot au
Most Australian party plans start at 20 to 25% and then have sales bonuses, leadership bonuses, and most companies pay the host gifts or split with the Consultant so there is lots to consider.

Richard asks…

Who’s the best NBA coach ever?

I personally feel Jackson gets a little too much credit as a coach yeah he’s good but I think Riley is better. Jackson just has had Jordan and Pippen, and Shaq, and Kobe. Riley on the other hand has done a lot with teams that weren’t stocked. Jordan probably would have won 6 rings with any good coach.
I also think Jackson has done a terrible job working out his team’s chemistry problems by writing a book to capitalize on Kobe then turn around and coach him and now he’s bashing Shaq too. It’s like he thinks he’s God because he coached Jordan. Not only that but why won’t he let Kobe win the scoring race this year he always let Jordan. I don’t like Jackson or how he coaches the Lakers and their winning record doesn’t really impress me because they have the best player in the NBA, Odom, and the #1 Draft Pick. In fact I feel Riley could have done more with this team in the past 2 years.

John answers:


Lizzie asks…

Does It Really Matter Who is On WWE Women’s Roster?

The WWE has a core of good women performers, sports entertainers and let us call them by their proper name professional women wrestlers;
Mickie James, Melina, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Maryse has potential and Jillian Hall is just not used properly but

Question: is the problem who is on the roster or is it Don Vinnie McMahon and his “booking style”?

Even if you added Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Stock, Ayako Hamada, and Sara Del Rey to the roster–what would that matter–except the result would be Victoria x4–a waste of more great wrestlers?

Comment: Two of the comments I pick up as I study the Madusa -Bull Nakano matches in the WWE in 1994-1995–is what a pop the matches got and how Bull and Madusa were told to tone their matches down so as not to show up the guys.
Lita, thanks for adding Katie Lea–another good wrestler and heel; why is booking these matches so tough for the WWE to do? It should be easy. I think it is still the poison of the Vince Russo storyline kool-aid where the storyline controls the wrestling and not vice versa.

John answers:

Its vince mcmahons booking style.he just wastes talent like jillian hall,natalya and katie lea. They should be fighting in the womans championship picture but they arent doing anything. When was the last time weve seen katie lea in the ring and she is a awesome wrestlers. No matter how many female wrestlers the wwe bring to the wwe its all gonna be the same. Dumb 2 minute matches. I really dont know what possessed the wwe to stop bringing in female wrestlers like bull nakano,alundra blaze and those other girls.

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