Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Linda asks…

What were Cramer’s stock picks on Saturday?

Did anyone go to New York for the Cramer Conference? I couldn’t make it. Can anyone tell me what his stock picks are? Thank you

John answers:

You’re better off not knowing. Cramer doesn’t give you the place for a “stop”. He doesn’t give you a target. He rarely gives a time horizon & he doesn’t know you or your asset allocation.There is never any refrence to position sizing……… In effect he only gives you a stock…. That’s 20% of what you need to be successful…. You’ll be surprised… Over time how much this can hurt you.

Lizzie asks…

stocks stock market economics class?

im in economics class and no nothing about this can and tried to research it but still dont know nothing so for the class we have to pick a stock and my friend said walmart but i know nothing about all of that so if any of you guys can send me info on stocks or what stock i should pick and why thanks

John answers:

Is this one stock to pick for the class?
This really depends on what your teacher is asking for:
-Expected return
-Earnings per share

You mentioned Walmart. This company has done well this year because of the economy in the US. Basics and retailers are much less volatile right now with all the instability in the financial companies, so it is a good company to follow.

Donald asks…

Which are the current best Penny Stock / Share and Penny IPO pick website?

Would like some current pick websites.

Deleted the last question as it was jumped all over by penny stock haters. Please don’t do that, I’m just looking for some great and current websites after being out of it for 5 years or so; this is just a hobby.

Thanks so much

John answers:

Pick sites are a losing game. For info, Stocktwits without a doubt. OTC, Pink Sheets are not listed. Biotechs like HEB have lots of people commenting. If you ask bad questions or troll you can get blocked by good traders. IPOs look for fracking oil and gas IPOs, follow Turnkey oil. Good luck and have fun. Pros do trade these, they don’t buy them for mutual funds.

Joseph asks…

Picking stocks – random, shuffle mode?

I’m looking for a program or system that easily picks stocks randomly – it’s for a fun test, trying to prove the use or nonsense of stock research… 🙂 Throwing-the-darts-system basically.
D-J from Los Angeles

John answers:

Buy a newspaper, throw a dart at it (in the stock section).
Being careful to be safe, and others safe also.this is a system.

Maria asks…

Good stocks under $10?

Good long term stocks for under $10 dollars I told my uncle brokers are overatted and I could pick better ones (I’m 18) so any good ones?
I look low because the bet we made out allows a $5,000 limit so buying 10 googles is next to pointless thats the simlpe reason I ask for under $10.

John answers:

Amateurs look to low priced stocks to make a killing. Not a great way to start investing.

BTW: I agree 100%. Brokers, TV, Radio, other media is the last place to look for financial advice. You will always do better picking stocks in industries that you have some familiarity in. Picking the stocks is best done by you (not some stranger whose qualifications & motives can never be known) & certainly not brokers.

The real key to success is not picking the stock (surprise!!!!). It’s using excellent money management techniques (risk control).

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