Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Donna asks…

Stock Market Challenge?

I’m doing a stock market challenge for one of my business courses to earn some extra credit, but i’m very unfamiliar with the stock market, so if anyone has some tips for me to pick stocks that are going to do well, please tell.

We have to pick ten stocks on the Toronto Stock exchange and follow then for 13 weeks.

John answers:

If we all had tips on which stocks were doing well. We’d all be rich. Pick companies that you know their products and how their business works. Ex – mcdonalds, verizon, exxonmobil.

What exactly do you need for this work? I could help you out more.

Lizzie asks…

Anyone know of any good websites with FREE newsletters on stock picks!?

recommendations on stocks to invest in such as penny stocks that are cheap and expected to rise in price.

John answers:

I’m currently subscribed to his newsletter, and I also have 3 or 4 of his books.

Also try FoolWatch Weekly from MotleyFool

I assumed you wanted a newsletter with generic stock picks, but your message seem to curve towards a search for mega returns on penny stocks.

Donald asks…

Should I buy less stocks?

I have $500 dollars to invest.
I picked 9 stocks to buy 10 of each (exept my most promising one where i thought i’d buy 20).
Then i realized it would cost me $10 per trade costing $180 to buy and sell my stocks, bringing me down to only $320 toward the actual stocks! I’m using a custodial account so i can’t switch to a cheap site so i think i’m going to have to limit my stocks to just a few choices but is there any good way around this?

John answers:

…If your stock picks are conservative and blue chips, chances are good you’ll find a mutual fund that’s holding them..

…Or you could pick a basket of(10-15) equity funds with good 1 year return and a top 20 average return for 3 and 5 years, and then check their holdings for stocks that you think are promising.

But you’d have to wait till you had the minimum amount to invest, and that’s not really a problem…Good Luck

Sharon asks…

2008 Stock Picks / Forecast?

Hi guys,

Anyone here have constructive information on stocks to watch this upcoming year (2008)?
****Also, what do you guys think about investing into FORD motor vehicles.
I’ve been thinking about investing in Apple. However, I read that some investors don’t like the PE of the stock. Apple & Google seem very high and could suddenly drop significantly. Comments?

John answers:

Ford is no good, you need to invest in tecnology vmw, rimm, aapl, goog, these are the stocks you want to be for 2008, even though they are all trading on 2010 earnings, they will still rise because they are all in china, and europe. That is where the money is and they love american gear. All 4 up 25%, in 2008!!

Thomas asks…

Stock exchange! Help?

I want to get started in the stock exchange. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get started? THX!

John answers:

Google stock broker.

Pick one.

Get their forms online and fill them out.

Send them a check.

Start entering orders.

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