Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Chris asks…

Daily Stock Picks- Stock Screens?

Hello, I am looking into finding a way to just make about 2% a day for a good percentage of trades. i was wondering if anyone had suggestions of stock screeners, websites or tips.

John answers:

2% a day is ambitious. If it were over a year I’d say just buy diversely into blue chips.

If you have a TDAmeritrade account download and install QuoteTracker It has a whole library of existing screens and the ability to make your own and it’s somewhat user friendly, more so than many others. Your broker should have the capability to do general screens as well from their research section online. Even major websites like yahoo and google have basic screeners.

Learn indicators so you can make effective screens. Stocks follow somewhat similar patterns sometimes (I know that’s vague) so you can screen for volume spikes, etc and then go through them and determine which are better buys than others.

Robert asks…

Best stock pick website?

Does anyone have any suggestions on which website to sign up to get the best stock pick advice?
There are so many to choose from. I try to pick stocks myself but I would like to try to get some from the so called experts.

John answers:

Your first 3 answers are spammers. You’ll probably get more crap responses.

You’ll be much better off in the long run if you continue to educate yourself and pick your own stocks. Read. Study. Take classes at a local college. Join an investment club. Join AAII (American Association of Individual Investors). Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and/or Barron’s.

Learn to use a stock screener. Your broker site may have one. Your broker site might also provide some free research.

There is some free stuff online like Motley Fool, but the quality is mediocre. Sadly, that is about as good as it gets. Paying for a site does not get you anything better.

John asks…

Stock Market?!?!?

I’m intrested in buying and selling stocks just dont really know how and where to start any suggestions? Are there any good sites on the internet for my situation!!!

John answers:

Here is a link, among oodles you could visit

Stick with things you know. If you are going to do stocks, here are some relatively safe stock symbols to look up. They are exchange traded funds, or ETFs and trade like stocks: DIA, SPY, DVY, NY, IOO, and maybe PXN. With the last one as more speculative, the others are have some good value and lots less risk than simply picking stocks at random or from some email spammer. Otherwise, go with what you like: Coke or Pepsi?, McDonalds or Wendys?, Lowe’s or Home Depot? — all of these are solid, profitable, publicly traded companies. You could do worse.

Steven asks…

Yahoo! Stock Market Game?

Can you tell me about the stock market game and also is it free? What do I have to do to get in and stuff like that?

John answers:

Its free. You pick stocks that you think will do well. You try to beat the others that entered the contest.

Susan asks…

smart stock market picks?

What stocks would be good investments right now? How long before the stock prices start going back up?

John answers:

Visit this site, they update daily with the best picks.

They also average a 400% annual return since 2006.

Pretty darn good.

Go to:

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