Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Mary asks…

1985 chevy silverado stock rims.?

How wide are stock rims on a 1985 chevy silverado c 10 short wheel base pick up?

John answers:

The stock wheel size for the 1983 C-10 pick up is 15×8. Best of luck.

Chris asks…

Any stock picks for tommorow?

For a day trader I’m going yuii (chinese chicken shipper) and tlab (Telecom company, compare to cisco) what about you guys

John answers:

You’re not a day trader (at least not one with experience). Picking a stock before the market even opens is a recipe for disaster. You have no market stats on the general market. You will be predisposed towards a stock (very bad idea).

A day trader doesn’t care about what a company does. It’s simply not important.

A typical day trader uses;
Scans (looking for specific action, confirmed by TA)
News (very experienced)
Charts / Studies
Market stats.
Psychology (yours and the markets)
Trading Money Management
Technical Analysis

Ruth asks…

What stocks would you pick?

What stocks or types of stocks do you project to explode after this recession?

John answers:

Never, ever take stock pick from anybody. If you invest in something, do it because you know what you’re doing.
Edit: But, if you trust the person, then go ahead and do it. Just don’t blame him if your stock plummets.

Lizzie asks…

How do I get a mutual fund or utility stock?

I am looking for another way to make income besides working at a job and I am wondering how I could do that. I have no idea how to start these things. Also, I recently looked at this website called, which had stocks you could buy and hope they would increase, but I am looking for a way to earn honest income without the risk of losing money so I decided to invest my time in mutual funds and other things.

Thanks for your help.


John answers:


for dividend paying stocks

or for low cost mutual funds

Good Luck

Daniel asks…

where to find good winning stock picks advice?

good stock picks, advice, winners, track records, controlled risk

John answers:

If such advice was simple, we’d all be rich. But if we were all rich, no one would work and nothing would get done, ergo, such advice isn’t simple and unless you do the work yourself to make the picks there ins’t any way to reliably get good advice.

This has to be so because why would anyone who is good at this need to sell the advice to you? They’d simply make a lot more money in the long run by leveraging their picks to the limit.

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