Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Laura asks…

Stock help?

Ok so whats the whole deal with the stock market. Say that i have $100 to work with. what do i do to get into it? and is it really worth it??
I just need the basics

John answers:

Use various financial ratio to get rid of junk stocks. These will helps you out:

Good Stock Pick for Unlimited Profits Framework
How to Find Good Stocks That Will Survive 2008 Market Crash
How to Pick Good Stocks That Can Make You Rich in The Long Run

George asks…

Stock Ops / Stock – Ops?

I briefly read about a unique trading software which allows you to effectively spy on professional investors (investment bankers and successful day traders). The software is called Stock Ops Can someone give me a full explanation on how Stock – Ops actually works?

John answers:

The quickest (and surest) way to become a millionaire on the stock market is to follow and trade similar or identical to any significant market trader. I.e Investment banks, hedge funds or professional investors. Obviously, a successful trader will not wilfully tell you about moving market sectors or winning stock picks. Stock – Ops can “snoop” on these successful traders. Stock – Ops can track the trades being made (in real time) by these heavy weight investors and can help you imitate these traders, trade for trade. Thus making the same millions in profit.
For 2 months I have been tracking various big time traders in various markets, and as a result I’m getting closer to my all time streak of winning trades.


Donald asks…

Is AIG a good stock pick now?

I invested in AIG on Tuesday and got 43% profit today. What do you all think…is this pick one to continue to invest in or is selling at my profit now a better go?

John answers:

I believe the purpose of the loan was to allow them time to arrange for orderly sale of assets to avoid bankruptcy. It’s hard to imagine they will get good prices, under that kind of pressure. I haven’t been paying close attention to them, it seems too speculative.
They have a trillion in assets, but the equity (shareholders part) equals assets minus liabilities – a much smaller number, and now the government owns 85 percent of the equity. So even if the market cap went right back to what it was when shares were 50$, the old equity would only be worth 7.50$, the govt. Would own the other 42.50. To put it another way, if the share price reaches 7.50$, the market cap will be the same as it was 2 months ago.
This is like what happens when a company sells preferred shares. The preferred holders get paid a high, guaranteed dividend, and if the stocks value goes up, they get to convert into common shares. So if the stock does good, you get a big bunch of new shareholders, which equals dilution. Makes it hard for the price to get back to where it was.
I’d take my profit soon.

William asks…

What Are Your Top Stock Picks For 2013?

All right fellow investment experts, let’s have some fun. Give your top stock investment picks for 2013. What will be the biggest winner(s)? And what stocks should investors stay from?
Benjamin, that is one of my top picks as well.

John answers:

I see tech, energy, and, certain areas of financials and consumer discretionary attractive in 2013. Don’t chase the stocks that have run alot this year. And no, I’m not going to say apple, it’s not enough of a value to entice me, it is trading at 4.5x book value and 9x price/cash flow, with margin compression and other international headwinds to worry about.

My favorites:
Yahoo on a pullback

National oilwell varco
Holly frontier

Consumer discretionary:
Foot Locker

Discover financial
Raymond james financial
Met Life

I’m neutral on health care, staples, and materials. I feel utilities, and telecom will underperform based on valuations.

Mandy asks…

Looking for some stock picks?

My wife and I had a little extra money that we aren’t worried at all about losing and decided to try to get some action in the market. We have already purchased 500 shares each of AIG, FNM, and FRE. We know these are very risky investments and stock picks and are looking for others that are in the dumps right now but have a good chance of coming back. Any thoughts?

John answers:

GM. Dirt cheap and the Dems will bail it out in January if not sooner. As soon as the Auto bailout package hits it will double in price. This is extremely risky though.

More conservatively: look at some Royalty Trusts. They pay extremely high dividends. For example, check out SBR. I expect this has stabilized in its price and has a lot of upside while paying a good dividend.

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