Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Paul asks…

What will be the target % for pick of week stocks?

John answers:

In speculation of stocks there can’t be the target % for pick of week stocks

Ruth asks…

We’re picking stocks in our personal finance class at school.?

I wanted to know if there are any stocks that are low right now but would go up by christmas-ish time. Which ones do you think would be best?
yeah it’s for fun and not real money.

John answers:

I like (and own) HT, CPLP, HIG, and DRYS and if i didn’t think they were on their way up I wouldn’t own them

Note: I can not guarantee that these stocks will go up, if i could i would be a very rich man haha

Sharon asks…

Who offers the best stock picks?

Is it Jim Cramer, Guru Focus, etc? Who has the best track record of picking good stocks?

John answers:

Cramer….hahahhaa he recommended Bank stocks in the 2008-2009 crisis

I don’t know the other guy…fact is their recommendations and others like them are rarely if ever ahead of common knowledge of real investors. Learn how to make these decisions yourself…you will be scammed less.

Carol asks…

This falling market – which r d stocks to pick?

Power, Infrastructure, real estate, FMCG, bank, pharma and tea/coffee are totally uncovered by me. I dont want to invest in sugar, hotel, aviation, glass and paint sectors.

John answers:

Pick the stocks which are Fundamentally very sound.
BHEL and L&T stand out for their spectacular Order books.
Similarly some of the oversold Banking stocks can be considered

Sandra asks…

Sending my stock picks?

I am applying for an analyst position with a friend’s small, but prestigious brokerage firm. To stay in their mind I want to send them two stock picks of companies that I have researched and believe are good investments in the segment.

What format should I send the picks in. Should I just print out an entire report or just a key facts sheet with key stats (EPS, PE ratio etc.) and add my comments? (I plan to send hard copies as opposed to e-mail)

I do not want to bog them down with paper work but want my picks to look professional.

John answers:

I’d take as my example the stock reports produced by S&P or Ford or Morningstar or an outfit like that. I don’t mean replicating the format exactly, but supply approximately the same depth of detail, including at least one useful chart, description of the business, competitors, reasons for your forecast, etc.

Also, if it is possible for you to do so, I’d share them in PDF or Word (.doc) format as well as a printed copy. That way you have both bases covered no matter which their preference is.

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