Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Donald asks…

Where is a good free website that gives good sound stock picks?

John answers:

How to invest in stock market? Which stock to buy? When to sell? How to make money from stock market? I bet, you must be looking for those answers right? Now, i’ll try my best to help you.

Look, fundamentally, you can use various key financial ratios to start screening which stock worth your hard earned money. From there, you can go to the next level by further study how they perform qualitatively. Look here for more info:

How to Pick A Good Stock
Guide in Analyzing Stock

then, you must study how much the stock worth. To do this stock valuation, you have to calculate intrinsic value. Once you got it, buy the stock when it is at its margin of safety, either it was discounted than its intrinsic value, or discounted from the past historical prices. Look here for details:

How to Calculate Intrinsic Value
How to Determine Margin of Safety

now the last point but the most important things, how you can make money from it? Look, good company will grow over time. If you invest for your retirement, you can sell the stock after 20 years with as much as 30% return per year! Doesn’t it sounds good? And besides, you’ll be earning dividends year after year, which will also grow annually!

Penny Stocks, Short Cut to Wealth

I hope this answers your quest. If you find the article very useful (to help you make money in stock market), bookmark this page & subscribe to its RSS feed to keep you updated on latest info on how to be successful in stock investing.

Step-by-Step Stock Investing for Beginner

Happy Investing & Good Luck!

Sharon asks…

When to pick a stock?

When is the ideal time to pick a stock?
When it is in the negative or positive? What other rules are there?

John answers:

As stated above, the general rule is to buy low and sell high.
I like to say… Buy at the right time, sell higher but remember to keep you loses small by selling lower when you need to. Having buy sell rules is the way a stock trading system is created. This works better than buy and sell on emotions. Some buy only if stock closes above 50 day moving average and sell if less than 50 day moving average. In general, buy when the trend is up and sell when the trend is down. There are as many methods as there are traders. Good Luck. Having luck is executing with a prepared mind.

Mandy asks…

how do one pick good stock?

John answers:

Technical analysis is the most consistent way to pick stocks. Technical analysis can help you find low risk trading opportunities on any market as the same techniques can be applied to any chart.

Take a look at this chart to see what is possible.

Sandra asks…

Are monkeys really better at picking stocks?

Are there any monkey managed funds?

John answers:

Probably. If a cat can do better I don’t see why a monkey could not.

Cat Beats Professionals at Stock Picking

It’s the cat vs. Monkey dual that I would really like to see.

David asks…

what is wrong with stock picking programs?

sorry I wasn’t clear on the question
but for the software programs ive heard that they are not too accurate. I was wondering why.
what do the stock picking programs do to make them pick those certain stocks. what criteria do the pickers search for do you know?
basically I want to create my own software and want to know where they screwed up
any advice?
avatar you are a C -OC-K

John answers:

Stock picking is easy…stock selling is hard…and stock re buying after selling is the worst…competing with “managed portfolio” professionals is tough, it can be done, but only by about 10% of the people, but 50% “think” they are above average

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