Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Ken asks…

How do I pick out bad stocks?

I know the title sounds strange, but what is vital to picking bad stuff, or negative things to look for? I have a decent understanding of the ideals on picking good stocks, but I figured it would also be helpful to find the warning sounds, or negative indicators. Thanks!

John answers:

Yes looking for “bad stocks” is a great techinique for making serious cash by shorting the stock i do this all the time and i get 100% annual returns easily… Just look at the balance sheets and income statements past earnings and esitmantes high P/e ratios high price/book ratios a lot of debt little insider ownership then short them and you will make cash easy..

James asks…

search yahoo finance for stocks based on analysts opinions?

I’ve been following the stock market picking stocks for about a year now and have done really well. After a lot of time consuming research I’ve found that more or less I tend to agree with the analysts opinion of a stock on yahoo finance. I was wondering if there were a way to query yahoo finance for stocks that received the highest ratings? any ideas if this is possible or how to do this?

John answers:

I am not sure if this is quite what you are looking for, but the Yahoo Stock Screener (see link below) allows you to search by “Avg Analyst Rec:” — It is the second to last option for the screener.

Michael asks…

How to start picking stocks?

How do u research stocks?

John answers:

Read “Investing for Dummies” as a starter and go from there. Different people have different techniques to pickstocks. Not one is fool-proof. Understand the product of the company that you want to invest in.

Good luck investing.

Thomas asks…

How to pick stock prices?

I watch a lot of Cramer on TV as well as many stock “experts”. How do these people come up with stock prices. Example: Cramer says a stock at $50 will easily go to $75. Is there some magic formula?

John answers:

If there were do you think he’d be on TV touting the market. He like everyone else can’t predict squat and don’t ever let anyone tell you they can. Sometimes they can get lucky in the SHORT TERM…but over the long run ALL money managers and stock touts have ups and downs like everyone else. PEACE & GOOD LUCK!

Mandy asks…

How do the pros pick their stocks?

What I mean is how do people go from the thousands of possible company choices to just a few they think will be profitable. I mean, most of the time I’ve never even heard of the companies they choose.

John answers:

They start with technical analysis of stocks and commodities….and fundamental analysis of stocks(graham);;;;;;;
then after knowing all that .they use a stock screener,,,,,,,,,,,and the stocks that come up on top,they check the fundamental and technicals again……………………

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