Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

William asks…

Why do Republicans cherry-pick just the good years of the Bush presidency to talk about?

Like when the stock market was high for unemployment was low.

I thought he was president for the entire 8 years.

John answers:

To hear Republicans tell it, Bush was only President during a long weekend in 2005 when nothing bad happened.

Thomas asks…

Does it matter what site you use to buy and trade stocks?

I’m 19, and just started reading about the stock market. I was just wondering what sites are good for fairly new buyers, and does it really matter what site you buy the stocks from as long as they’re legit?
Thanks for the tips ursgard much appreciated.

John answers:

Never go through a bank or credit union for investment.You will pay higher fees and would be left with crumbs. Always go direct to a brokerage firm. Its better to lay the foundation now so that it would be a lot easy within the future. Saving money is hard but once you get started, the money would do all the work for you. You are young so I strongly suggest that you get your self a Roth IRA account asap, if you do not have one. You can never go wrong with investing and saving for your future. You have many years of compound interest ahead of you. You could be a millionaire before you reach your retirement age so if you do not have a Roth IRA than get started with the Roth IRA account by contacting T-Rowe Price or Fidelity. It is suggested that you pick the Roth IRA target year fund set for the age 65.


Get the Roth Account first than branch out into other investments, once you study and learn about investments. The target year account would adjust on its own. Don’t waste your life and later on down the road, you would have alot of regrets. Take advantage of the company 401(k) or 403(b). Never leave free money on the table. Get this started today also of course it matter what site you use to buy and trade stocks because fees are different and vary from company to company

Take Care

Ken asks…

How to invest smart in the stock market?

In 16 and want to start investing small in stock market for car. What are good stocks? What to avoid? What are the profits? Gotta start somewhere right:)

John answers:

Smart investing involves discipline , quality research and periodic reviews. Not each trade will be winning trade, so it is important to book your losses and make it big with your winning picks,
Don’t blindly follow any tips.I personally do market analysis using TradersCockpit.

Jenny asks…

What are the best stocks to own after the election?

what are the best stocks to own during our financial crisis?

John answers:

If Obama delivers on his economic plans, you should be looking at ” alternative energy” or healthcare… Either individual stocks or maybe ” sector funds” from someone like Fidelity or Vanguard.
There are ETFs that focus on those areas, but they are invested soooo broadly that I think you’d be better off in a mutual fund that’s ” managed”…( someone picking and choosing, rather than just investing in everything in the sector )

Lisa asks…

What stocks would be the best to buy right now?

I’m doing a school project for economics and we are supposed to pick four companies and track their stock prices for the entire semester.
What are some darkhorse companies (I dont want like Microsoft or General Electric). I want some kind of unknown companies that you think will do well over the next few weeks or so. No one in the class can have the same company so thats why I don’t want all the well known companies.

John answers:

A semester is a pretty short time period – but consider tracking stocks that sell products that will do well even when the economy is in bad shape – For example companies that make things that you can eat or drink – Like Pepsi cola – (Symbol: PEP) – that makes Pepsi and snack foods – or Coke (Symbol KO) – or Terinitrogen (Symbol TNH) – that makes fertilizer. (People have to eat) – Walmart, a Dow stock is doing well – because it sells things that are cheap – but its a big company. – Or how about Altria symbol (I think) MO – This company makes cigarettes and pays a big dividend. Cigarettes are addictive – and people are going to continue to smoke through the recession.

Do some research – maybe you can find a company that owns a chain of Funeral Homes – They shouldn’t be hurt too much by the bad economy as people will not stop dieing.

Its too bad your assignment won’t let you pick the stocks that you think will do the worst – That would be easier in this economy. – And it is possible to make money betting that a stock is going to go down. Take a look at the exchange traded fund with symbol FAZ. – It is supposed to go up 3 times as fast as the stock in the big banks and other financial companies go down. – Most people who trade it – buy and sell it on the same day sometimes more than once- and end the day by not owning it at all – because anything can happen to the next day’s opening price.

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