Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Chris asks…

How hard is picking stocks to keep in your portfolio for both short and long term?

John answers:

That all depends on how good YOUR crystal ball is.

For short term, you could watch a few stocks for a couple of months to see how they trend, then buy in at a low, sell after a few bucks are made.

Long term??? HA! BP, BAC, all of the major corps, utilities, banks used to be ‘trustworthy’… We see where that ended up.

It’s hard. Also, don’t always trust brokers… They are told what to push this week as the next hottest skyrocket… Usually doesn’t work out that way. Also, don’t fall for ‘pump and dump’ word of mouth on the forums.

Good Luck

Sandra asks…

I need to develop a Product which Pick Stock Datas and use it for customised alalysis?

I need to create a product which will pick the Stock Prices from some website and will store in my database and I should be able to use it for all of my further analysis. Can anyone suggest which technology is better and can someone give an outline of their views on how to make.. Is there any such product which is free to download (freeware). Or have anyone used such

John answers:

There are easy ways to do this and extremely difficult ways. I’ll show you one way here that is extremely easy ans uses C#. C# is a really good language to use for things like this because it’s similar to C++ and Java but very, very easy for web programming.

First of all download a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio Express C#, it’s free from Microsoft’s site (see link below). Install it, run it and create a new Windows application. Go to the code for the main form and add the code for the “GetQuote” function on the second link below (ignore the first line with the text “[WebMethod(Description=…”). You’ll also need to add the following to the top of the file:

using System.Net;
using System.IO;

Then in the forms constructor simply call the GetQuote function and pass in the symbol you’re interested in:

string[] quote = GetQuote(“MSFT”);

The function will return a list of strings containing a variety of information including opening/closing price, volume etc.

This works by calling the yahoo web service for financial stock quotes which returns a comma delimited file, the GetQuote function then parses this into an array of strings. If you go to the Yahoo finance page you’ll find documentation on the url format needed to get these files, you can even type them into a regular web browser and save them to disk. The only problem with using free web services like these is that public quotes are delayed 15 minutes, by law you have to subscribe to a paid service to get real-time quotes.

Charles asks…

how to choose stock hot pick throught technical analysis?

I am a tehcnical analyst want to know efficient ways to find good trading opertunities and ways to find the hotp pick stocks. I primarily use Metastock for analysis.

John answers:

Get in real estate in Phoenix Arizona.

The stock market is more like playing craps with the six’s removed from the dice, you could win, but the odds are against you.

Sandy asks…

How do you pick penny stocks to invest in when there are thousands to choose from?

I mean, let’s say you’re really serious about investing and want to invest in a penny stock or two among other stocks. How would you choose them among the numerous options without reading every single prospectus or set of financial statements out there? Thanks

John answers:

Penny Stock comes under Higher risk and Higher return category of Stocks. Penny stocks attracts a lot traders due to their ability for higher investment gains,but because of their highly volatile nature and most unpredictable form of investment in the stock market.

Still if you are sure to invest in them you must know:
1) There are various companies which usually have no track record of solid financial performance due to which penny stocks can get manipulated.So have a look on that.
2)You must know which Penny stocks you have to keep away
a)stay away from companies that reflect negative EPS or earnings per share.
B)stay away from penny stocks whose average daily volume of is very less.
C)Have a look on the stock technicals, it should be in an uptrend and above support levels.
D)In addition, always check and read news concerning stocks.

James asks…

how to pick best stock’s for intraday trading ?

how to pick stock tecnically ? which indicators used for pick a best stock in nse bse market ?

John answers:

There are many strategies that can be used but the best way to pick stocks is with technical analysis.

Elliott wave theory is a useful technical analysis tool that I use consistently and EWI who are the worlds largest stock market forecasting service have an extensive library of educational materials and analysis that are available for free to get you started.

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