Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to track the money movement at the stock market?

I would like to track the money movement at the stock market and to find relevant stocks for next week.
What is the best way?

John answers:

Well, I made a little research on this subject.
The money movement might be a good tool that can indicate the market trend and the top stock picks for the short term and the long term.
There are some algorithmic systems (like “I Know First” system) that tracking the flow of money in the stock market daily.
For example, last month (May 1) I saw the smart money movement to LVLT and during the next 6 weeks , this stock was up by 41%.
This is my recommendation, Please tell me if you find some other ways.
Good luck

Charles asks…

Where is the best place for a first time, lone investor to buy stocks?

I have a very small amount of money that I want to invest in a stock purchase. I have chosen my own stocks, but I don’t know where to buy.
I do want to try this without a broker. Are all online investment sites safe and dependable?Is there anything to look out for?
Thank you all for your responses. I’m listening.

John answers:

Etrade or TDAmeritrade are good. They have low minimum balance requirement for waiving quarterly maintenance fee.

If you have a good stock tip, stocks are fine. But, one of the rules for smart investing is to diversify your holdings. When you have a small amount of money, usually a mutual fund is a better choice because you minimize your risks of picking a bad stock.

Mandy asks…

What is the most reliable source for free micro and small cap “exploding” stock picks?

By “exploding” I mean stocks that are getting ready to dramatically and substantially rise in price during an extremely short period of time.
By reliable I mean having a proven track record of successful picks.

John answers:

Probably one of the best free sources is TA Trader’s thread at silicon investor. I’ve watched them for years.



Lisa asks…

Is it cruel to offer someone reward if they do something you know they’re unlikely to be able to do?

Is it cruel to offer to, say, give someone $100 if they can name all fifty states with respective capitols in five minutes from memory alone, or to offer them good sex (that you know they would enjoy) if they can do three back flips right now, or to tell them you’ll marry them (assuming they want to marry you) if they successfully pick one stock that will go up 5% on the next trading day?

John answers:

I wouldn’t call it cruel but I would agree that it is unrealistic and meaningless.

What Is The Nature Of Coincidence?

Sandra asks…

What are some large companies stocks who are cheap right now?

I noticed a lot of large companies stocks are really cheap.

With the large banks crashing I know its no longer safe to say a company won’t go under b/c they are too big but a company like Sprint for example, the stock is at 1.60. They are such a huge company I can’t see them going under, maybe getting bought out by another cell company but not going under. I think I’m gonna buy some stock.

Right Aid is another, there’s is at like 0.56 right now.

Got any others?

John answers:


Just because they are big does not mean anything at all. Compare there market cap to what they own after the bills are paid. Buy the company’s assets.

Travel Centers of America – TA
I paid $2.15 or market cap off $33,000,000
Its reported the following in its latest 10Q

cash= $144,049,000
net worth= $401,742,000

as you can see I picked it up for 23 cents on the dollar for its cash, and .08 cents on the dollar for its net worth.

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