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Daniel asks…

What are some things to stock up on to be a vegetarian?

I have recently decided to be a vegetarian, and I would really like to start cooking more. Can someone give me a list of things to pick up from the store to make cooking much easier? I have been looking at recipes, and of course I will have to go get specific things for different ones, but I just need a general shopping guide. Thank you! 🙂
Give me a real answer. Thanks.

John answers:

Well, when I look at my pantry some of the basics I always have around are cans of beans/lentils/chick peas, tomato tins, onions, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, rice, pasta. Lately I have also had eggs in stock, but that is mostly because I seem to crave them more now that I’m pregnant. Then there are ‘frequent visitors’ like mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, endive and fennel.

Also always in stock: spices, dried herbs, curry pastes, mustard, soy sauce and other things that come under the headings of seasoning and condiments. Using the right herbs and spices can help you make completely different meals with basically the same veggies.

I always do groceries with specific meals in mind, but using what I have in stock I can always make a meal on the fly. It does help though that I have guinea pigs as pets: any fresh vegetables we don’t eat they are happy to finish off and vice versa. For instance the broccoli I have in the fridge right now: intended for my guinea pigs, but I may choose to sauté it with some soy sauce for myself and give my pets some tomatoes instead.

Edit: almost forgot: cold pressed olive oil for cold preparations, regular olive oil for frying mediterranean style dishes, sunflower oil for frying when the taste of olive oil would clash, plant-based margarine for lower temperature frying, things like the odd veggie burger.

James asks…

Does Sam Hornish Jr have any gonads to have to pick a fight on the track with a female rookie?

Isn’t it somewhat wussified of him to have to pick a fight with a woman?

John answers:

Sam Hornish Jr is a poor excuse for a stock car racer and Danica Patrick is going to become more sucessfull than him.

Mary asks…

What is a good fantasy stock portfolio game online?

I’m trying to start a fantasy stock picking league within my office. What is the best free fantasy league online?

John answers:

Donald asks…

During your pregnancy when did you start buying diapers and wipes to stock up?

With my first son I would pick up a pack of wipes or diapers when ever I went grocery shopping starting at about 30 weeks. Just curious when others started buying wipes and diapers to prepare for upcoming baby?

John answers:

I would say around 25 weeks I started because I would see diapers on sale in bulk I would tape the recipe to the box and whew she grew out of the size I would return for a bigger size worked great for about 6 months when I finally used all the diapers and at 8 months ran out of the wipes it was great that I didn’t have to buy them for a while

Sandra asks…

What stock mustang blower will bolt up to my 92 grand marquis LS?

I have a sohc 4.6 92 grand marquis LS. What stock ford blower will bolt rite up to my intake manifold or will I have to change the manifold or anything else?

John answers:

The only Ford factory Mustangs with blowers were the twin-screw Terminator & the GT-500. Both are very popular cars, so doubt you’ll find any in the wrecking yards. BUT !! Have no fear – The Mustang aftermarket is plump with blowers that will bolt right on. There are two basic types usually used – The twin-screw & the centrifugal. The most popular is the twin-screw, & there are several different manufactures selling them plus Ford sells one. So, pick-up a current Mustang-based mag & start reading ….

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