Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Sandy asks…

How do I import stocks to an Excel document?

I am using Office 2010 on Windows 7 and would like to download the stocks every day, because I would rather keep them on my computer than keep a massive stack of newspaper pages. If anyone knows how to use this feature of Excel to download the stocks, please inform me. Thanks.
I would prefer if it is able to download all of the Wall Street stocks at once, rather than individually. Thanks.

John answers:

I use an Excel spreadsheet and have the MSN stock quote (add on) and update everything at the end of the day, with one click.

Go to to get the MSN Money Stock Quotes Excel Add In. Look at the resources section towards the bottom of this web page for a link to the add-in download.

Once you have downloaded the excel add-in for stock quotes, open up a new Excel worksheet. Click on a cell where you would like to start adding stock quotes. Now click on Add-Ins (on the toolbar at the top of the page). Pick “Insert Stock Quotes”.

When the “Insert Stock Quotes” gui pops up, type in the symbol for the stock you’re interested in. In the properties section click on the different variables that you’re interested in and then click on “Add”. Click on “Ok” at the bottom of the pop up window. You should now see the updated stock quote information for the stock you picked.

Hope this helped.

Chris asks…

How do you pick a number if the number you want is already taken? Looking for ideas…?

I need to pick a number and the one that I wanted is already taken. No duplicates are allowed. So how do I sort this out from here? Numbers must be from 0 to 99 and all of the ones I wanted are already used up. Looking for suggestions. Thanks!

John answers:

Do you have another favorite number? Or a favorite NASCAR driver that has a number that hasn’t been chosen? There’s always the option of using the number you want, and adding an inital before it or after it.

As for me, I have several numbers I would use in another racing class. I run # 1194 on my off road buggy, but if I moved over to stock cars, I’d run # 94. If I couldn’t run 94, I’d run #02, since my dad has #2. If I couldn’t run 02, I’d run # 302. It’d be a little 3 with the main number as 02.

Richard asks…

How will green stocks perform in a recession?

I’m doing a speech on Going Green on investing in green companies. I am posting here in hopes to get some theories on how people think Green stocks will do if we end up in a full blown recession? While you’re at it, if you have some decent green stocks that you think have good looking financials or you think are worth looking at, let me know. Like I said, I’m looking for ideas. I have a few I am focusing on, but I can always use more. Thanks!

John answers:

You’re kidding right?

Dave M how are those stocks doing for you now right now? Now remember we aren’t in a recession yet.

Look, green company’s/products are doomed to fail unless they are mandated by the government. Take the incandescent light bulb verses florescent. The “green bulbs” cause headaches and are a bio hazard if they break. Green products are outclassed by there non green counterparts in very category so green companies must lobby and get government mandates to take out the competition. That’s not exactly capitalism.

Look at the historical stock prices of any “green” company you like. They aren’t profitable.

GE isn’t exactly a green company but the do make the green bulb. GE is as green as I get when it comes to investing so if you have to pick a company to talk about I would choose GE.

By the way – GE is the parent owner of NBC, the network that uses its nightly news to push GE products including the “green bulb”. GE is also involved in lobbing the government when it comes to mandates. Do your research. Its all true.

Sharon asks…

Can anyone recommend an investment company advice on stocks and the like?

There’s a service that charges over $1000 for their stock tips as well as one at $150 per month. Anyone have any luck? Thank you.

John answers:

You don’t need investment advice if you’re willing to do the work yourself. You’d just need an online broker. I recommend getting “One up on Wall Street” by Peter Lynch. He’s the celebrated billionaire who ran some of the Fidelity funds for years. He shows how anyone can pick good stocks. This is no hype! Just good advice from someone who’s been there and made his pile. He’s not selling anything but his book. His was the first book I got when I started investing, and it helped to make me a millionaire.

Jenny asks…

How much is a good rate of return on the stock market? I can barely get 10% :/?

I have 1000 dollars invested in stock and I’m trying to make some money off of it. I’m barely making 10% monthly off of it, which is a little frustrating (the commissions eat up ~5% every month).

I know that would be a good amount if I had a lot of money invested, but for 1k invested in the market is it even worth anything? I’m doing it for fun, but I feel like I really suck at it hahaaa.
Also: would mutual funds be a better option? Someone told me I could make 7% monthly off of mutual funds without really doing anything haha. Is this true?

John answers:

Making 10% is a very good return, but as you say
costs eat up much of your gains. Mutual funds are
a great way to go. The fund manager does all the
picking of stocks and its professionally managed.
Try a fund from American Century. A company rep.
Will help you get started. 800 345 2021

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