Your Questions About How To Pick Stocks

Steven asks…

Is concentrated chicken broth the same thing as chicken stock?

In doing my grocery shopping this week I completely forgot to pick up chicken stock, so I asked my husband to bring some home from work (he works at a grocery store). What he ended up bringing home is Swanson Flavor Boost 100% Natural Concentrated Chicken Broth. Can this product be used in place of chicken stock?

The recipe I’m need this for is a broccoli cheese soup if that makes a difference.

Help appreciated before I ruin this recipe.
There are no directions on how to dilute the concentrated chicken broth in order to make it regular chicken broth.

To the person who said it depends on the recipe, this is the recipe:

John answers:

No they are not! The directions on the product your husband brought home should tell how to dilute the concentrate to that of regular broth. After diluting it, you can use it just like the chicken stock.

James asks…

what to look for In fundamentas & technicals to select stocks in Indian stock market? which factors r useful?

Any clues to pick a stock for short term in Indian Stock Market.

John answers:

The stocks you want to focus on is consumer staples, consumer discretionary, and healthcare. These are DEFENSIVE stocks that will survive through good and bad times. Most of my positions are in these stocks. Some names include 3M, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Costco. Everybody’s got to eat and wipe their butts regardless of the state of economy. Many of these companies survived through the Great Depression.

That’s the benefits. You can sleep at night knowing your money is doing well. There are NO guarantees that you won’t lose money. It’s just that these stocks are the best. They pay good dividends too.

Sandy asks…

Looking for the best ways to invest need advice?

I am 22 and I have a 401k with the company I have been working for this will be my second year they match 5% I contribute 7% I don’t really know much about stocks at all or what stocks I’m invested in it is through prudential and I just used goalmaker to pick my stocks right now I’m aggressive and as I get older more conservative and I was just wondering what else I could do
maybe as far as investing to better myself thanks

John answers:

Go get a book from a bookstore. Best $20 investment you will ever make.
Look for books such as:
Investing for Dummies, Investing Made Easy, or the Idiot’s Guide to Investing.
(this is not an insult, these books are very detailed and explain everything well).
They will explain different discount brokerage accounts, stocks, etf’s, mutual funds, cd’s, bonds, etc.
You might consider opening a ROTH account. Up to 5K a year (if your income allows).
The book will explain all the different types of accounts.
Do not ever deal with one of the “big-boy bully” banks for investing.
They will scam you with annual or monthly fees and high priced mutual funds.

Before you start investing remember the rule:
Try to keep at least 5 months worth of income liquid as an emergency fund.
You never know when you can lose a job, have medical not covered by insurance, or have major home or car repairs. Also, if you have any debts, such as a car loan or student loans consider paying them off.
It’s easy to lose money in the markets. No guarantee you’ll make money.
Get one of those books and get smarter than you are right now.

William asks…

Where can I get some information on penny stock picks?

I have noticed that the newspapers and business news do not give picks of penny stocks to invest in. Are there any sites, newsletters, or tv business news channels that can offer some insight? Thanks

John answers:


You might want to read this article about penny stocks, they are highly speculative and risky.

Mary asks…

What stock should I pick for my stock market project?

I have to do a stock market project and choose a stock on the New York Stock Exchange…?

Any suggestions….???

John answers:

Hey im doing the same project right now

i picked these stocks:
j.p morgan
johnson &johnson
and exxon

my teacher who always wins says that the following are the wining stocks
under armour
arch coal
chequita brands
conoco phillips

hope this helps you

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